Lesotho Visa Types

Foreign nationals are obliged to get visas in order to visit Lesotho. There are many types of visas to Lesotho. Before the trip check out which one you need to peacefully enjoy your stay.

In this article, we present visa categories and requirements that you need to meet in order to get the chosen visa.

Note that travelers from some countries are able to visit Lesotho without a visa provided they have a valid passport.

e-Visa for Lesotho

Electronic visa for Lesotho is available for travelers from over 160 countries. There are two kinds of e-Visa: single-entry valid for 44 days and multiple-entry one effective for 180 days. It can be used for tourism or business activities.

The application process is very simple and intuitive and in the case of a tourist visa you are required to prepare:

  • a valid passport (with 6-month validity) with 2 blank pages
  • a photo of the face (make by phone or PC)
  • a travel insurance
  • yellow fever vaccination certificate.

When it comes to the requirements needed for the business type you need to have:

  • a business license and travel document proving the business trip
  • a bank statements
  • a copy of travel insurance
  • a business itinerary with accommodation
  • a copy of the letter of invitation or employer letter
  • yellow fever vaccination proof.

Moreover, all travelers must register at the Directorate of Immigration and provide documents with English translation if they are in a different language.

Lesotho Tourist Visa

A tourist visa, also known as a Visitor visa, enables travelers to temporarily stay in the country for leisure, tourism, sightseeing, etc. In this popular visa type, visitors can't take part in sanctioned or paid activities as it is forbidden.

Tourist visa requirements are as follows:

  • submission of complete application form
  • a passport valid for at least 6 months with 2 blank pages
  • appropriate photo.

We can distinguish between single-entry option, which is valid for 90 days and allows to stay in Lesotho for 44 days, and multiple-entry visas (you can enter, leave, and re-enter the country within 180 days with it).

Lesotho Student Visa

In order to get a Lesotho visa as a student, applicants need to have an admission letter. As the name suggests, this type of visa is used for educational purposes and to get it are required to prepare:

  • a visa application
  • additional documents
  • a passport (valid minimum for 2 months with 2 blank pages)
  • a photo taken via the application.

This visa type is a single-entry visa that grants 90 days of stay.

Diplomatic Visa for Lesotho

Diplomats who have a diplomatic passport and travel for official government business don't need to have a visa. They only should have an invitation letter from the government agency. It is possible to contact the embassy or the Department of Home Affairs in Lesotho to get the invitation letter.

In case you are a diplomat who needs to travel to Lesotho, check if you have:

  • valid passport for at least 6 months
  • letter of invitation
  • itinerary and Lesotho address
  • proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

Business Visa for Lesotho

A business visa is used in the case of travelers who would like to visit Lesotho for business activities for a limited period of time.

Also, it is possible to extend this visa type when your stay needs to be longer for more than 90 days. In this option, you will be required to contact with the immigration department.

A business visa to Lesotho can be treated as a single-entry visa, which allows you to enter the country only once, or a multiple-entry visa that expires after 180 days.

Business visa requirements:

  • providing business license and required documentation
  • providing current bank statements and travel insurance
  • submitting business itinerary (including travel accommodation)
  • submitting business references, such as an invitation letter from an organization or a letter from a company.

What is more, documents in a foreign language must be translated into English, and all travelers are required to register with the Directorate of Immigration.

Besides, passport and nationality verification is necessary within 7 days.

Lesotho Employment Visa

This visa type can be used for employment purposes in Lesotho. It allows foreign citizens to work in Lesotho for the long term, but firstly, they need to obtain a residency in the country. A work permit is required besides other requirements to get an Employment visa.

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