Indian e-Visa for German Citizens

India introduced an electronic visa system in 2014 to facilitate the application process for many eligible countries, including Germany. There are three types of e-Visa for India for German citizens - tourist, business, and medical one.

The tourist visa is issued as a single-entry authorization valid for 120 days and allowing a 30-day stay. The remaining two - business and medical visas - are multiple-entry authorizations and enable their holders to visit India numerous times and stay from 60 to 180 days, while the validity period is from 4 months to 1 year (depending on the selected type).

No matter the type of e-Visa, every German citizen needs to pay the service fee of 129 Euro.

All citizens of Germany can apply for an electronic visa for India instead of going to an Indian diplomatic post in their home country. Forget about long queues and hours spent waiting for your turn at the Indian Embassy. Now, all you need to get your Indian visa is mainly a valid passport and an electronic device. Check also if you're connected to the Internet and go to our application form.

If you plan a holiday in India or a business trip, an e-visa is a perfect solution for you! Submit your online India visa application at least 3 business days before visiting India, and enjoy your trip!

How to apply for an electronic Indian visa from Germany?

Our services are intended to facilitate the applicants obtaining e-visas without the necessity to go through a complicated traditional visa process. To complete your online application form, you just need to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Choose your travel purpose (medical, business, tourism) and click the 'Apply Online' button.
  2. Provide your personal information and some details on your trip, submit the required photograph of your passport, other necessary supporting documents, a photo of your face, and make an online payment for your e-visa.
  3. Refresh your e-mail and check if a confirmation number is already there.

Important note: All German citizens need to be holders of valid German passports that will remain valid for at least half a year starting from the date of arrival in India!

India e-Visa processing time and fees for German citizens


After submitting your online form, you need to wait maximally 72 business hours to get your Indian visa. Nevertheless, most of our applicants receive their e-visas earlier. The average processing time is  51 business hours. Don't forget to check your e-mail!


Citizens of Germany must pay the one-off fee of 129 Euro for their electronic visa application.

How long can German citizens stay in India with e-Visa?

The maximum period that German citizens are allowed to stay in India differs according to the selected e-visa type:

  • e-Tourist visa: its holder is allowed multiple entries, while a total stay cannot extend 90 days, either in a row or spread over a few visits.
  • e-Business visa: allows multiple visits to India, while its holder can stay in the country up to 180 daysin total, either in a row or spread over a few visits.
  • e-Medical visa: its holder can enter India maximally 3 times, staying in India up to  60 days in total, either as a single visit or spread over 3 times.

Both tourist and business electronic travel authorizations stay valid for 1 year from the issuance date, while a medical visa expires after 4 months.

You cannot extend your e-visa to India! If you want to visit India one more time and your visa is invalid, don't hesitate to apply for a new one!

India e-Visa requirements for German citizens


The documents required for German citizens vary depending on the Indian e-visa type, and they are as follows:

  • e-Tourist visa: a bio-data page photograph of your German passport; a photo of your face.
  • e-Business visa: a bio-data page photograph of your German passport; a photo of your face; an invitation letter or business card of the company you're going to cooperate with.
  • e-Medical visa: a bio-data page photograph of your German passport; a photo of your face; a hospital written document including the information of the length of your hospital stay and kind of treatment.

Please note: A face photo can be taken using a mobile phone or a web camera.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an India e-Visa?

Still not convinced that getting an online visa via our website is the best solution? If you want to get to know us better, see who we are and how we operate:

  • As a company with many years of experience, we can proudly name ourselves e-visa experts.
  • Following all the visa regulation changes, we can verify all the information, and our website is updated on a current basis.
  • In the event of any malfunction, we try to solve it immediately to enable our applicants to complete their application process successfully.
  • Operating as an independent company, we're not related to the Indian government.
  • Our technical experts can guarantee the best data safety standards by everyday monitoring of our services.
  • SSL certificate confirms that the data of our applicants is stored and processed in the best possible manner.
  • Our system is constantly upgraded to provide the best service to our customers.
  • Our support team provides customer service also in German!

Don't hesitate and apply using our website. Entrust your e-visa application process to experts' hands!

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