Guinea Visa Types

If you want to travel to Guinea, you should check the entry requirements first. Citizens of some countries have visa exemption, but all the others need to obtain a visa.

The Guinea visa comes in different types. They have various purposes, entries, and stays. All applicants must provide a valid passport and their face photograph, but other supporting documents may differ according to the type selected.

As for the purpose of travel, application method and duration, there are the following Guinea visa types: e-Visa, tourist, transshipment, transit, long-term, multiple-entry, extension, service visa, diplomatic visa, and courtesy visas.

In this article, you can get more details on each type and pick a visa that fits you best!


The e-Visa is the simplest Guinea visa to obtain. Eligible foreign citizens can apply and receive their e-Visa in a few steps: fill out the form, attach supporting documents, pay the fee, and check the inbox, as it is delivered to the applicant's email address.

It is available in two forms: a tourist visa for a 45-day stay and a transit visa for 3 days. Both of them stay valid for 3 months.

Required documents include a return/forward ticket, hotel bookings, proof of sufficient funds, and a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.

Tourist visa

The tourist visa is issued to foreign nationals who wish to enter Guinea for exploring the country, holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives and friends.

It can be issued as a single-entry Guinea visa for a maximum of 30 days or a multiple-entry visa for 90 days.

Guinea visa requirements for this type include having proof of accommodation in Guinea (for example, a hotel reservation) or an invitation letter from a family member/friend if you are staying with them.

Transshipment visa

This visa is issued to foreigners intending to enter Guinea for a stopover in their final destination country. It stays effective for 3 days.

If you want to apply for this type, you are required to attach the following:

  • a passport-size photo
  • your passport’s information page
  • a yellow fever certificate
  • a proof of onward travel (for example, an airline ticket)
  • a visa to the onward country (if required).

Transit visa

This Guinea visa is for individuals who are going to cross the country by sea to change their boat to their final destination. Its validity period is 3 days.

A transit visa demands the same set of documents, as a transshipment visa.

Long-term visa

Long-stay visas can be issued for foreign citizens willing to stay in Guinea after their visas have expired for 3 months.

Long-term visas are valid for one year from the date of issuance and require quite a few supporting documents:

  • face photograph
  • bio-data page of a passport effective for a minimum of 6 months from the planned arrival date
  • copy of the previous visa
  • valid return ticket
  • a yellow fever certificate
  • repatriation guarantee
  • sufficient funds
  • work contract approved by the authorities (for those wishing to get employed)
  • proof of a marital relationship (for a spouse), or a parental relationship (for an underage child)
  • an authorization to exercise a profession or to promote an agricultural, industrial, commercial, artistic, or other activity, issued by the qualified authorities
  • registration or re-registration certificate issued by the institution authorities (for students)
  • an internship agreement (for students).

Multiple-Entry Visa

This visa to Guinea can be obtained only by eligible citizens of countries that have special treaties in Guinea Conakry.

Its validity period varies from 3 to 5 years and depends on the commitment between the Republic of Guinea and the treaty countries.

For a multiple-entry visa, you need a face photo, a valid passport, a return ticket, and a yellow fever certificate.

Extension visa

This visa is required for foreigners who need to extend their previous visa. The extension visa for Guinea is issued for the same duration as the one that was approved previously.

The application for this type of Guinea visa must contain such documents as a passport-size picture, a photo with data of a valid passport, and a copy of the previous visa.

Service visa, diplomatic visa, and courtesy visa

All these three types of visas can be received if an applicant has an invitation from an official or senior official of the country.

The duration of a service visa, diplomatic visa, and courtesy visa to Guinea depends on the functions that its holder will carry out.

The requested documents for these visas are an effective passport, an applicant's face photograph, and an invitation letter.

Note that for a diplomatic visa, you'll need a diplomatic or ordinary passport and a letter of invitation from the diplomatic corps or affiliated associations. A courtesy Guinea visa needs to be supported by the letter of the mission to be carried out in the country.

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