Kenya eVisa for Australian Citizens

Since 2015, Australian citizens, among other eligible countries, can visit Kenya with an electronic visa. Kenya eVisa for Australian citizens is a short-stay travel authorization document issued for business, transit, or tourism-related travels.

Kenya eVisa application is way easier and quicker to obtain since it requires no Embassy visits. The whole application process can be completed online from whatever place you are at any given moment!

Types of Kenya eVisa for Australian citizens

Australian citizens have the following options to choose according to their travel needs:

  • Single-entry business eVisa: travel permit granted for business travelers who can stay up to 3 months throughout 90 days of eVisa validity.
  • Single-entry tourist eVisa: issued for a max. 90- day tourism-related trips; its validity period is also 90 days.
  • Single-entry transit eVisa: a transit authorization allowing a 72-hour transit stop in Kenya on the way to the final destination.
  • Multiple-entry East Africa eVisa: it can be issued for tourists wishing to travel to Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya. Holders are allowed numerous entries throughout 3 months.

How to apply for an electronic Kenya visa from Australia?

To fill out an online application form, you will need any device with Internet access. Click on the 'Apply Online' button. Now, there are 3 more steps to follow:

  1. Enter the necessary information: basic personal data, travel details, email address, etc. Make sure that all data entered is correct.
  2. Pay the eVisa to Kenya fee: choose one of the available online payment methods and cover the fee.
  3. Refresh your email: after your payment is processed, the confirmation number should reach your inbox. The approved eVisa in PDF form will also be delivered there. Don't miss them both and check your email box frequently!

Kenya eVisa processing time and fees for Australian citizens


The standard time needed to process applications submitted via our website is 72 business hours. Nevertheless, it's quite frequent that our customers enjoy earlier approval of their eVisa applications. On average, deciding to choose our services, you can expect the approved Kenya eVisa in your inbox within 69 business hours.

Please remember that the correct data entered in the application form will ensure smooth processing and shorten your waiting period!


  • Tourist/Business/Transit eVisa to Kenya: 99 Euro
  • East Africa eVisa to Kenya: 149 Euro

When applying for an online visa, you can select from various secure online forms of payment. Soon after registering your payment, a confirmation number will be sent to your email address. Make sure to check your inbox!

Kenya eVisa requirements for Australian citizens


Australian passport holders need to attach some supporting documents to their applications. The needed documents can be divided into two categories according to the selected type of Kenya eVisa:

Transit/Tourist/East Africa eVisa:

  • an applicant's valid passport (bio-data page) digital copy
  • a photo of the applicant's face (a photo made with a webcam or mobile phone will be accepted)
  • a hotel reservation
  • a return ticket copy
  • a copy of an onward trip ticket*

*Only for those applying for a transit visa.

Business eVisa:

  • an applicant's valid passport (bio-data page) digital copy
  • a photo of the applicant's face (a photo made with a webcam or mobile phone will be accepted)
  • a copy of the certificate of a visa applicant's company registration
  • a staff ID and ID of a person inviting or representing a Kenyan company
  • a Kenyan company inviter's or representant's valid passport (bio-data page) digital copy
  • a page with an immigration status of a passport of a Kenyan company inviter or representant

Please note: If you plan to take a business trip to Kenya, consider applying for a tourist eVisa instead of a business one to reduce the number of the required documents necessary to submit.


  • Australians aged under 17 are allowed to make a trip to Kenya visa-free. However, they must travel with a valid Australian passport.
  • As long as your trip to Kenya is ongoing, your eVisa can be extended for an additional fee.
  • Holders of an eVisa cannot take up employment in Kenya​​​​​.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Kenya eVisa?

  • Only 3 simple steps to get your eVisa to Kenya: should you encounter any problems or have any doubts, you can always contact our helpdesk.
  • Service Guarantee: we will make necessary corrections in your application form with no additional costs charged, and in case your visa application fails, you can expect your money to be reimbursed. Check our Terms of Service.
  • Services provided by a well-experienced company: we are experts in the field of electronic visa services. By entrusting your application into the hands of our agency, you can expect that real travel experts will handle all visa-related procedures for you.
  • 99% of approved visa applications: the approval rate confirms the safety and effectiveness of our services.
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