Indian Visa for UK Citizens

Since so many foreign travelers are willing to visit India, the Indian government put some significant effort into facilitating entry to the country for many visitors. The country authorities introduced an online visa that enables entering India fortourists, business travelers, or those seeking medical help in India.

UK passport holders are one of the several countries that can apply for an Indian visa online. They can choose from three available types of Indian e-Visa, depending on their particular travel needs - tourist, business, or medical visa. Each type varies in terms of the allowed number of entries to India as well as the period for which it remains valid. 

It's no longer necessary to fill out piles of documents required for a traditional embassy visa. United Kingdom citizens can forget about numerous embassy visits, nerve-wracking interviews, and passport stamps. Nowadays, you can just handle the whole application process online. Tourist life has never been this easy!

How to apply for an electronic Indian visa from the UK?


You have to follow only 3 steps to complete your application successfully:

  1. Start by indicating your travel needs and choose a business, medical, or tourism purpose in the left panel on our website and click the 'Apply Online' button.
  2. Next, enter basic personal details and information on your travel, e-mail address, and crossing point.
  3. Upload the photo of the biometric passport page as well as the picture of you.  Make a payment for an India e-Visa and check your e-mail! Once your electronic visa arrives, don't forget to print it out and take it for your journey!

Before you travel to India, please remember that your passport validity must be min. 6 months starting from the day of your planned arrival in India!

Indian e-Visa processing time and fees for UK citizens


You can complete your e-visa application in just a few minutes. You only need any device connected to the Internet. Your application will be processed maximally within 72 business hours. Nevertheless, the majority of India e-visa applications are approved within 51 hours.


Applicants from Russia, Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Mozambique need to pay 149 Euro of the service fee.

How long can UK citizens stay in India with e-Visa?

There are 3 India e-Visa types that UK citizens can choose from depending on their travel needs; each of them has different conditions regarding the allowed period of stay and validity:

  1. Indian e-Tourist visa: tourism-related activities, e.g., holiday trips, family and friend visits, etc.; its holder can enter India multiple times; the e-visa is issued for one year, while a tourist can stay in India in total maximally 90 days.
  2. Indian e-Business visa: business affairs, e.g., business meetings, conferences, negotiations, etc.; allows to enter India many times throughout the one year of its validity; business travelers can stay in India in total up to 180 days.
  3. Indian e-Medical visa: its holder may visit India for medical treatment or consultation; this e-visa allows a traveler to enter the country maximally 3 times and is issued for 4 months, while its holder can stay in India up to 60 days in total.

Requirements for an Indian e-Visa from the UK

The India e-Visa requirements may differ a bit depending on a chosen type, and they are as follows:

  • e-Tourist visa: a photo of the biometric page of your UK passport and photograph of India e-visa applicant (the photo may be taken by phone or Internet camera).

  • e-Business visa: the same requirements as in the case of tourist e-visa plus invitation or business card from the company that you will be dealing with business matters or co-operating.

  • e-Medical visa: the requirements like in the case of e-visa for tourist purposes plus a written document from the hospital or any other medical institution confirming your treatment in India containing data on your stay duration and kind of treatment.

Please note: You can enter India only through certain airports or seaports. Not all country's port operates the electronic visas system! E.g., you can arrive at the airports in Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Indian e-Visa?

Yes, it is! Our effectiveness is visible in numbers: 96% of successfully approved Indian e-visas of our customers worldwide and 99% of positively processed e-visa applications in general!

Our consultants are ready to guide you through the entire process of application. When you encounter any problems, please contact us via helpline, mail, or using the contact form available on our website.

You're at the right place to obtain your Indian e-visa! Check it for yourself that any other visa application process couldn't be more convenient and straightforward than an online application via our website! Get your preferred working electronic device and submit your visa application form even today!

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