Kenya eVisa for Canadian Citizens

Since 2015, as one of 161 countries, Canadian citizens have been classified by the Kenyan government as eligible for traveling to Kenya with an online visa.

eVisa to Kenya for Canadian citizens is an electronic travel authorization for a short stay in Kenya for the purpose of tourism, transit, or business. An electronic visa is an easy and convenient way to get one's visa as the applicant does not need to visit Kenyan Embassy to complete the process.

Apply for Kenya visa entirely online from any preferred place as long as your electronic device has Internet access!

Types of Kenya eVisa for Canadian citizens

Canadian citizens can choose from 4 Kenya eVisa options, which are as follows:

  • Kenya Business eVisa: a single-entry visa issued for business reasons allows a stay of up to 90 days; the validity period is 3 months.Its holder can enter Kenya only once.
  • Kenya Tourist eVisa: asingle-entry permitallowing a tourism-related trip up to 90 days; the validity period is 90 days as well.
  • Kenya Transit eVisa:a 72-hour entry permit allowing transit through Kenya when heading to another country.
  • East Africa eVisa: a multiple-entry tourist visa issued for those who plan to enter not only Kenya but also Uganda and Rwanda. Throughout 3 months of its validity, its holder can enter and re-enter these 3 countries as many times as needed.

How to apply for an electronic Kenya visa from Canada?

To submit an online visa application, every applicant needs a working device connected to the Internet.

The first step to complete the application process is to click on the 'Apply Online,' button. There are 3 following steps left to complete it:

  1. Fill out the application form: enter the required personal details, travel information, email address, etc. Double-check all the provided details before moving on to the next step.
  2. Cover the Kenya eVisa fee: after making sure that all data provided is error-free, pay the processing fee. (The fee differs depending on the type of eVisa selected).
  3. Check your email box: once the payment is registered, the confirmation number will arrive at your email address. You can use this number to check the status of your application. A PDF file with your approved online visa will also reach your inbox. Refresh it often so as not to miss these two important messages.

Kenya eVisa processing time and fees for Canadian citizens


On average, Kenya eVisa applications are processed within 69 business hours. Nevertheless, the standard processing time is 72 business hours. That is why Canadian citizens should submit their online application forms at least 3 business days in advance of their journey to Kenya.

It's extremely vital to provide error-free data in the online form since any mistake can extend the time needed to approve the visa application or even result in its rejection.


Business/Tourist/Transit Kenya eVisa:99 Euro

East Africa eVisa: 149 Euro

Canadian citizens can choose from many available means of online payment to cover the processing fee (99 Euro or 149 Euro).

Kenya eVisa requirements for Canadian citizens


Canadian passport holders will need to upload a few additional documents that can be classified as follows:

Tourist/Transit/East Africa eVisa

  • the applicant's face photograph( a webcam or mobile phone pictures are acceptable)
  • a valid passport of a Canadian applicant (a scan of the passport's bio-data page)
  • the confirmation of hotel booking
  • a copy of a return ticket
  • a copy of a ticket confirming an eVisa applicant's onward trip*

*Required onlyfor transit eVisa applications.

Business eVisa

  • the applicant's face photograph( a webcam or mobile phone pictures are acceptable)
  • a valid passport of a Canadian applicant (a scan of the passport's bio-data page)
  • the certificate of a Canadian applicant's company registration (scan)
  • a staff ID and ID of a person inviting or representing a company in Kenya
  • the valid passport of the inviter's or representant's from a Kenyan company (a scan of the passport's bio-data page)
  • an immigration status passport page of an inviter or representant of a company in Kenya

Useful tip: When going to Kenya to handle business matters, one should consider an application for the tourist eVisa to Kenya. This way, applicants can reduce the number of documents attached to the online application form.

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