Egypt eVisa for Indians

Egypt eVisa was introduced in 2017 by the Egyptian Government to facilitate and speed up the visa application process. The Egyptian electronic visa system is constantly extended by new eligible countries, including India, whose citizens can obtain a visa to Egypt entirely online.

Egypt eVisa for Indians functions as an equivalent to a regular Egyptian tourist visa but requires no visits to Embassy or other diplomatic posts. The entire application can be completed from the comfort of the applicant's home using an Internet-accessed electronic device.

The online form consists only of 3 very intuitive steps, and it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to submit the Egyptian visa application. Once approved, the electronic visa in PDF form will be delivered to the email inbox. Together with your visa, you will also receive the authorization letter. The printed copies of these documents will enable you to enter Egypt hassle-free.

Please remember to apply for an Egypt tourist visa at least 7 business days before your planned trip to receive your visa on time!

Types of Egypt eVisa for Indian nationals

There are two types of electronic visas to Egypt available for Indian citizens, including:

  • a single-entry tourist visa: a visa allowing only one entry to Egypt for a stay of up to 30 days; it remains valid for 3 months from the date of issue;
  • a multiple-entry tourist visa: a visa allowing numerous entries to Egypt and staying for up to 30 days; it remains valid for 6 months from the issue date.

Egypt tourist visa can be used for the three following purposes:

  • tourism: you can travel to Egypt for all kinds of leisure-related activities, e.g., holidays, exploring the Egyptian tourist gems, family reunions;
  • transit: you can transit through Egypt before reaching your final destination;
  • business: with an eVisa to Egypt, you can also attend business meetings and conferences, look for business partners, etc.

How to apply for an electronic Egypt visa from India?

To start your visa application, go to the left panel and first determine your travel purpose. Next, click the 'Apply Online' button and follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out the online form: Provide all the necessary personal details, travel information, email address, passport details, etc. Carefully check all the entered data at least twice and then go to the second step.
  2. Cover the eVisa fees: Choose one of the available methods of online payment and cover the processing fee. Depending on the selected visa type, you will need to pay either 69 or 99 Euro.
  3. Refresh your email: After making the payment, check your email inbox. The confirmation message should already be delivered to your email address. The approved Egypt online visa will be delivered via email as well.

Don't forget to print your delivered visa out and take it for your trip to Egypt!

Egypt eVisa requirements for Indian citizens


Indian passport holders will need to attach the following documents when filling applying for an Egypt visa online:

  • bio-data passport page: a digital copy of the passport that will not expire for at least 6 months from the date of your intended arrival in Egypt;
  • face photo: the applicant's face photo can be taken with a phone or PC camera.


To visit relatives residing in Egypt, an applicant will need to obtain an invitation letter from the family.

If you plan to visit Egypt for business purposes, you will need to have an invitation letter issued by the Egyptian company you have business affairs with.


All Indian citizens applying for an Egypt visa online should also meet standard technical requirements, including having:

  • access to an Internet-connected electronic device (laptop/smartphone/PC/tablet);
  • active email address to receive the approved online visa;
  • access to valid means of online payment to cover the visa fees (credit/debit card, PayPal, etc.).

Egypt eVisa processing time and fees for Indian citizens


Although the Egypt eVisa processing time, on average, takes only 71 hours, the standard processing time is 7 business days. Therefore, you must apply for your visa no later than 1 business week before your trip.

Please remember that any single typo or another mistake in your data provided in the online application form may extend your waiting time. Double-check your details before sending it further for approval, and don't forget to apply for your Egypt online visa at least 1 business week in advance of your intended trip!


There are two different prices for Egypt online. Depending on the selected visa type, the fees are as follows:

  • a single-entry Egypt tourist visa: 69 Euro
  • a multiple-entry Egypt tourist visa: 99 Euro

All Indian applicants have a wide range of safe online payment forms to choose from.

Please note: The above-listed fees include both the eVisa processing cost and the cost of getting the authorization letter that is essential for Indian citizens to enter Egypt without any issues.

How long can Indians stay in Egypt with an eVisa?

All Indian passport holders who plan to travel to Egypt can apply online for a single or multiple-entry Egypt visa. No matter the Egyptian tourist visa type they hold, they are allowed to stay in Egypt no longer than 30 days.

Holders of a single-entry tourist visa to Egypt can visit the country only once throughout the visa's 3-month validity period. In contrast, a multiple-entry visa allows entering Egypt numerous times and remains valid for 6 months.

Important: Egyptian online visa cannot be extended! Moreover, since it is directly linked to the passport used in the online visa application, any change in the passport data or the passport loss/expiration will automatically make Egypt eVisa invalid.

Benefits of applying for eVisa to Egypt with Evisa Express

Whether you plan a holiday adventure, snorkeling at Sharm El Sheikh, exploring the Egyptian gems as a tourist, handling some business affairs, visiting your relatives, or simply making a transit stop, Egypt eVisa will enable you to do all of that!

Let us handle your visa formalities and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything is being taken care of by experts.

By choosing our services, you will be guaranteed:

  • the support team at your disposal 24/7
  • visa consultants checking every application to ensure the maximum chances to link you with your eVisa on time
  • your money reimbursement in case of rejection of your application
  • a 97% rate of successfully processed Egypt tourist visa applications
  • 71-hour average processing time
  • short and straightforward online application process
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