Egypt eVisa for French Citizens

The government of Egypt introduced the electronic visa system in 2017. Since then, nationals of many countries no longer need to obtain a traditional visa anymore. The electronic visa system enables, a.o. French citizens receive an online visa without the troublesome appointments to Egyptian diplomatic posts or embassies that are very often located a long way off.

Nowadays, all French citizens can apply for an eVisa to Egyptusing smartphones, tablets, or any other electronic devices. The application can be submitted entirely online within a couple of minutes!

The French can apply for an Egyptian online visa from the comfort of their homes or whatever place they wish and then just print out the approved document delivered to the inbox in a PDF file. It's obligatory to submit an application at least 1 business week before the planned arrival in Egypt!

How to apply for an electronic Egypt visa from France?

To open the application form, go to the left panel and choose the reason for your travel. Next, click the 'Apply Online' button and follow 3 simple steps of the application process:

  1. Enter your data: basic personal details, information on your Egyptian trip (entry and exit date), an active e-mail address, etc. Make sure your online form is free of typos or misspellings to avoid delays in processing your request. After double-checking, you can go to the next step.
  2. Pay eVisa fee: 69 or 99 Euro. Check if you received the confirmation number.
  3. Refresh your inbox: once approved, your visa will be delivered in a PDF file to your e-mail. The printout copy must be submitted during the airport control, so don't forget to take it with you!

Egypt eVisa processing time and fees for French citizens


The applicants from all over the world who decide to use our services can receive their electronic visas to Egypt, on average, within 71 hours. However, the processing time can extend if your application includes some errors. That is why it's so crucial to double-check all provided details before submitting it!

Moreover, the Egyptian government requires to submit the application form min. 7 business days in advance.Don't wait too long and get your eVisa on time!


The fees of eVisa to Egypt vary according to the selected type and are as follows:

  • single-entry visa: EUR 69
  • multiple-entry visa: EUR 99

Choose one of the available forms of secure online payment and pay the applicable visa fee!

How long can French citizens stay in Egypt with eVisa?

Travelers to Egypt can choose from two visa types that have the following validity periods:

  • single-entry: remains valid for up to 90 days from the date of its issuance; allows only one entry to Egypt;
  • multiple-entry: issued for 180 days; allows numerous entries and exits to Egypt.

No matter which one of the abovementioned types you are a holder of, your maximum allowed stay in Egypt cannot be longer than 30 days during a single visit. Make sure your ID won't expire throughout the whole duration of your stay!

Egypt eVisa requirements for French citizens

All French travelers, whatever age, wishing to enter Egypt need to obtain a visa. To get an eVisa, an applicant needs to fill out the application form and attach a few necessary documents.


  • a digital scan of the applicant's valid ID card (passport is not necessary for French applicants);
  • a photo of the applicant's face (it may be a smartphone or web camera photo);
  • only applies to business travelers: an invitation sent by an Egyptian company that will host you;
  • only applies to family visitors: an invitation letter sent by a family member who you wish to visit in Egypt.


  • eVisa to Egypt is valid for either 90 or 180 days, and the maximum time you can spend in Egypt cannot exceed 30 days. You cannot prolong your eVisa to Egypt! Please leave the country before its expiration and apply for a new one to return to Egypt one more time!
  • Don't forget to apply for an eVisa for every underage traveler accompanying you to Egypt. A parent or legal guardian should submit the applications on behalf of the children.
  • You can make a business trip to Egypt but remember that as a holder of an eVisa, you cannot be employed in Egypt. To perform work, you will need to obtain a regular visa issued at an Egyptian embassy in your home country.
  • If your ID data changes, your online visa will automatically expire.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an eVisa to Egypt from France?

  • 97% of Egyptian visa application approvals;
  • simple and straightforward 3-stage application process supervised by eVisa experts;
  • our services are monitored daily by technical experts who do their utmost to upgrade the system and provide the best eVisa experience;
  • an SSL certificate can confirm the best possible data protection;
  • our consultants will make any necessary corrections in your application form without extra costs.

Should your application be rejected, check if your provided data is error-free and all required supporting documents were attached. You can contact our helpdesk anytime via phone or e-mail to get professional assistance!

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