Laos Visa Types

While traveling to Laos, you may need to face specific visa requirements, depending on your country of origin. Some foreigners are allowed visa-free entry to Laos; others must apply for one of many available entry permits. What is more, don't forget about the mandatory health declaration called the Lao Green Pass.

Visa to Laos

There is a variety of Laos visas to choose from, depending on your country of origin, type of passport, and purpose of your visit. A Laos visa may be collected traditionally at the Embassy, on arrival at the chosen port of entry, or online from home. Some countries are granted visa-free access to Laos and do not need to complete any visa application.

Regular Visa

A regular visa is a travel permit that must be obtained at the Embassy. It usually grants entry to the country for longer periods, but the registration process may also be tiring and time-consuming. Apart from filling in the application form, you will also need to take part in a short interview. The whole issuing process may take up to several weeks; therefore, plan your visit to the Embassy in advance.

Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival is issued at the chosen port of entry just after arriving in Laos. To obtain this short-term entry permit, go to the nearest immigration checkpoint and wait for the customs officer to approve your visa. The procedure may last a few hours if the queue for the VoA is lengthy, so you must be patient. The Laos Visa on Arrival stays valid for 30 days.

Electronic eVisa

The electronic visa was introduced by the Lao government in 2019 to facilitate the registration process for travelers. Online visa application is intuitive and convenient, allowing you to easily obtain your visa. Complete the questionnaire, pay mandatory fees, and save the eVisa approval letter from your e-mail address. The processing time should not take longer than 3 days. The Laos eVisa grants single entry to Laos for 1 month, with the document's validity of 60 days.

Types of Laos Visas

Tourist Visa (T-B3)

The Laos Tourist Visa is required if you are traveling for tourism purposes such as leisure, sightseeing, and vacation. The permit allows a single-entry stay for 30 days and is extendable twice. It may be obtained at the Embassy or on arrival. Remember, that the Tourist Visa does not permit work in Laos.

Visitor Visa (B3)

There are three different types of Visitor Visas to Laos. The first one, the Laos Non-Immigrant Visa (NI-B3), allows short-time entry to the country. It is usually issued for foreign citizens wishing to take part in cultural events or participate in a short training.

The other type is the Laos Visit Visa (I-B3). It was created for foreign citizens who wish to visit Laos with the purpose of meeting their relatives. This entry visa is valid for 30 days and may be extended after the first month.

The Laos Spouse Visa (SP-B3) is required from the wife or husband of a person who is already permitted to enter Laos or is a Lao national. It is important to remember that the Laos Spouse Visa does not allow performing any paid work. This visa will typically be issued for the same duration as the original visa holder.

Business Visa (NI-B2)

The Laos Business Visa, also known as the Investor Visa, allows you to enter Laos for purposes including performing work, collecting data, and investing. It is issued for foreign stockholders, directors, technical officers, and members of Diplomatic Missions.

With the Investor Visa and the Stay Permit, you will be allowed multiple-entry access to Laos from 3 to 12 months. To obtain the Business Visa, you should first possess another type of Laos visa. After your arrival, collect your work permit and ID card. You may be required to present a concession license or an enterprise registration certificate.

Work Visa (LA-B2)

The Laos Work Visa allows foreign citizens with a work permit and Lao ID card to be legally employed in Laos. To proceed with the registration, you need licensed approval from the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Work Visa is the most common type of visa allowing work. It may be issued for a time between 3 and 12 months, with the possibility of an extension.

Expert Visa (E-B2)

Foreign citizens who visit Laos to work in international organizations should apply for the Laos Expert Visa. To be allowed entry to the country, provide all the essential information, such as the signed employment contract.

Media Visa (M-B2)

If you are a registered journalist or a certified press member, and you wish to visit Laos to represent international media, you should apply for the Laos Media Visa. This permit will allow you to travel freely to your job in Laos and perform work.

Student Visa (ST-B2)

If you have been accepted into an educational institution in Laos, you should apply for the Laos Student Visa. Every international student who intends to spend up to 5 years learning in Laos can obtain this visa. It is valid for 12 months but may be renewed each year until graduation.

Courtesy Visa (C-B1)

The Laos Courtesy Visa is a document issued for foreign experts traveling to Laos under a subcontract with a program funded by the authorities of Laos. You can also obtain the Courtesy Visa if you have been invited by the government agency to participate in a professional conference in Laos. There are no fee requirements concerning this visa. It is issued for 6 months and may be renewed for the next six months upon request.

Diplomatic Visa (D-A1)

The Laos Diplomatic Visa can be collected solely by high-level governmental delegations, foreign diplomats, consular officers, and representatives of the United Nations. It is also issued for international organizations operating in Laos. The permit applies to the visitor and their closest family members who hold official passports. The permit stays valid for a year and can be extended until the assigned task is completed. The Diplomatic Visa is free of charge.

Official Visa (S-A2)

The Laos Official Visa is very similar to the Laos Diplomatic Visa. Both these documents allow entry to the country for international diplomats and members of governmental organizations. The Official Visa may be issued for the visitor and their dependents, spouse and children, staying valid for one year with the possibility of renewing the permit.


In order to obtain the Laos visa, you must meet a few mandatory requirements. Before the application process, remember to prepare all the required documentation: a valid passport with the remaining 6 months of validity and three copies of your recent photographs.

Lao Green Pass

All foreign citizens entering Laos should not only possess a valid visa permit but also complete the Lao Green Pass health declaration. If you do not acquire a unique QR code through the Lao Green Pass, you may face some problems at the port of entry.

To fill in the Lao Green Pass health declaration, you should prepare your information concerning your vaccination status and travel history. You will be asked to complete a statement to agree to quarantine and testing. The Red QR Code indicates 5 days of isolation, while the Green QR Code allows traveling freely.

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