Kenya eVisa for US citizens

Most foreign visitors traveling to Kenya need a visa obtained in advance of their trip. US citizens can now apply for their obligatory travel authorization document online and receive an approved Kenya eVisa via email.

Kenya eVisa for US citizens is an online alternative to the traditional visa that serves the purposes for either tourist, business, or transit trips. The electronic visa for Kenya stays valid for three months from issuing (tourist, business, and the East Africa eVisa) and is available to citizens from more than 160 countries online.

US citizens who wish to apply for their tourist Kenya eVisa online should prepare their valid passports, take a photo of the applicant's face (even using a phone or a web camera), prepare their hotel bookings for Kenya, and their return ticket home.

The approved electronic visa for Kenya will be processed within 72 hours and, later on, delivered to each applicant via email in form of a PDF file. Print the received document out and present it upon arrival in Kenya.

Types of electronic visas to Kenya

Kenya introduced 4 types of eVisas that US applicants can choose from, which are as follows:

Single-entry eVisas:

  • Tourist eVisa: issued for tourism-related activities, e.g., visiting friends or relatives and exploring Kenya. Its validity is 90 days starting from its issuance date, while its holder can make a 3-month trip to Kenya.
  • Business eVisa: recommended for travelers making business trips who can stay in Kenya maximally 3 months, while their online visa is valid 90 days from the date it was approved.
  • Transit eVisa: its holder can make a transit stop in the Republic of Kenya when heading to another country. It can be used within 72 hours following one's planned entry to Kenya.

Multiple-entry eVisa:

  • East Africa eVisa: issued for travelers wishing to visit Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda for tourism reasons. It remains valid for 90 days, and its holder is allowed multiple entries throughout this period of time.

How to apply for an electronic Kenya visa from the US?

Click on the 'Apply Online' button and follow these 3 simple steps to complete the Kenya eVisa application process:

  1. Fill out the online form: provide standard personal data, details about your trip to Kenya, and other required details. Double-check all the data entered and then attach the necessary documents.
  2. Cover Kenya eVisa fee: choose a preferred online payment method from several available on our website and cover the eVisa issuing fee. Next, check if the confirmation number has been sent to your email address.
  3. Check your email inbox: after approval, your electronic visa will be delivered immediately to your inbox in the form of a PDF document. The processing time should not extend beyond 72 hours from submitting one's application online.

Please don't forget to print your electronic visa out as it is obligatory to show a printed version of this document upon one's entry to Kenya.

Kenya eVisa processing time and fees for US citizens


It should take maximally 3 days (72 business hours) to process your application. Filling out your application form correctly can maximize your chances to receive approval sooner and simultaneously minimalize the risk of unnecessary delays.

On average, applicants choosing our services receive their electronic visas to Kenya within 69 hours!


The fee for the electronic Kenya eVisa is 99 Euro for a tourist, business, or transit eVisa type, while the cost of an East Africa visa is 149 Euro.

Kenya eVisa requirements for US citizens


Supporting documents that all American passport holders need to attach differ depending on the Kenya eVisa type they have selected:

Tourist/East Africa/Transit eVisa

  • a copy of a bio-data page of the applicant's passport
  • a digital photo of an applicant's face (you can use your mobile phone or webcam)
  • hotel booking
  • return ticket
  • onward travel ticket*

*Required only for an application for an online transit visa.

Business eVisa

  • a bio-data passport page digital copy
  • a digital photo of an applicant's face (you can use your mobile phone or webcam)
  • a copy of your company registration certificate
  • employee ID of inviting or representing a Kenyan company
  • ID of an inviting or representing person of a Kenyan company
  • a bio-data passport page of a person inviting or representing a Kenyan company
  • an immigration status page of a passport of a person inviting or representing a Kenyan company

Please note: If you go to Kenya soon to take part in a business-related conference, event, or meeting, consider an application for a tourist eVisa in order to need to submit fewer documents than for business eVisa, but still be able to participate in the events you plan on going to.

Important Information

  • American travelers under 17 don't need to obtain an online visa to travel to Kenya. Nevertheless, they must be holders of valid passports.
  • An online visa to Kenya can be extended as soon as your trip is still ongoing. The extra fee needs to be covered for additional days.
  • An electronic visa is not a permit for taking up employment.
  • You can enter Kenya via another border point than indicated in your application form, but it still needs to be on the list of crossing points recognizing online visas.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Kenya eVisa?

  • Best standards of data security: Your data is protected by an SSL certificate guaranteeing the highest data protection standards.
  • A company operating on the market since 2016: Many years of experience have made us experts in the electronic visa field.
  • Continuous improvement and development of our services: We follow all updates regarding visa regulations and systematically upgrade our systems to enable our customers a trouble-free application.
  • Application process supervised by travel experts: Our team consists of travel enthusiasts ready to make your trip a pleasant one. Contact us any time you should encounter any problems before, during, or after applying, or when you simply need more information.
  • Simple eVisa requirements: The online visa application process was designed to minimalize the paperwork and requirements needed to obtain a visa. Most of the time, a valid passport is enough to apply for an eVisa and receive an approved document via email.
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