Indian e-Visa for Sri Lankan Citizens

Since India is one of the most frequently chosen world destinations, the Indian government decided to facilitate entry to the country for many foreign visitors. As one of the eligible nations, Sri Lankan citizens can apply for an India visa online.

India e-visa for Sri Lankan citizens functions as an online alternative to a regular embassy visa. Nowadays, you don't need to arrange an embassy appointment long in advance, wait in endless queues for your turn, go through nerve-wracking visa interviews, and then wait for the approval of your traditional visa for many weeks.

Applicants can choose from three types of Indian e-Visa: business, tourist, and medical visa. The allowed number of entries and period of stay will differ depending on the selected visa type.

After submitting your online application, you will receive your electronic visa via e-mail maximally within 72 business hours! All this without even leaving your house!

How to apply for an electronic Indian visa from Sri Lanka?

As our mission is to arrange your e-visa in the simplest possible manner, the visa application process is simple as well and consists only of 3 steps, which are as follows:

  1. First of all, you need to enter personal details, like your e-mail address, the intended date of your arrival and departure, and the entry port through which you will enter India. Please note that not every airport or seaport in India accepts electronic visas! Choose the one that can accept your online visa.
  2. Upload a photo of a bio-data page of your Sri Lankan passport and your face photo (you can use that one taken with a phone or web camera). Pay a visa fee of 129 Euro.
  3. Check your email! Once your visa is approved, it will arrive in your inbox!

Indian e-Visa processing time and fees for Sri Lankan citizens


You need only a couple of minutes to fill out the application form, while the maximum time of processing your visa request is 3 business days. However, the majority of our applicants receive their approved electronic visas within 51 hours!


All citizens of Sri Lanka have to pay a fee of 129 Euro for an e-visa to India. You can make a payment by choosing one of the many available payment forms, e.g., credit and debit card or Paypal.

How long can Sri Lankan citizens stay in India with e-Visa?

Nationals of Sri Lanka can apply for one of three available e-visa types. The allowed period of stay in India differs depending on the online visa type you will decide to apply for:

  • e-Tourist visa: functions as a multiple-entry electronic permit and is issued for those who wish to enter India for tourism reasons, as well as visit family and friends residing there. e-Tourist visa stays valid for one year, and it can be used for a 90-day stay, either consecutively or spread over a few visits.
  • e-Business visa: functions as a multiple-entry electronic permit and is issued for business trips. This e-visa type stays valid for one year, while its holder is allowed to stay in India for up to 180 days, either as a single stay or spread over numerous enters.
  • e-Medical visa: functions as an online triple-entry permit issued for those planning a medical treatment in India. It is valid for 4 months, and the allowed period its holder may stay in the country is 60 days,either as a single visit or spread over 3 visits.

Indian e-Visa requirements for the Sri Lankans


The required documents that Sri Lankans need to gather before starting filling the online application form vary according to the chosen e-visa type:

  • e-Tourist visa: a photograph of a biometric page of your Sri Lanka passport; a face photo of an applicant.
  • e-Business visa: a photograph of passport data (biometric page); applicant's face photo; invitation or business card from a hosting company in India.
  • e-Medical visa: a photograph of applicant's passport biometric page; a face photo of an applicant; written document issued by a hospital or other medical institution that confirms your planned treatment,incl. date of your hospital stay and kind of treatment.

Please note: A picture of your face may be taken simply with a mobile phone or a PC camera!

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Indian e-Visa?

  • 96 % of Indian electronic visa requests submitted by our applicants are positively processed.
  • The data from your passport, supporting documents, photos, and any other details provided in the online application is safely stored. The SSL certificate confirms the guarantee of the highest possible standards of data protection. You can read more about our Privacy Policy.
  • We can offer a guarantee of service - if your request is not approved, we are ready to correct it without any additional costs or refund your money according to the conditions specified in our Terms of Service.

Should you have any doubts about the documents required or encounter some problems when submitting your online visa application form, feel free to contact us at any time.

Don't wait too long! Grab your passport, submit your application form and pack your luggage! Indian adventure is waiting for you!

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