Libya Plans to Launch eVisa System

Libya has announced plans to implement eVisa system. The exact date has not been revelaed yet. Most likely, the list of eligible countries will include Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, the USA, and a few more.

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The government of Libya has announced plans to implement the eVisa system in the country. 

This move will undoubtedly streamline the application process for all visa types, including work and tourist visas. The Libyan authorities see the huge potential of the increasing number of foreign tourists and workers willing to come to Libya. It would also be an essential step for the Libyan economic revival. 

The possibility of an online work visa application will also regulate the influx of expatriate labor and ensure their contribution aligns with Libyan economic objectives.  

The Libyan government still needs to reveal the planned date of the implementation of the eVisa system. Nonetheless, the system will ensure a seamless visa application enabling covering the visa fees online. 

Path to launching eVisa system in Libya

Various Libyan government bodies meticulously planned and coordinated the introduction of the electronic visa system in Libya, including the General Information Authority, the Passports and Nationality Department, and the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The first announcement of the planned introduction of the Libyan eVisa system was revealed in November 2023 after a Cabinet Office meeting in Tripoli.

The second meeting, which continued the discussion, was held in Tripoli in January 2024. The outcome of the meeting was the confirmation that the eVisa system is now close to being finally launched in Libya.  

Reciprocal Visa Agreements and Exemptions for Libya

Libya eVisa's initiative is part of a broader national diplomatic strategy, which also includes recent reciprocal visa agreements and exemptions with Turkey and Egypt

Under these reciprocal agreements, citizens of all these countries can enjoy facilitated travel. This reflects the Libyan government's commitment to strengthening international cooperation and ties between neighboring countries.

In 2023, the Libyan government decided to relax visa restrictions for Turkish citizens. As a result, Turkish nationals younger than 18 and women and men over 55 can now travel to Libya visa-free.

The same visa exemption is respected for citizens of Egypt (the threshold for men is 45 and over). Although the list of Libya eVisa countries has yet to be announced, it is supposed to include all these countries whose citizens can obtain a tourist visa on arrival.

Therefore, we will likely find most European and South American countries among the eligible countries, as well as Australia, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and the USA.

Katarzyna Żyła

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