Abu Dhabi to Ease Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Abu Dhabi eases travel restrictions amid the improving coronavirus situation in the UAE. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers may travel to Abu Dhabi.

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Abu Dhabi has eased its coronavirus-related travel restrictions and entry protocol due to the improving situation. The United Arab Emirates has entered the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with the updated regulations, the Green List system has been also removed for all travelers arriving in Abu Dhabi.

Entry to Abu Dhabi is allowed for both vaccinated and unvaccinated international arrivals. Nevertheless, unvaccinated may not be allowed to access many public places unless they provide a negative COVID-19 test report.

Testing requirements

There is no need to provide a negative report of an RT-PCR coronavirus test if:

  • you have received a full regimen of the COVID-19 vaccine,
  • you are younger than 16 or,
  • you are able to submit a certificate of recovery (with a QR code) issued within 30 days of your departure.

Presenting a negative RT-PCR report taken within 48 hours of departure is mandatory if:

  • you have not received a full regimen of the COVID-19 vaccine and do not hold a certificate of recovery,
  • Abu Dhabi is your tranist stop and your final destination requires taking a test. 

 If you are required to take a PCR test and fail to do it, your entry to Abu Dhabi will be impossible. 

On-arrival testing

On-arrival PCR testing is no longer mandatory at Abu Dhabi airport, regardless of vaccination or recovery status. Testing facilities will still be open for arriving travelers who wish to perform tests though.

Moreover, the test may be useful for unvaccinated travelers who will need to activate Green Pass to get access to many public venues in Abu Dhabi. The cost of on-arrival tests is AED 40

Fully vaccinated travelers

Fully vaccinated arrivals no longer need to perform a pre-departure test. Nevertheless, they still must submit a recognized coronavirus vaccination certificate with an individual QR code. Accessing many indoor venues is possible upon presenting a valid vaccination certificate too.

Unvaccinated travelers

Unvaccinated travelers aged over 16 are still obliged to provide a negative PCR test report performed within 48 hours before departure or a recovery certificate issued within 30 days before departure.

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers need to provide either a negative PCR test report performed in Abu Dhabi or a fellow UAE state. Alternatively, they may use a digital Green Pass, which is possible to activate with a negative PCR test report. 

Traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and other emirates

You are allowed to travel to Dubai or any other emirate of the UAE after arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Abu Dhabi accepts visas issued by other emirates.

Traveling to Dubai is possible by any transportation means, while no test or app is required to do so. 

Eligible travelers may take advantage of the electronic visa system introduced by the UAE in 2019 and apply for an e-Visa to access every emirate, including: 

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Umm Al Quwain
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Fujairah

Holders of UAE e-Visa may enter Dubai or any other emirate once while staying there for up to 30 days. The electronic visa covers all tourism-related activities and cannot be used for other purposes.

Katarzyna Żyła

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