Egypt e-Visa for Italian Citizens

Egypt e-Visa for Italian citizens functions as an electronic travel and entry permit. All Italians can now make tourist, business, or transit trips to Egypt with an online visa. Applicants can choose either a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa according to their travel needs. The approved e-Visa allows a stay for up to 30 days in Egypt.

All travelers, no matter their age, need to obtain an e-Visa for Egypt. Apart from having a valid Italian ID, there are onlya few simple requirements to meet to submit an online application. The approved e-Visa is then delivered to the e-mail address specified in the application form. Don't hesitate to apply for your e-Visa at least 7 business days before your trip to Egypt and receive your electronic visa on time!

How to apply for an electronic Egypt visa from Italy?

The application form can be submitted online from any place using a preferred electronic device with Internet access. Moreover, you will need maximally 15 minutes to complete it!

All you have to do is go to the left-hand panel and click on the 'Apply Online' button. This will initiate the application process requiring you to go through 3 simple steps:

  1. Provide your data: the form requires providing standard personal details, travel information, e-mail, etc. Remember to double-check the form and go to the next step if you are sure you didn't make any mistake.
  2. Pay an e-Visa fee: (69 or 99 EUR) and check if the confirmation number was already delivered to your inbox.
  3. Check your inbox for the approved e-Visa: keep checking your e-mail box. The approved document will reach your email address within 7 business days from applying online. Once delivered, your electronic visa should be printed out since the paper version is required to be presented during the airport control.

Egypt e-Visa processing time and fees for Italian citizens


All Italian citizens must submit their e-Visa requests at least 7 business days ahead of their arrival in Egypt, it is the requirement of the Egyptian Government. On average, applicants using our services can expect the approval of their applications within only 71 hours. Check whether your application form is error-free in order to avoid any possible delays.

Submit your application 7 days in advance and get your electronic visa to Egypt on time!


Applying for a single-entry e-Visa, you will need to pay a fee of 69 EUR, while the cost of a multiple-entry e-Visa is 99 EUR. Make a payment using one of the available forms of online payment.

How long can Italians stay in Egypt with an e-Visa?

No matter the type of visa you decide to apply for, Italian citizens can use both single-entry and multiple-entry visas for a 30-day stay in Egypt.

  • single-entry visa: valid for 90 days; you can enter Egypt only once and stay up to 1 month.
  • multiple-entry visa: remains valid for 180 days; you can enter and leave Egypt multiple times during 6 months of the electronic visa's validity period, while each stay cannot exceed 1 month.

Important: electronic visa is directly linked to your Italian ID card. This means that if your travel document changes for any reason (e.g., will expire, will be lost, or updated), your e-Visa will automatically become invalid. In that case, it's necessary to obtain a new e-Visa to come back to Egypt.

Egypt e-Visa requirements for Italian citizens


Italian citizens, similarly like other eligible nations, will need to attach the following documents to their Egypt online visa applications:

  • a scan of an Italian ID (Italian citizens don't need to provide a passport, a valid ID is enough);
  • a smartphone or web camera photo of the applicant's face
  • only applicable for business trips: an invitation from the Egyptian company that an applicant plans to cooperate with;
  • only applicable for family trips: an invitation letter from a family member who an applicant plans to visit in Egypt.


  • There's no possibility to prolong your e-Visa to Egypt. You need to leave the country before your visa expires and submit a new application in order to come back to Egypt and continue your trip.
  • Since all nationals of eligible countries must apply for electronic visas for tourism, business, or family visits to Egypt, underage travelers are also obliged to obtain e-Visas before visiting Egypt. Their parents or legal guardians should submit the applications on their behalf.

Why should Italian citizens use Evisa Express to get their Egypt e-Visas?

  • extensive experience in the field of electronic visa systems;
  • 97% of submitted Egypt e-Visa applications via our website get positive approval;
  • safety standard guarantee confirmed by an SSL certificate;
  • updates on visa regulations make us a reliable source of information to our customers;
  • all errors are being fixed immediately so that our customers can complete their application process successfully;
  • helpdesk at your disposal to help with your visa-related issues.

Don't postpone the formalities waiting for you before your trip to Egypt. You cannot enter Egypt without a valid ID card and your printed electronic Egyptian visa! So save your time and energy, avoid unnecessary frustration when standing in line at the Egyptian embassy in your home country, and apply online.

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