Cambodia Visa Types

Most foreign travelers who plan to visit Cambodia must apply for a visa before arriving in this country.

A few Cambodian visa types are categorized according to the journey purpose, time of stay, or an applicant's occupation.

Travelers who arrive in Cambodia for tourism may apply for an electronic visa which is a great simplification and an alternative to the traditional paper visa. The other, traditional visas are available at an embassy.

In this article, you will find basic information about Cambodian visas. Besides the tourist eVisa, the government of this country implemented also:

  • Tourist visa (traditional version)
  • Ordinary Visa
  • Khmer Visa (K Class)
  • Official/Diplomatic/Courtesy Visa

Tourist Visa

This visa type is addressed to people who plan to enter Cambodia for touristic purposes like holidays, family and friends visits, sightseeing, and other activities included in the tourism area.

Holders of this Cambodian visa can stay in the country for up to 30 days.

The document is available through an application process at an embassy or at the airport as an on-arrival visa. To use the second option, travelers often must wait in a long line at the airport.

The most convenient visa to apply for is an e-Visa. It is an option available only to visitors from eligible countries. All formalities can be completed online within minutes, and the approval is delivered in a few days to the applicant's mailbox.

The main requirements to get a tourist visa are:

  • a valid passport
  • a return flight ticket
  • proof of having enough financial sources for a travel


The electronic visa for Cambodia was implemented in 2006 by the government of this country to simplify entry procedures and minimize formalities for foreign tourists.

The online visa has few requirements and may be obtained within hours through a short and intuitive visa application process.

The validity period of the e-Visa is 90 days. Travelers holding this document are allowed to enter Cambodia once and stay there for up to 30 days.

The application procedure includes a few steps that are easy to complete. The approved visa is delivered to the applicant's mailbox in a PDF file.

To obtain the e-Visa, the applicant goes through the following stages:

  • filling in a form
  • attaching required documents
  • covering a fee
  • saving the approved visa delivered via email

Please remember that you should print a copy of the approved e-Visa. The electronic version of the document may not be enough when crossing the border of Cambodia.

Ordinary Visa

Another Cambodian visa available for foreigners is an ordinary visa, also called a business visa. This option is chosen by those who wish to stay in the country for longer than 30 days.

The travel permit is initially issued for a 30-day stay. When it expires, travelers apply for a visa extension. The validity of the visa may be elongated if the requirements are fulfilled.

Below you can see the main criteria for obtaining an ordinary visa.

  • a valid passport
  • a completed application form
  • proof of accommodation
  • onward flight ticket
  • health insurance
  • COVID-19 test certificate

Khmer Visa (K Class)

A Khmer Visa or K Class visa is a travel permit granted to travelers of Cambodian Origin holding a foreign passport.

The visa is valid as long as the passport, and travelers must re-apply for the Khmer visa when the second travel document expires. At the moment of applying, the passport must stay valid for the next 6 months at a minimum.

The visa allows for multiple entries to Cambodia.

When applying for the K Class visa for the first time, travelers attach a birth or marriage certificate, ID Card, and Family Book (if applicable) to the completed application form. For renewal of the visa, a previous one is required.

Official/Diplomatic/Courtesy Visa

An Official, Diplomatic, and Courtesy Visa for Cambodia are given to foreign travelers with a diplomatic passport, official passport, or normal passport, provided that visitors arrive in Cambodia officially to

The visas allow single entries within a 3-month validity time. A maximum stay duration is 90 days.

Depending on a selected visa type, the applicant must provide the following documents with the application form:

Courtesy visa:

  • copy of a valid passport
  • copy of a previous Cambodian visa (if applicable)
  • invitation letter from a Cambodian organization
  • copy of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) the Cambodian government

Official/Diplomatic visa:

  • copy of a valid passport
  • copy of a former visa to Cambodia (if applicable)
  • a letter of invitation from the Department of State

In case of traveling with dependents, applicants are required to attach more documents to the application form. These may be:

  • an official letter with names of dependents
  • a copy of the marriage certificate
  • an actual passport of the dependent
  • a copy of a child's birth certificate
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