Last Update to Thailand's Travel Restrictions Makes Traveling Easier

Traveling to Thailand is finally more convenient and quicker than in previous months. Thailand Pass is no longer an entry approval system. This is another simplification after the recent modification in the testing requirement.

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As of June 1st, the CCSA (the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration) has introduced more facilitations for non-Thai travelers.

After the previous decision to drop the on-arrival RT-PCR tests for foreign visitors, Thailand became ready for the next step, which was the Revision of the Thailand Pass Rules

In April, Thailand dropped pre-arrival Covid-19 tests for vaccinated visitors, and in May, the 'Test&Go' scheme for fully vaccinated visitors.

Thai Pass is now simpler and more convenient

Starting from June 1st, the Thai Pass becomes only a pre-arrival registration system. Thus Thailand citizens are no longer required to register for Thailand Pass.

After the change, the Thailand Pass QR code is auto-generated immediately after registration. Travelers are only required to provide the following documents: 

  • COVID-19 vaccination certificates or COVID-19 test results;
  • a copy of a valid passport
  • proof of purchasing the Covid-19 insurance with at least US$10,000 coverage

The above documents should also be printed and carried along so that travelers can show them for verification if needed.

No quarantine in case of high-risk contacts is mandatory

With fewer COVID-19 cases, the Thai Ministry of Public Health has decided to resign from the mandatory quarantine for high-risk contacts. Currently, only 10 days of self-monitoring are required.

Even though nightclubs, karaoke, and bars are reopening, the authorities still caution that COVID-19 has not become less dangerous than it used to be. It shouldn't be ignored. Thus, the health system will be ready for emergencies.

The latest entry requirements to Thailand effective as of June 1st

  • Fully vaccinated travelers have to be tested neither before nor after they arrive in Thailand
  • Passengers with no certificate of the COVID-19 vaccination should perform an RT-PCR test within 72 hours before departure. Otherwise, they must follow the instructions given by the service after their arrival
  • Foreign travelers must still complete the Thailand Pass, but it is no longer the approval system. It is used only for the registration and for delivery of documents, i.a., a certificate of vaccination, and insurance details
  • A quarantine for high-risk contacts no longer applies
  • All visitors must have Covid-19 insurance with a minimum coverage of US $ 10,000 for the entire stay in Thailand
  • Children ages 5-17 traveling without parents must be vaccinated with at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Wearing masks in public spaces is mandatory. Those who do not obey this regulation may be fined
Katarzyna Żyła

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