Kenya eVisa for Pakistani Citizens

Travelers from most countries in the world who want to visit Kenya have to obtain a visa before setting off for their trip. Pakistani citizens are classified as one of those who can apply for an electronic visa, an online alternative to a regular visa to Kenya.

With an eVisa, Pakistani citizens can make a trip to Kenya related to business, tourism, or transit for up to 90 days. eVisa to Kenya is a single-entry travel authorization document that is available for citizens of Pakistan entirely online.

Types of electronic visas to Kenya

Kenya offers 4 types of electronic visas that applicants from Pakistan can select from. The available types are as follows:

  • Tourist eVisa: a single-entry visa serving tourism-related activities in Kenya. It is valid for 3 months from its date of issue, and its holder is allowed to stay up to 90 days in Kenya.
  • Business eVisa: a single-entry visa dedicated to travelers who need to handle various business affairs in Kenya. Throughout 3 months of the visa's validity, a holder can stay in Kenya maximally 90 days.
  • Transit eVisa: a single-entry visa serving only the purpose of transit through Kenya on the way to another country. Its holders are obliged to use it within 3 days (72 hours) after entering Kenya.
  • East Africa Tourist eVisa: a multiple-entry visa allowing entry to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. Its holder can make a trip to all these 3 countries as long as the travel purpose is tourism. The East Africa Tourist Visa stays valid for 3 months, while as a multiple-entry authorization, it allows numerous entries to Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya.

How to apply for an electronic Kenya visa from Pakistan?

Every online application for an eVisa needs to be started by clicking the button 'Apply Online,' there are 3 following steps more to complete:

  1. Enter the required data in the online form: you will need to provide some of your personal details, as well as travel information, email address, etc. Moreover, some supporting documents are to be uploaded too. At this stage, it's extremely important to double-check the data provided before going to the next step.
  2. Make a payment for the eVisa fee: use one preferred form of online payment available and cover the fee.
  3. Check your inbox: ensure you have received the number confirming submitting your application, which should already be in your inbox. Your eVisa will also be delivered there once approved.

eVisa to Kenya must be printed out since the airport officials will check it upon your entry to Kenya. Don't forget to take it with you and keep it at hand throughout the entire trip!

Kenya eVisa processing time and fees for Pakistani citizens


The standard time to process an application for a Kenya eVisa is 72 business hours (3 business days). Nevertheless, the average time that applicants need to wait for approval was estimated at 69 hours when using our services.

Fill out the online application form correctly and enjoy earlier approval. Avoid unnecessary delays resulting from mistakes in the provided data.


All Pakistanis applying for a tourist, business, or transit visa need to cover the fee of 99 Euro. In turn, the East Africa Tourist Visa costs 149 Euro.

Kenya eVisa requirements for Pakistani citizens


Additional documents that all Pakistani citizens need to upload when applying for an eVisa to Kenya differ according to the selected visa type and are as follows:

Tourist/East Africa/Transit eVisa

  • a bio-data page of the applicant's passport (copy)
  • a digital photo of the applicant's face (a photo can be taken with a mobile phone or webcam)
  • hotel booking (confirmation)
  • a copy of a return ticket
  • a copy of a travel ticket confirming an onward trip*

*Required only when applying for a transit visa.

Business eVisa

  • a bio-data page of the applicant's passport (copy)
  • a digital photo of the applicant's face (a photo can be taken with a mobile phone or webcam)
  • the applicant's company registration certificate copy
  • employee ID of inviting or representing a Kenyan company
  • The ID of an inviting or representing person of a Kenyan company
  • a bio-data passport page of a person inviting or representing a Kenyan company
  • an immigration status page of a passport of a person inviting or representing a Kenyan company

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