Kyrgyzstan Visa Types

If you wish to travel to the Kyrgyz Republic, you will probably need a visa.

The Kyrgyzstan visa policy offers various visa types: diplomatic visa, official visa, invest visa, employment visa, student visa, business visa, driver's visa, tourist visa, religion visa, family visa, relatives visa, visa to ethnic Kyrgyz, guest visa, leave visa, and transit visa.

Eligible foreigners are not required to attend an embassy or consular directly to get some types of visas. They are able to obtain an electronic visa through an online visa application form.

The validity period, stay, entries, and other conditions may vary across different categories. You can read the article to get more details on Kyrgyzstan visa types.

Kyrgyzstan eVisa

The Kyrgyzstan eVisa is an electronic visa launched by the Kyrgyzstan government in 2017 to facilitate the application process.

All needed to do is fill out the inquiry form, attach documents, and pay the fee. The e-Visa then be delivered directly to the applicant's email address.

An applicant can choose between a tourist eVisa for a 60-day visit, a transit eVisa for a 5-day visit, and a mountain tourist eVisa for numerous 90-day visits. The mountain visa is designed for those willing to explore the Kyrgyzstan mountains.

Diplomatic visa

The diplomatic visa (D) can be obtained by diplomatic passport holders who are to visit Kyrgyzstan for official affairs.

It can be issued as a multiple-entry visa for 30 days to heads of foreign states and governments, members of official foreign delegations, and their family members.

This type of visa can also be issued for one year to individuals with diplomatic or consular positions in a diplomatic mission/consular office of a foreign country or executive of an international organization representation in Kyrgyzstan. It also applies to their accompanying family members.

Foreign diplomatic couriers can get a single, double or multiple-entry diplomatic visa for up to 90 days.

Official visa

The official visa (O) can be granted as a single, double, or multiple entry permit for 3 months to foreign citizens invited by state offices of the Kyrgyz Republic with official affairs.

Members of diplomatic mission or consular office administrative-technical and maintenance staff or international organization representation employees can receive a visa for one year that allows numerous entries.

The official visa is also issued for foreign diplomatic couriers who don't have diplomatic passports. It can be given for one, two, or numerous entries.

Invest visa

The invest visa (I) is a multiple-entry visa for 3 years.

It can be received by investors or heads of foreign investment companies (as well as their family members) who conduct investment activity in Kyrgyzstan.

They submit necessary documents certifying contribution to the Kyrgyz economy of the monetary and material values equivalent to the ten million soms.

The investment can be made for industrial, agricultural, financial, energy, educational, medical, engineering, and construction purposes, and IT technologies.

Employment visa

The employment visa (W1) is issued to those who want to work in Kyrgyzstan or have individual entrepreneurship.

At first, it is given for 90 days without permission to work. After obtaining the work permit, a person gets a multiple employment visa for the validity period of the work permit.

An employment visa (W2) is available for applicants, for whom there is another process for carrying out labor activity in accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic. An employment visa W2 can be extended annually.

Student visa

The student visa (S) is issued for 3 months to people willing to study in Kyrgyzstan.

It can be extended for one year if an applicant is studying at a higher educational institution or for the duration of a studying course in the initially stated educational institution of Kyrgyz Republic.

Business visa

The business visa (B) is designed for business handling, attending business meetings, conferences, congresses, sports events, etc.

With this type, one can say in Kyrgyzstan for up to 90 days.

Driver's visa

The business visa (B) is designed for business handling, attending business meetings, conferences, congresses, sports events, etc.

With this type, one can say in Kyrgyzstan for up to 90 days.

Driver's visa

The driver's visa (T) is for individuals who intend to enter Kyrgyzstan on a truck for international cargo transportation.

This visa type is effective for up to 180 days. One visit must be at most 30 days.

Tourist visa

The Kyrgyzstan tourist visa (TS) lets travelers come to the Kyrgyz Republic for sightseeing, leisure, and exploring the country.

The tourist category is issued for up to 90 days (3 months).

Religion visa

The religion visa (F) is designed for missioners coming to Kyrgyzstan through cooperation with religious organizations with permission of the religious affairs state body.

The religious category is for 60 days (2 months).

Family visa

The family visa (F) can be obtained by family members (spouse, underage children, and dependent parents) of foreigners under Official (O), Employment (W1 and W2), and Study (S) visa categories.

This visa is given on the basis of a residence permit without the right to work. It is issued for a period of up to one year and can be extended annually.

Relatives visa

The relative visa (RL) is for foreigners willing to visit their close relatives who are citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Visa to ethnic Kyrgyz

The visa to ethnic Kyrgyz (M) can be received by ethnic Kyrgyz and by those born in the Kyrgyzstan territory and are able to obtain the status of “Kairylman.”

Guest visa

The Guest visa (G) is designed for various private visits (visiting friends, receiving medical services, etc.).

Guest category stays valid for 60 days.

Leave visa

The leave visa (L) is issued to foreign citizens who have violated the conditions of staying on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. It is effective for up to 10 days for these foreigners to leave the country.

Transit visa

The transit visa (TR) is a single entry and stays valid for 5 days. It fits those travelers who need to cross the Kyrgyzstan borders to get to their further destination.

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