Egypt e-Visa for Japanese Citizens

Egypt e-Visa was introduced in 2017, and its aim was to facilitate the process of receiving an entry permit in form of a visa required to enter Egypt. The Japanese are one of the eligible nations to apply for an e-Visa to Egypt online.

This means that Japanese citizens can now submit an online Egypt visa application within 7 business days before their Egyptian trip and avoid the time-consuming procedures of getting a traditional Embassy visa.

An electronic visa to Egypt can be issued either as a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. Both of these entry permits allow their holders to take on tourist or business trips. Citizens of Japan, as holders of e-Visa, can stay in Egypt for up to 30 days while the whole application process can be completed online with no Embassy visits. Save your time and apply online from Japan using our services!

How to apply for an electronic Egypt visa from Japan?

Grab your working electronic device and start submitting your online application. Check your Internet connection and make sure you can spend about 15 minutes completing the online form!

To start submitting your application form, go to the left-hand panel and click the 'Apply Online' button. Once that's done follow these simple steps:

  1. Provide your data: personal information, travel details, e-mail address, etc. Next, double-check the provided data for mistakes. Only if you are sure, your application is error-free, go to the next step.
  2. Cover the e-Visa fee: 69 or 99 Euro (according to a particular electronic visa type).
  3. Refresh your inbox! Check if the confirmation number has already been delivered. The approved electronic visa will also be e-mailed in a PDF file within the next 7 business days.

Egypt e-Visa processing time and fees for the Japanese


The average time of processing your application shouldn't take more than 71 hours. Please remember that any mistakes in your application form may cause delays. Submit the application at least seven business days in advance of your trip and enjoy your e-Visa received on time!


Depending on the type of e-Visa to Egypt you will apply for, there are two different fees that an applicant needs to cover:

  • a single-entry: 69 Euro
  • a multiple-entry: 99 Euro

All Japanese applicants can choose from a wide range of safe online payment forms.

How long can the Japanese stay in Egypt with an e-Visa?

All Japanese citizens wishing to visit Egypt can apply either for a single or a multiple-entry visa online. No matter which one you decide to apply for, you can stay in Egypt maximally for 30 days.

A single-entry e-Visa stays valid for 3 months, while a multiple-entry visa remains valid for 6 months. Their validity periods start on the issuance days. Please note that an e-Visa to Egypt cannot be extended!

Your approved Egypt e-Visa is automatically linked to your Japanese passport. The moment your passport data changes (e.g., it will expire or will be lost or updated), an e-Visa will automatically become invalid. You will need a new visa to visit Egypt again.

Egypt e-Visa requirements for Japanese citizens


When filling out your application, you will be asked to attach the following documents:

  • a digital photograph of bio-data page of Japanese applicant's passport (it cannot expire for at least 6 months from your planned date of entry to Egypt);
  • Japanese applicant's face photograph (smartphone or web camera photos are acceptable);
  • ONLY BUSINESS TRIPS: an invitation sent by a hosting company in Egypt;
  • ONLY FAMILY VISITS: an invitation letter written by your family member residing in Egypt.


  • Every child traveling to Egypt must hold a valid e-Visa too. Parents or legal guardians can submit applications on behalf of underage travelers.
  • Japanese holders of electronic visas cannot be directly employed in Egypt. They can only make business trips in cooperation with Egyptian companies.
  • Japanese citizens are one of several nations that are eligible for visas to Egypt on arrival. Nevertheless, please note that getting your e-Visa online before the travel is a much safer way since you can be denied the issuance of an entry permit at the airport. Don't risk it and get your visa online in advance!
  • If you treat Egypt only as a transit stop when heading to another country, you must know that you should also apply for a visa. There's no special transit visa to Egypt. You can choose a single-entry electronic visa that functions as a tourist travel authorization so that you will be able to transit through Egypt legally.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Egypt e-Visa from Japan?

  • 97% of positively processed applications;
  • well-qualified team working on the approval of your request;
  • service guarantee - should your request be rejected for some reason, your money will be reimbursed according to the conditions set out in our Terms of Service;
  • only 3 simple steps to receive an e-Visa to Egypt;
  • in case of any troubles, you can always contact our helpdesk.

Apply at least 7 business days before your arrival in Egypt and enjoy an effortless application process!

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