Egypt e-Visa for German Citizens

Since 2017, German passport holders and other eligible nationals traveling to Egypt can obtain an online visa if they want to avoid the time-consuming procedures accompanying the issuance of a traditional Embassy visa or a visa on arrival.

Egyptian e-Visa for German citizens simply means no need to wait long hours at an Embassy in a home country or at the Egyptian airport.

Egypt e-Visa can be easily obtained online following a quick and intuitive application process and once approved, gets delivered to each applicant via email. The processed document allows its holders to stay in Egypt for up to 30 days.

To receive your travel authorization document on time, it’s recommended to apply for Egypt online visa no later than 7 business days before the planned date of the travel.

German nationals can choose from two types of Egypt e-Visa available, either single-entry or multiple-entry, depending on their travel needs. Moreover, the electronic Egypt visa can be issued for business, tourism, and transit purposes

How to apply for an electronic Egypt visa from Germany?

To start the application process, click the ‘Apply Online.’ button located on the left-hand side. There are only 3 steps left you will need to go through:

  1. Enter the required data in the application form: provide basic information on your trip to Egypt, email address, etc. Make sure your online form is free from typos, misspellings, and other mistakes that could delay the processing of your application before moving on to the next step.
  2. Cover the service fee (69 or 99 Euro - according to the selected online visa type) and check if you received the confirmation number.
  3. The approved Egypt e-Visa will arrive within 7 business days from the moment you submit your application. Refresh the inbox systematically not to skip the email containing your visa in a PDF file. Download it and print it out.

Don't forget to take the printed copy of your electronic visa on your trip!

Egypt e-Visa processing time and fees for German citizens


Submit your application no later than 7 business days before the intended travel date to receive your e-Visa on time. On average, our applicants get their approved Egypt e-Visas much earlier, as fast as within 71 hours. However, remember that any mistakes related to the provided data can extend the waiting period!


There are two different fees depending on the chosen type of Egypt online visa:

  • single-entry: 69 Euro
  • multiple-entry: 99 Euro

Choose one of the many safe methods of online payment to cover the fee and start the processing of your electronic visa.

How long can German citizens stay in Egypt with an e-Visa?

The validity period of the Egypt e-Visa differs according to its particular type:

  • single-entry: remains valid for three months from the issuance date; its holder can enter Egypt only once traveling either for tourism or handling business affairs.

  • multiple-entry: remains valid for six months from the issuance date; its holder is allowed to enter and leave Egypt multiple times at any moment within the validity period.

Whether you're a holder of single-entry or multiple-entry authorization, your allowed stay in Egypt cannot exceed 30 days each time. Both of these two entry permits function as a business or tourist visa.

Egypt e-Visa requirements for German citizens


All German passport holders will need to attach the following documents to their application form:

  • a scan of their ID card (citizens of Germany aren't required to submit a passport, a valid identity card is enough);
  • applicant's face photo (smartphone or webcam photos are acceptable);
  • only for business trips: a company invitation that a traveler is going to cooperate with;
  • only for family visits: an invitation letter written by a family member who a traveler will visit in Egypt.


  • If you travel with your children to Egipt, remember that they will also need to have their own individual e-Visas. Parents or legal guardians should submit separate online visa application forms for each underage traveler.
  • If you want to extend your stay in Egypt, your electronic visa cannot be prolonged. You are obliged to leave the country before its expiration and submit another application form after returning if you want to visit Egypt again.
  • e-Visas do not serve as working permits which means you cannot be formally employed in Egypt. You are allowed to make a business trip in cooperation with an Egyptian company. Still, you cannot take up employment there since it requires a special visa issued by an Embassy.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Egypt e-Visa?

Using Evisa Express from Germany to get your online visa for Egypt is the best and safest way to get a travel authorization issued without leaving home. We operate as an independent company that has no associations with governmental agencies. 

Applying with us, you can be sure that your application will be processed by travel and visa experts who will make all efforts to connect you with your e-Visa as soon as possible.

Should you encounter any problems, our support team is at your disposal via mail and phone. Our consultants can speak German, too! Don't hesitate and use our website to experience the simplest visa application process ever!

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