Moldova Visa Types

Moldova visa enables foreigners to cross the border of the Republic of Moldova and stay in the country for a specific period.

According to the period of stay, the four types of Moldova visas can be distinguished: eVisa, airport transit visa (type A), transit visa (type B), short-stay visa (type C), and long-stay visa (type D).

Short-stay visas are issued for such purposes: official visits, tourism, private visits, business, transportation, sports activities, cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, medical treatment for a short period, and other activities which don’t contradict national law.

A long-term visa has the following categories: entrepreneurial activity, study, employment, family reunification, religious and humanitarian activities, diplomatic and service activities, and medical treatment.

Let this article guide you through different visa types to Moldova and its categories!

e-Visa type

An online visa to Moldova is a multiple-entry visa valid for 90 days. The application process is a very convenient option as you just follow simple steps and don't need to visit the embassy. If everything is approved, you will get your visa via email in PDF form.

Also, we can distinguish a few e-Visa types like visas for Official missions, Tourism, Visit, Business, Transport, Sports, or Cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities.

The airport transit visa (type A)

The airport transit visa allows entering and staying in the international airport transit area in Moldova until boarding the plane to the next destination.

To apply for type A visa, you should fill the application form, pay the fee and attach the following documents: passport valid for at least 3 months from the planned date of leaving the Republic of Moldova, entry visa to the next destination (if required), recent face photo, and onward air ticket.

Note that holders of residence permit or similar documents by member-states of the European Union and by the United States of America don't need the airport transit visa.

The transit visa (type B)

The transit visa type B permits foreign citizens to transit through Moldova to the destination country, the permitted stay in Moldova with this visa is 5 days.

B-type visa requirements include an effective passport, an applicant's face photo, a visa for a third country (if Moldova doesn't have a visa waiver agreement with this country), and a valid ticket to the next country. If you travel by car, you need a driving license, a green card, and car registration documents.

The short-stay visa (type C) 

Official mission (C/MI)

This visa is issued to people who visit Moldova on diplomatic and consular missions.

Besides mandatory documents needed for all visa types like a valid passport and a recent face photo, an official mission visa requests a verbal note or an official letter.

A verbal note or an official letter must be addressed to the diplomatic mission or consulate of the Republic of Moldova or to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova.

It should attest to the official status of the applicant and the official purpose of the trip.

Tourism (C/T)

The Moldova tourist visa is designed for tourist purposes such as sightseeing and exploring Moldova culture.

This Moldova visa requires:

  • an accommodation reservation
  • travel itinerary
  • onward ticket/green card and car registration documents
  • medical insurance effective on the territory of the Republic of Moldova
  • proof of sufficient means during the stay in Moldova
  • invitation issued by the Bureau for Migration and Asylum or, the resident’s permit or valid Visa issued by a member state of the European Union or of States Parties to the Schengen Agreement.

Visit (C/V)

The visit visa is given to foreigners willing to come to Moldova to visit their friends or family members who are Moldovan citizens or hold a Moldovan residence permit.

The requirements are the same as for a tourist visa.

Business (C/A)

The business visa allows people to travel to Moldova for business handling: negotiations, contracts, checking the use and operation of acquired or sold goods, for those who are or want to become shareholders or stockholders.

The additional document for a business visa is an invitation from a company, nongovernmental organization, or public authority for participation in trade- and industry-related meetings, fairs, congresses, or conferences.

Transport (C/TS)

The transport visa is for those going to Moldova to perform their professional duties on freight or passenger transportation.

In order to get a transport visa, you need to have a certified copy of the license of the transport company.

Sports activities (C/S)

Sports activities visa is given to citizens of third countries to go to the Republic of Moldova to take part in sports competitions.

This visa demands an official list of the foreign delegation with the position of each member.

Cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, medical treatment for a short period, and other activities which don’t contradict national law (C/AD)

This visa serves cultural, scientific, humanitarian, and other activities not contradicting the law. It also can be used for trips for medical treatment.

For this visa, you need a standard set of documents that a tourist visa requires.

The long-stay visa (type D)

Entrepreneurial activity (D/AI)

The entrepreneurial visa can be obtained by persons investing in the national economy of Moldova. They must be stockholders/shareholders or willing to become such, with management or administration powers in Moldova legal entities.

Applicants must have a judicial record, translated into English or Romanian.

Employment (D/AM)

The employment visa is designed for those who intend to be employed by an employer in the Republic of Moldova.

It is issued to seasonal workers, secondment employers, posted workers, and sportsmen planning to work in sports clubs or teams in the Republic of Moldova on an individual employment contract. 

Study (D/AS)

The study visa is for foreigners who wish to get an academic degree in a state or private accredited education institution.

Applicants can apply for pre-university, university, or post-university studies. It is necessary to have confirmation from the educational institution.

Family reunification (D/VF)

This visa serves for the reunification of the family. It applies to such family members as an underage child, spouse, parents, and individuals under tutorship or guardianship.

It also includes a partner with whom an applicant has a common underage child, in the instance of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.  

Persons willing to apply must have acceptance from a competent authority and proof of family ties.

Religious and humanitarian activities (D/RU)

The visa is issued to perform humanitarian-related activities on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

It's essential to have a letter from the inviting institution or organization.

Diplomatic and service activities (D/DS)

It is a Moldova long-stay visa for diplomatic or service passport holders, as well as those who hold travel documents that are assimilated with diplomatic or service passports.

Applicants are to take an official function as staff members of foreign diplomatic missions or consulates accredited in Moldova. This visa allows the applicant's family members to join them for the trip.

The visa stays valid for the period of the mission or in accordance with bilateral understandings.

Medical treatment (D/TR)

The medical treatment visa permits its holders to get long-term medical treatment, rehabilitation, or therapy in a public or private accredited medical institution.

It is required to have an acceptance letter from the receiving medical institution with details on the diagnosis and treatment.

If applicants are not able to take care of themselves, they can be accompanied by their assistants if that is mentioned in the acceptance letter.

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