Croatia Passenger Locator Form

The Croatian Passenger Locator Form is a health declaration for all visitors to Croatia, also known as Enter Croatia. The PLF provides the Croatian Government with the essential health-related and contact information of the incoming visitors.

The Croatian Public Health Passenger Locator Form is not a mandatory document to enter Croatia; however, the country's government does advise all travelers to fill it out before the planned trip takes place.

The Enter Croatia online form significantly shortens the whole border control process and allows the Croatian Government to contact any travelers who may have gotten infected while reaching Croatia.

That is why it's best to fill out the form ahead of the planned trip and speed up the process of crossing the border during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anyone who plans on visiting Croatia can fill the Croatian Passenger Locator Form within minutes from home. The health declaration is available online, and the confirmation of its completion is delivered to each traveler via email.

The Croatian authorities suggest that any foreign travelers visiting the country fill the Enter Croatia form. One health declaration per family should be filled to help with simplifying the border control processes.

When to fill it the Croatian Passenger Locator Form

There is no time limit when it comes to filling out the Croatian Passenger Locator Form; however, it's best to complete it before the planned trip takes place.

As long as travelers already have an estimated date of arrival in Croatia and the address of the first accommodation they'd be staying at, they can fill the Enter Croatia form online within minutes from home.

Completing the Passenger Locator Form prior to arrival helps to travel prepared and takes from the unnecessary stress connected with taking an international trip.

Croatian Passenger Locator Form – Requirements

To successfully complete the Croatian Passenger Locator Form, travelers need a few documents on hand, including:

  • their valid passport or ID card
  • an EU digital certificate (or other document stating one's health, if needed)
  • address of their accommodation in Croatia
  • information about additional passengers (if any)

The documents needed to prove one's health state differ depending on a few factors, such as traveler's nationality, vaccination status, or the current safety rules in Croatia.

How to complete Enter Croatia?

There are three simple steps to completing the Enter Croatia form. Before starting the online application process, travelers need to make sure that they have the required documents and information to complete the form without any issues.

The Croatian Passenger Locator Form application guide:

  1. Click on the 'Apply Online' button located on the left-hand side. Next, start filling the Croatian health form by answering a few personal and health-related questions.
  2. Choose a preferred online payment method and cover the service fee.
  3. Check your email box for the Croatian PLF confirmation that arrives in PDF form.

Travelers are advised to double-check the filled form before submitting it further to make sure that it does not contain any errors in the provided data.

Information to provide

Passenger Locator Form for Croatia does not require travelers to provide too many details; however, still, some data needs to be entered, including:

  • the travel announcement - that comprises of the purpose of the trip (personal/tourism/business), country of departure, and estimated dates of the trip (arrival and departure)
  • designated passenger information (first and last name, birth date, telephone number, Passport/ID number, citizenship, email address)
  • data of accompanying passengers
  • address of the place of stay in Croatia
  • EU digital certificate (or any other applicable document proving one's health state)

The designated passenger is the person responsible for completing the Enter Croatia form for their family or all passengers in a vehicle when visiting Croatia together.

What happens after applying?

After applying for the Croatian Travel Announcement Form (Enter Croatia), each applicant receives a PDF confirmation via email.

Travelers must provide an active email address when filling out the Enter Croatia form to be able to receive the PDF confirmation without any issues.

Covid-19 restrictions in Croatia

Croatia has implemented a number of Covid-19 restrictions applicable for both foreign visitors as well as the country's citizens.

Which entry rules will be applicable depends mostly on the traveler's nationality and the country of departure.

Please note that the Covid-19 regulations may change rapidly. It's best to check the current entry restrictions on the official Croatian Government at

For EU/EEA citizens

Travelers coming from any country that is part of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or the Schengen Area can visit Croatia upon presenting a few documents, such as:

  • an EU Digital Covid Certificate
  • a negative PCR test result (taken within 72 hours of arrival)
  • a negative antigen test result (taken within 48 hours of arrival)
  • a certificate of being fully vaccinated
  • a certificate of recovery
  • a positive PCR or antigen test (older than 11 days, taken no later than 365 days)

If travelers fail to provide any of the above-listed documents, they need to either take a Covid-19 test immediately upon arrival (with self-isolation until results are given) or quarantine for 10 days after arrival.

For third countries' citizens

Unfortunately, citizens of third countries cannot visit Croatia unless for essential travel. There are a few exceptions, e.g., for health care or frontier workers.

Nationals of EU/EEA/Schengen Area countries departing to Croatia from third countries can visit the Republic of Croatia under a few entry requirements met, e.g., by presenting a negative PCR test.

Special epidemiological measures and other exceptions

There are a few countries that need to face special epidemiological measures because of their current pandemic situation. This is usually done by placing a need to quarantine for travelers from such countries.

Croatia updates the lists of countries based on the current situation. For now, some of the destinations that face additional entry requirements are Tanzania, South Africa, or Zanzibar.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Enter Croatia form?

    The Enter Croatia form is a health declaration that serves as one of the entry documents that should be filled by all foreign travelers coming to the country. Enter Croatia is a short questionnaire that helps provide the Croatian Government with both contact and health-related information of the incoming visitors.

  • Is Enter Croatia mandatory to fill?

    The Enter Croatia form is not mandatory to fill. However, the Croatian authorities advise all foreign travelers to complete it. Having a filled Passenger Locator Form not only helps the Croatian Government to control any possible Covid-19 cases but also greatly facilitates the whole border control process for travelers, making it much faster and easier.

  • Who does not need an Enter Croatia form upon arrival?

    Enter Croatia is not required for Croatian citizens (those who have permanent residence in Croatia), as well as for transit travelers. There are a few additional exceptions, such as people who travel for humanitarian reasons. In such a case, even Covid-19 restrictions could be omitted.

  • Do children need an Enter Croatia form?

    Children should be included in the Enter Croatia form of their parents or legal guardians. Generally, each family traveling together can choose one designated passenger who will be responsible for providing information about their accompanying travelers. The designated passenger should fill the form carefully to make sure no mistakes are made while providing the required details.

  • How to complete the Croatian Passenger Locator Form?

    Completing the Croatian Passenger Locator Form is more than simple since the whole process consists of three simple steps. First, travelers should answer a few questions providing general personal information, as well as some health-related details. Next, using any convenient online payment method, travelers should cover the PLF issuing fee. The last step is simply waiting for the confirmation email to be delivered.

  • What documents do I need to present upon arrival in Croatia?

    The documents that need to be presented upon arrival in Canada vary depending on a few factors, e.g., the traveler's nationality. The main factor currently is whether the incoming visitor comes from the EU/EEA/Schengen Area or a third country. Most travelers must present an EU digital certificate, proof of vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test, or proof of recovery to be able to omit the 10-day quarantine period in Croatia.

  • Are there any specific Covid-19 restrictions in Croatia?

    Canada, as numerous countries now, has imposed various Covid-19 restrictions applicable upon crossing the border, as well as while staying on the country's territory. Some travelers can only visit for essential travels, while others can visit for non-essential reasons only upon presenting appropriate documents, such as an EU digital certificate. Applicable entry requirements vary depending on the traveler's nationality, vaccination status, and the purpose of visit.

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