Gabon Visa Types

Entering Gabon with a visa is necessary for unproblematic trip. There are a few Gabon visa categories that need to be considered by travelers and they vary according to the purpose of the visit. In this article you will learn more about Gabon visa types.

Visa Policy for Gabon

The Gabon Visa Policy consists of rules and restrictions for foreign visitors to Gabon. The length of the possible stay in the country can be different as it depends on nationality and visa type. The Gabon government confirms that citizens in many countries now have the possibility of applying for the e-Visa electronically.

Gabon e-Visa

The policy regarding Gabon Visas enables travelers to apply for an online visa. Now nationals from 150 countries can get electronic visas to visit Gabon. There are two types of Gabon online visas: single-entry and multiple-entry.

Through the usage of an e-Visa, visitors may travel to the country for up to six months for various purposes including tourism, business, or transit. In order to obtain an electronic visa, valid passport holders should complete a simple application form and submit the necessary documentation to the authorities.

The application process won't take you a lot of time. You are required to fill in the application form and pay the fee, and then you can obtain your e-Visa. In this way, you avoid standing in long queues.

Gabon Visa on Arrival

The Gabon Visa Policy states that citizens of 45 nationalities may enter Gabon with a visa upon their arrival. Thanks to it you can stay in Gabon for up to 90 days. This visa is also available for tourism and commercial travel. The applicant must complete an online form, attach documentation and submit the paperwork along with the confirmation of visa payment at the border crossing. Important! Also, travelers should possess passports that are valid for at least six months before they decide to go to Gabon.

Embassy Visa for Gabon

Some foreign nationals should apply for an Embassy Visa as the online option is not available for them. In this case, they need to visit the nearest Gabon embassy to obtain a visa that can be used for various purposes and time duration.

It is worth noting that Embassy Visa could be treated as a single-entry or multiple-entry visa and in order to get it, one must visit the nearest Gabonese embassy.

Diplomatic Visa

This visa type is for diplomats and officials who come to Gabon to perform formal duties and activities on behalf of their country. They represent a national government or other official organizations. Important! A diplomatic visa is required even when you have a diplomatic passport.

Business Visa

Business or Commercial Visa holders are eligible to temporarily visit Gabon for business purposes, such as conferences, meetings, training, work projects, market investigation, or networking.

In this type of visa, you need to additionally provide a letter of invitation from a Gabonese acquaintance or a company based in Gabon.

Tourism Visa

Tourism Visa can be used for tourist and sightseeing purposes and thanks to it holders can stay legally in Gabon for some period of time.

In order to get it, besides standard requirements, you need to have a flight ticket, accommodation proof, and agenda from the tour guide company.

Applying online is possible for this type of visa. You just need to complete the application form, pay the fee, and then receive an e-Visa that enables you to stay in Gabon for one to even six months.

This option is very convenient as you don't need to wait in the queue and visit the embassy. Only 45 countries are not allowed to get an e-Visa. In this case, they need to get Embassy Visa if they want to cross the Gabon border.

Courtesy Visa

Courtesy Visa for the Gabonese Republic is possible for those who have high status or are special guests of foreign governments (such as members of the royal family, military personnel, etc.) but don't qualify for a diplomatic visa.

General Gabon Visa Requirements

In most cases, it is recommended to prepare the necessary documents listed below in order to acquire a visa to enter Gabon. As Immigration authorities states, you need:

  • Valid passport and copy of the main page
  • 2 visa forms that are completed (original one and copy) in which you need to provide personal and travel details like name, surname, date of birth, nationality, date of departure, and so on.
  • 1 passport photo
  • Copy of Yellow Fever vaccination proof
  • Pay the fee.

Besides, in each different visa type you need to have:

  • Letter of invitation (in Diplomat & Official and Business Visas)
  • Hotel reservation/flight ticket, etc. (in Tourism Visa)
  • Document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mayor's Office, Police Station, or City Hall (in Gabon in Courtesy Visa case).

Other information

Gabon government declared that 4 foreign nations (Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritius, and the United Kingdom) don't need a visa to enter the country for purposes like transit, business, or tourism. They can stay in Gabon for even 90 days depending on their nationality.

However, if they want to travel without a visa, they must have a passport with 6-month validity, otherwise, it won't be possible.

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