Cyprus Passenger Locator Form, PLF

The Cyprus PLF or the Cyprus Flight Pass is a digital passenger locator form that acts as a safety precaution introduced by the Republic of Cyprus' Government.

The Cyprus Passenger Locator Form was introduced by the country's government on the 13th of August, 2021, to help track any possible Covid-19 cases and ensure the safety of every person staying on Cyprus' territory.

The online health declaration was implemented as one of Cyprus' entry requirements that needed to be changed in order to adjust to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Cyprus Flight Pass provides the country's government with the essential contact information of the incoming visitors that may be helpful in case of a possible Covid-19 infection.

Travelers who wish to visit Cyprus must fill out the Cyprus PLF within 48 hours of starting their journey to the country. The health form is available online and must be completed digitally prior to one's arrival.

Who needs to fill the Cyprus PLF out?

Every adult traveler needs to fill out the Cyprus PLF before arriving in the country. Children under the age of 18 should be included in their parent's/legal guardian's form.

Transfer travelers, as well as Special Permit travelers, also must fill out the Cyprus PLF before arriving in the Republic of Cyprus.

The only exception is transit passengers who do not disembark in Cyprus to continue their travel onto another final destination.

How to get the Cyprus Flight Pass?

To get the Cyprus Flight Pass, travelers must complete a quick and intuitive online application process that takes just a few minutes and can be easily done from home.

After preparing the required documents and information to be provided in the health declaration, such as flight or ID details, travelers should follow these steps to submit their application online:

  1. Click on the 'Apply Online' button on the left side of the page and start filling the form by answering questions relating to one's travel details, personal and contact information.
  2. Cover the issuing fee by using any of the several convenient online payment methods.
  3. Wait for an email with a PDF confirmation of one's Cyprus Flight Pass.

It's necessary to note that all applicants should enter the required data carefully and always double-check it for any possible errors, misspellings, or misinformation.

Information to provide in the form

The Cyprus Passenger Locator Form requires travelers to provide the following information:

  • flight details (such as an airline name, flight number, dates and time of departure, etc.)
  • personal details (names, year of birth, ID/passport number, country of origin, nationality, home address, etc.)
  • details of the traveler's companions
  • emergency contact details
  • traveler's contact details (phone number, email address)
  • information regarding the planned trip to Cyprus (address of the hotel/place of temporary stay, length of the stay)
  • reason for the visit (vacation, business, visiting friends and family, long-term stay, or other)
  • Passenger Category (several options to select)
  • category country (travelers must choose their category country of one of three possible options, A, B, or C, depending on which list their country of origin is placed.)

Travelers should note that all the information provided in the form must be relevant and correct.

Passenger Category

Travelers or any person entering Cyprus must fill the Passenger Locator Form before arrival. As seen in the previous section, one of the details to be provided in the form is the Passenger Category details.

Some travelers and visitors have the option to take the Covid-19 test upon arrival in Cyprus. There are five categories included in the form:

  1. citizens of the Republic of Cyprus (and their foreign spouses, children)
  2. residents of Cyprus
  3. travelers coming under the Vienna Convention
  4. travelers visiting under the Special Permission
  5. citizens of A and B countries (should their country of origin not provide Covid-19 tests)

Travelers who wish to use this option need to cover the costs of the test to be taken and possible transportation to a place of quarantine (if needed).

Special permit for Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus has categorized foreign countries based on their current epidemiological risk. The countries have been divided into four lists:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Grey

The grey list countries are all places that have not been listed on either green, orange, or red lists. Travelers visiting from the grey countries must apply for a special permit before entering Cyprus and comply with additional entry requirements, such as self-isolation.

The Special Permit must be obtained before filling the Cyprus Flight Pass, ideally within 14 days of arrival and no later than 48 hours prior to arrival.

What happens after filling the Cyprus PLF?

After filling the Cyprus PLF, each traveler receives a PDF confirmation of the completed form via email.

The received PDF file must then be presented to the customs officials upon arrival in the Republic of Cyprus to be granted entry into the country or board one's flight.

Covid-19 requirements in Cyprus

There are numerous Covid-19 requirements currently implemented in Cyprus that apply to all international travelers.

Different requirements are applicable to different countries since the Republic of Cyprus has divided foreign countries into four lists. Each list of countries has to adhere to various rules applicable upon entering Cyprus.

Moreover, the requirements will differ depending on whether or not the traveler is fully vaccinated.

The only entry requirement that applies to all international travelers despite their country of origin or vaccination status is the need to fill the Passenger Locator Form before arrival in Cyprus.

Testing and quarantine

Some travelers need to take an additional PCR test against Covid-19 before their arrival, upon arrival, or must self-isolate once in Cyprus.

These requirements differ and depend on the traveler's country of origin and its position on the lists of countries updated by Cyprus' Government on a weekly basis.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Cyprus Flight Pass?

    The Cyprus Flight Pass is an online health form that is part of Cyprus' restrictions introduced due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The filled Cyprus PLF is necessary to enter Cyprus without any issues.

  • Why has Cyprus implemented Passenger Locator Forms?

    The Republic of Cyprus has implemented Passenger Locator Forms to help control any possible Covid-19 cases. Thus, the PLF serves as one of the safety precautions introduced by the country to protect its citizens and incoming visitors. The provided contact information in the form helps Cyprus' Government in implementing safety measures in case of a possible Covid-19 infection.

  • What information do travelers need to provide in the Cyprus PLF?

    Travelers need to provide information relating to their planned trip to Cyprus, including their flight details and address of stay in the country. But also personal information, emergency contact details, their contact information, details of their travel companions, and country of origin, as well as a Passenger Category to choose (if applicable).

  • Can you go to Cyprus without a Covid vaccine?

    International travelers can visit Cyprus without being fully vaccinated. However, this often means the need to adhere to additional requirements, such as taking a PCR test before arrival, test after arrival, or the need to self-isolate in Cyprus.

  • Do you have to print your Cyprus PLF?

    The Cyprus PLF can be presented upon arrival in either electronic or paper form. Each traveler can decide whether or not they want to print the completed Passenger Locator Form. However, having an additional paper form of the filled PLF assures that the document will be presented upon arrival despite any technical issues with one's device.

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