Laos has finally fully reopened for tourists who no longer need to quarantine upon arrival. Unvaccinated travelers only need to perform a rapid ATK test within 48 hours before departure time, while vaccinated visitors may enter Laos without any testing. 

Visa requirements and other entry requirements return to the pre-covid times. All international Lao checkpoints have been reopened to welcome foreign visitors.

Requirements to enter Laos

All travelers, regardless of their vaccination status, are eligible to enter Laos quarantine-free. The entry protocol may differ slightly depending on the traveler's vaccination status.

Vaccinated Travelers

To be recognized as fully vaccinated, a traveler needs to receive the final Covid-19 vaccine dose at least 14 days before arrival in Laos. Fully vaccinated travelers can enter Laos via all entry points, i.e., air, sea, and land, without needing to perform Covid-19 tests. 

There are no entry restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers. They will just need to show their vaccination certificate upon arrival and next accommodate in LaoSafe certified hotel.  

Unvaccinated Travelers

Unvaccinated travelers aged 12 and older will need to take a rapid ATK no earlier than 48 hours before departure to Laos. They will need to show a negative ATK test report to enter Laos. Next, they will be free to explore Laos. 

Lao visa

Citizens of countries not participating in the visa waiver program will need to obtain a visa either at a Lao diplomatic post or apply for a Lao e-Visa via the electronic visa system (if eligible). 

The Lao authorities also plan to return the issuance of visas on arrival at some international checkpoints. 

Covid-19 situation in Laos

The Lao officials announced an easing of restrictions, including the reopening of entertainment venues, e.g. karaoke parlors. Covid-19 safety measures will, however, remain in place. 

Laos with a population of around 7.7 mln people, has reported over 208 000 coronavirus cases, of which 749 were fatal.  

The country is preparing to boost its tourism industry which was severely hit by the prolonging lockdown. 

In pre-pandemic times, in 2019, the country was visited by 4.79 mln of foreign tourists. For comparison, this number fell to below 900,000 in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. 

Katarzyna Żyła

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