Kenya eVisa for Egyptian Citizens

Many foreign travelers who want to visit Kenya need to obtain a visa to set off for the trip. Fortunately, citizens of Egypt don't need to bother themselves with Embassy visits and regular visas.

They can choose an online visa alternative instead. Online visa for Egyptian citizens functions as an electronic travel authorization. With an eVisa, Egyptian citizens can plan a trip to Kenya for business, transit, or tourism reasons.

To receive an online visa to Kenya, Egyptian applicants must submit an application form. There's no need to spend long hours standing in lines at the Embassy. Apply for Kenya visa online in less than 15 minutes and save plenty of energy that can be used to prepare for your dream trip to Kenya.

How to apply for a Kenya eVisa from Egypt?

After clicking the 'Apply Online' button, every applicant needs to go through 3 more steps to complete the process:

  1. Entering the required information: provide basic personal details, as well as information on your trip to Kenya. Make sure that all data entered in the online form is correct. It will help you to avoid potential delays in the processing of your application.
  2. Covering the eVisa processing fee: choose one online payment method from the available ones and pay the fee (99 Euro or 149 Euro).
  3. Refreshing an email inbox: Check if the confirmation number was already delivered to your email address. The approved document with your electronic visa to Kenya will also be sent to your inbox in PDF form.

A printed copy of your eVisa to Kenya must be shown during the airport control. Don't forget to take it with you.

Kenya eVisa processing time and fees for Egyptian citizens


Generally, it takes 3 business days (72 business hours) to review every application for the Kenyan eVisa. All Egyptian citizens should double-check their application forms before submitting them. If the online visa application form is error-free, applicants may expect to receive the approved online visa after 69 hours - the average processing time for Kenyan eVisa applications.


There are two different fees that one needs to cover, depending on the type of eVisa to Kenya selected:

  • 99 Euro: a single-entry business, tourist, and transit Kenya eVisa
  • 149 Euro: a multiple-entry East Africa eVisa

How long can Egyptian citizens stay in Kenya with an eVisa?

Since there are 4 different types of electronic visas to Kenya, classified according to various travel needs, the allowed period of time its holders may stay in the country differs and is as follows:

  • Business eVisa: a single-entry permit that may be used only for business-related trips not exceeding 3 months; remains valid for 90 days following its issuance date.
  • Tourist eVisa: a single-entry authorization serving tourism-related purposes up to 90 days; stays valid for 3 months.
  • Transit eVisa: a single-entry permit allowing transit through Kenya on the way to another final destination; it must be used within 72 hours from the date of entering Kenya.
  • East Africa eVisa: a multiple-entry visa that may be used for tourism purposes by travelers who want to visit Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. During its 3-month validity period, a holder of the East Africa eVisa can visit these 3 countries numerous times.

Requirements for a Kenya eVisa for Egyptian citizens

Every Egyptian citizen must be a holder of a valid passport. Moreover, your passport cannot expire for at least 6 months following the intended entry date to Kenya. It is also necessary to provide some additional documents. The requirements differ depending on the type of eVisa you wish to apply for:

Business eVisa

  • a digital scan of the applicant's bio-data passport page
  • a digital photo of the applicant's face (mobile phone or PC camera pictures are acceptable)
  • the certificate of your company registration (copy)
  • an ID of the representative staff or the inviter
  • a Kenyan ID of the representative staff or the inviter
  • a digital scan of the representative's or the inviter's bio-data passport page
  • a digital scan of the representative's or the inviter's immigration status passport page

Helpful information: If you travel to Kenya soon for business-related reasons, consider applying for a tourist visa. You will not need to upload as many documents as in the case of a business eVisa application.

Tourist eVisa and East Africa eVisa

  • a digital photo of the applicant's face (mobile phone or PC camera pictures are acceptable)
  • a digital scan of the applicant's bio-data passport page
  • hotel bookings
  • copy of a return ticket

Transit eVisa

The requirements are the same as in the case of East Africa and tourist eVisas. However, an applicant must also provide a copy of their onward ticket to confirm that Kenya is only a stopover destination.

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