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The Spanish Locator Form is the newly introduced Health Control Form (the Formulairo de Control Sanitario) introduced under the Spain Travel Health program (SPTH). The Spanish PLF is an online form that provides all the essential health and travel-related details about incoming visitors to Spain.

Thanks to the FCS health form and SPTH app, the Spanish Government can easily monitor any possible Covid-19 cases within the country and protect both Spanish citizens and foreign travelers alike.

Who needs to fill out the passenger locator form for Spain?

Every passenger wishing to visit Spain via air or sea must fill out the Health Control Form first. The document is mandatory for all travelers despite their nationality, age, or reason for travel.

Moreover, anyone entering Spain for transit is also obliged to fill the Spanish Passenger Locator Form prior to the planned trip.

When does it need to be filled out?

The Spanish Health Control Form must be submitted within 48 hours of the planned arrival in Spain. The health-related information to provide in the form is available to be filled only within 48 hours of the trip since all the data must be relevant.

The form can be accessed online, and completing it takes just a few minutes.

How can I fill the Spanish Health Control Form out?

Since the Spanish Health Control Form is available online, filling it is not difficult in any way. Anyone traveling to Spain can use any working device with an internet connection to complete it from home.

Travelers should follow these steps:

  1. Fill the Spanish health form online - provide the essential information in the form and make sure to thoroughly check the provided data to avoid any errors.
  2. Choose any method of online payment and cover the issuing fee.
  3. Check your email box for the processed Spanish locator form in PDF form. The processed document will include a personal QR code for each applicant.

Information to provide in the form

Besides basic personal information, such as passenger's name, surname, nationality, birth date, passport/ID number, the Spanish health form also requires travelers to provide the following:

  • travel details (a flight number/or vessel name, dates of arrival and departure, accommodation information)
  • contact information (e.g., an email address)
  • health-related details

Moreover, some travelers may need proof of having a negative test against COVID-19, a vaccination certificate, or recovery proof.

What happens after applying?

Once travelers fill the online Spanish health form, they will receive a PDF file containing confirmation of completing the locator form and a QR code.

Next, anyone who wishes to enter Spain should either save the received PDF and QR code onto their mobile device or print it out and keep it on hand at all times during traveling.

Do children need a Spanish PLF?

All visitors to Spain, including children, need to fill the Spanish PLF and have their individual QR codes issued. Parents or legal guardians should fill the form online on behalf of their children.

One document travelers aged 12 and under are exempt from is the proof of having a negative test against Covid-19, a vaccination certificate, or recovery proof upon visiting Spain from any high-risk country.

Can families/groups fill one collective form?

The Spanish Government allows those wishing to travel to Spain in groups to fill one collective form. Each person included in the form will receive a separate QR code that later on must be presented upon arrival in Spain.

A few requirements must be met in order for a family/group to be eligible to fill one collective form:

  • there must be one person responsible for the family/group
  • the group/family must travel to Spain together; thus, have the same flight number/take the same ship, as well as have the same arrival date
  • the family/group must have the same country of origin

Up to 15 people can be included in one family/group form.

Covid-19/vaccination requirements in Spain

As of now, the only requirement Spain has for its visitors is that anyone coming from a high-risk country must provide one of the following documents:

  • a negative test against Covid-19 (can be a PCR one taken within 72 hours of the travel or an antigen test taken within 48 hours of arrival in Spain)
  • an EU digital certificate that proves complete vaccination/or a substitute from third countries (in either Spanish, English, French, or German)
  • a valid proof of recovery

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from this requirement.

The Spanish Government updates the list of high-risk countries every seven days. Thus, it's essential to check the current list a few days before the planned trip.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Spanish health form?

    The Spanish Health Control (FCS) is an online health form that serves as one of the country's safety precautions, introduced because of the ongoing pandemic. The Spanish FCS can be filled online from home within 48 hours of arrival in Spain.

  • Why do travelers need to fill it out?

    Travelers need to fill the health form out to help Spain in reducing the spread of Covid-19 cases. If anyone gets infected during traveling to Spain, their co-passengers will be notified by the country's government about the following safety procedures.

  • When does it need to be submitted?

    The FCS health form for Spain must be submitted within 48 hours of arrival in the country. All the information provided in the locator form must be correct and up-to-date. Travelers should always double-check if their form does not contain any errors.

  • Do travelers need a Covid-19 test or vaccination to enter Spain?

    Current entry requirements for Spain state that any person visiting the country from a high-risk area must have either a negative Covid-19 PCR/antigen test, a vaccination certificate, or valid recovery proof. The list of high-risk countries is updated by the Spanish Government on a weekly basis.

  • Do children need the Spanish PLF form?

    Children also need to have the filled Spanish PLF form in order to cross the Spanish border. However, the data may be provided by their parents or legal guardians, who are responsible for giving accurate information. Each underage traveler will then receive a separate QR code.

  • Do I need to print the Spanish health form?

    Travelers do not need to print the received PDF file with their filled Spanish health form and QR code. However, it's best to keep printed copies of these documents in case of any technical difficulties while on the travel.

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