Malaysia Visa Types

Most foreign travelers who want to enter Malaysia need a visa for a legal stay. Visa requirements are different for citizens of different countries. Malaysian government implemented a few visa types and permits depending on the trip's purpose and the visitor's nationality. These are:

  • A Single Entry Visa
  • A multiple Entry Visa (eVisa)
  • A Malaysia Medical eVisa
  • A Transit Visa
  • Malaysia eNTRI visa
  • Malaysia Visa upon Arrival

Check below the characteristics of the main Malaysia visa types and decide which one suits your situation and travel plans best.

Single Entry Visa

Tourists from eligible countries may enter Malaysia with a single entry visa that allows only one entry to the country and a maximum stay of 30 days. The visa is valid for 3 months from the issue date.

Malaysian government introduced this visa for all tourism-related purposes like holidays, visiting friends and relatives, or exploring historical and monumental places.

The visa application may be held entirely online, saving time and money. If you plan a short stay in Malaysia, use any electronic device and go through the fastest possible visa application process.

Multiple Entry Visa (eVisa)

The multiple entry visa is addressed to foreigners who travel to Malaysia for business or government-related matters. The permit is valid for up to 12 months and allows a maximum 30-day stay at once.

During visa application, a traveler provides proof of financial funds for the stay in Malaysia and a copy of a return flight.

The document is also available as a  tourist visa to citizens of China and India. The online visa application is available.

Malaysia Medical eVisa

The  Malaysia medical eVisa is granted to travelers who travel to Malaysia for medical reasons. The permit may be obtained online if an applicant fulfills all requirements, including a medical appointment with Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council.

With a Medical Visa, you can enter Malaysia once and stay there for up to 30 days. Malaysian government allows these visa-type holders to use only private healthcare. Public hospitals are not available for foreign visitors.

The medical visa is valid for 3 months. The processing time is up to 14 days, so applicants must submit their online application considering this time.

Transit Visa

In the case of transit travel through Malaysia, you may be required a transit visa. It must be issued to travelers who:

  • are from a Malaysia visa-required countries
  • will transit through the country for more than 24 hours
  • must pass through immigration control
  • transit in another than Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Please, note some visa-required nationals can obtain a Transit Pass instead of a transit visa if their stay will not last for more than 120 hours and they transit through Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The decision to issue the Transit Pass depends on the officers at the airport. They may refuse to issue a permit even if all requirements are met.

Malaysia eNTRI visa (Electronic Travel Registration & Information)

The Malaysia eNTRI is an Electronic Travel Registration, and Information system addressed to travelers from India and China. They will enter Malaysia once and stay there for not more than 15 days.

The visa application process is fast and easy. Applicants must provide basic personal and passport information and cover a fee, and they receive the document via email. All formalities can be done from home. The eNTRI visa waiver is valid for 3 months. When it expires, a new one may be issued after a 3 month-period passes.

Malaysia Visa upon Arrival

Malaysian visa on arrival may be issued to citizens of China and India who travel to Malaysia from the territory of Singapore, Thailand, or Indonesia and hold a visa to these countries. In this case, the visa on arrival allows staying in Malaysia for up to 7 days. This visa type cannot be given if Chinese or Indian citizens travel directly from their homelands.

The document is available only at the following airports:

  1. Kuala Lumpur-International
  2. Johor Bahru
  3. Kota Kinabaly
  4. Penang

The eligible traveler needs a return flight ticket and a capital of at least 1000 USD to obtain the visa. He must also cover a visa fee.

Different Permit Types to Enter Malaysia

Besides applying for a visa at the Malaysian embassy or through an online application for eVisa, foreign travelers may also apply for an entry permit to Malaysia. There are different types of entry permits granted to:

  • Investors and Experts
  • Professionals
  • Spouse of Malaysian citizen and child or children of Malaysian citizen below age 6
  • People using the Point System
  • Investors and Experts

Investors and Experts

The entry permit of this category may be granted to investors and skilled, talented people whit a certain capital of money and a sponsor in Malaysia. A good behavior certificate from the country of origin is also needed.


A permit is given to a professional with skills and experience confirmed by a Malaysian agency. Three years of work in a Malaysian company and a certificate of good behavior in the country of origin are the main requirements for this permit category.

Spouse of Malaysian citizen and child or children of Malaysian citizen below age 6

The permit is given to persons married to citizens of Malaysia, provided that their spouses are sponsors of the visitor.

In the case of children below 6 years old, their Malaysian parents also become sponsors of their children

Point System

In the process of application for the entry permit, a point system is used. Applications are evaluated and approved according to the criteria. A minimum of 65 points is needed to submit the application. The main criteria are:

  • age
  • stay length
  • work experience
  • language skills, etc.
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