Indian e-Visa for Chinese Citizens

Currently, citizens only of three countries, i.e., South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan, can obtain a visa upon their arrival in India. Nationals of other countries need to get a visa to India approved in advance. Chinese travelers are lucky enough! They can arrange the Indian visa online as Chinese citizens are eligible for India e-visa.

The electronic visa system was introduced by the Indian government in 2014. Since then, eligible countries can apply for business, tourist, or medical e-Visa to India simply by submitting an online application.

The tourist e-Visa allows its holder to enter India once and stay up to 1 month, while the remaining two - medical and business electronic visas - allow multiple entries to the country with the maximum stay from 60 to 180 days (depending on the visa type). All e-Visa types to India require covering the service fee of 129 Euro

There are only a few visa requirements that travelers from China must meet to visit India. One of the most important conditions is to be a holder of a valid Chinese passport. Apart from the passport, an applicant needs to have a working electronic device and a stable Internet connection. 

Filling out the online application form will not take more than 15 minutes, while the approved e-Visa will be delivered to the applicant's email inbox within maximally 3 business days

How to apply for an electronic Indian visa from China?

Our mission is to help you to obtain your e-visa as simply as possible. Hence,the application process consists only of 3 following steps:

  1. Indicate your travel needs (business, medical, tourism) and click 'Apply Online.'
  2. Enter your personal details and travel information, upload the required photos of your passport, other supporting documents, your face photo, and make a payment.
  3. Refresh your e-mail and check if you have received a confirmation number.

Important note: All Chinese passport holders need to make sure their passports won't expire within min. 6 months from the start date of their stay in India!

Indian e-Visa processing time and fees for Chinese citizens


Indian e-Visa application form can be submitted within a couple of minutes using any device connected to the Internet. Your electronic visa will arrive in your inbox up to maximally 72 business hours. The great news is that the majority of applications are processed within 51 hours on average!


Chinese nationals need to pay a one-time fee of 129 Euro for handling the visa application.

How long can Chinese citizens stay in India with e-Visa?

The allowed period that Chinese travelers may stay in India depends on the travel purpose and the visa type. The Chinese may apply for the following 3 e-visas to India:

  • e-Tourist: this multiple-entry permit is issued for tourism-related activities, as well as vacation or family visits. e-Tourist visa is valid for 1 year, while its holder can stay in India maximally 90 days in total, whether single stay or multiple visits.
  • e-Business: this multiple-entry permit can be obtained for business-related trips, e.g., conferences, negotiations, etc. It is issued for 1 year, while its holder can stay in India maximally 180 days in total, whether single or multiple visits.
  • e-Medical: this e-visa allows up to 3 visits to India in order to receive medical treatment. The validity of the medical electronic visa is 4 months, while its holder can maximally stay up to 60 days in total, whether single stay or 3 visits.

Unfortunately, you cannot extend your online visa to India!

Indian e-Visa requirements for the Chinese


The required documents can differ slightly depending on what type of India e-visa you're applying for:

  • e-Tourist visa: photo of the biometric page of your Chinese passport; applicant's photograph
  • e-Business visa: apart from the same requirements as in the case of an e-tourist visa, additionally, you need to provide an invitation from a hosting company in India or the company's business card
  • e-Medical visa: photograph of a biometric page of your passport, photo of your face, hospital written document, or a letter from any other institution that will confirm your medical treatment (the letter needs to include basic data on the length of your stay and treatment type).

Important note: The photos of the applicant's face can be taken with a mobile phone or webcam.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Indian e-Visa?

If you're afraid of using Evisa Express to obtain an entry permit to India, we'd like to present some facts about our company and our standards to convince you that applying with us is the best choice:

  • data of our applicants is secured by daily monitored services supervised by our technical team;
  • SSL certificate is the best guarantee that we provide the best possible standards of data protection;
  • starting as a small company in 2016, we gained extensive experience that made us e-visa experts;
  • we follow all the changes in visa regulations to update our website and provide the most reliable information to our applicants;
  • we do our best to fix all malfunctions to ensure you can get your e-visa without any delay;
  • we are an independent agency not associated with the Indian government.

Don't abandon your Indian plans! Submit your visa application via our website and experience a trip of a lifetime!

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