Kenya eVisa for UAE Citizens

The Republic of Kenya introduced an electronic visa system in 2015. Since then, the United Arab Emirates citizens can make an application for an eVisa to Kenya. An eVisa is an online travel authorization that allows its holders to enter Kenya for transit, tourism, and business reasons.

By choosing the online alternative, applicants can forget about visiting an Embassy and wasting time waiting in long lines. Kenya eVisa application can be completed on our website from any place with a stable Internet connection.

The approved document gets delivered to travelers via email within 72 hours of submitting the Kenya visa online application.

Types of Kenya eVisa for UAE citizens

Every citizen of the United Arab Emirates can choose from a few available options of Kenya eVisa depending on their needs:

  • Business eVisa: a single-entry online visa dedicated to people traveling on business. Allows entering Kenya and staying there for up to 90 days.
  • Tourist eVisa: a single-entry visa issued for tourists that can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days for leisure reasons.
  • Transit eVisa: a single-entry travel authorization document with which it's possible to make a 72-hour stop when transiting through Kenya to a final destination.
  • East Africa Tourist Visa: a multiple-entry electronic authorization to enter three East African countries: Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. This type of eVisa is issued for 3 months and allows multiple entries to all these 3 countries.

How to apply for an electronic Kenya visa from the UAE?

Grab your working device, check the Internet connection, sit back and click on the button 'Apply Online.' button. Now, there are 3 steps left to complete your online Kenya visa application successfully. These steps are as follows:

  1. Provide the required information: standard personal details, information regarding your trip to Kenya, email address, etc. Double-check that all information provided is 100% correct before submitting it for approval.
  2. Cover the Kenya eVisa processing fee: select one of the available means of online payment in the online form and pay the fee.
  3. Check your inbox: the moment the payment is registered, a message with the confirmation number will immediately be delivered to your email address. The approved electronic visa will also be sent to your inbox.

Kenya eVisa processing time and fees for the UAE citizens


All United Arab Emirates citizens need to submit an application a minimum of 3 business days in advance as the processing time is 72 business hours. However, our applicants can often expect the approval of their Kenya eVisa requests within 69 business hours. Don't forget to refresh your inbox regularly!

Please note that the correct information entered in your application can shorten the processing time for your eVisa.


Business/Tourist/Transit eVisa to Kenya: 99 Euro

East Africa Tourist eVisa: 149 Euro

All applicants can choose from various means of online payment. Make sure to check if you already received the confirmation number after covering the online visa processing fee.

Kenya eVisa requirements for the UAE citizens

UAE passport holders need to upload a few additional documents to their online applications, including:

Business eVisa

  • a scan of a valid passport of the applicant (bio-data page)
  • a face photo of the applicant (a webcam or mobile phone photos will be accepted)
  • the registration certificate copy of the applicant's company
  • a staff ID and ID of a person inviting or representing a Kenyan company
  • a Kenyan company inviter's or representant's valid passport (a digital copy of bio-data page)
  • immigration status passport page of a Kenyan company inviter or representant

Important tip: When going for a business trip, you can apply for the tourist eVisa to Kenya instead of a business one. This way, you can reduce the number of supporting documents.

Transit/East Africa/Tourist eVisa

  • a digital scan of a valid passport of the applicant (bio-data page)
  • a face photo of the applicant ( a webcam or mobile phone photos will be accepted)
  • a copy of a return ticket
  • a hotel reservation
  • an onward trip travel ticket copy*

*Necessary only for a transit eVisa application.


  • Citizens of the United Arab Emirates aged under 16 can travel to Kenya visa-free. Nevertheless, a valid passport is required to make the trip.
  • As long as the trip to Kenya is still ongoing, travelers can prolong their eVisas by covering the extra fee.
  • eVisa holder is not allowed to take employment in Kenya as eVisa does not function as a work permit.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Kenya eVisa?

  • Only 3-step application to get the Kenya eVisa: in case of any problems or queries, our support team is ready to help you.
  • Guarantee of Service: applicants can request a money refund according to our Terms of Service if their visa application fails. We do not charge additional fees for making necessary corrections in the application forms.
  • Services provided by a leading eVisa provider: choosing our website to obtain your eVisa to Kenya, you entrust your visa application into the hands of experts. You can expect the best online visa experience.
  • The approval rate of 99%: the effectiveness of our services is visible in numbers. Only a tiny percentage of visa applications are rejected mainly due to the incorrect data provided.
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