Cambodia eVisa for Spanish Citizens

Cambodia eVisa is a travel and entry authorization that Spanish citizens can get entirely online. eVisa for Cambodia acts like a regular visa but is way more convenient and faster to receive.

Filling out the online form takes only a moment while getting the approval shouldn't last more than 3 business days.

You don't need to arrange any embassy appointments! All of these can be done from the comfort of your home or whatever place you are at the given moment. You will only need an electronic device and Internet access!

There's only one type of Cambodia visa that Spanish citizens can apply for, and it functions both as a tourist visa and transit visa.

As a holder of eVisa to Cambodia, you can plan holidays, visit relatives or friends, explore Cambodia, or just make a transit stop there before going to your final destination in another country.

How to apply for a Cambodia e-visa from Spain?

Go to the left panel and choose 'Tourism' as the reason for your trip. Next, click the 'Apply Online' button. Now, you're 3 simple steps away from completing your application:

  1. Enter your details: passport data and travel information, incl. approximate entry and exit data, chosen boarding point. Double-check your online form if it's free of any typos, misspellings, etc. After checking it, go to the second step.
  2. Upload a picture of your bio-data passport and face photo. Photographs taken with your mobile phone or web camera are acceptable.
  3. Pay a fee for your Cambodia visa choosing one preferred online form of payment.

Soon after submitting your request, you will get an e-mail with the confirmation number. This is the very moment when our experts start verifying the correctness of your online form before they decide to transfer it further for approval.

A PDF file with your Cambodia visa will be mailed to your inbox. eVisa needs to be printed out. Don't forget to keep it with you all the time during your Cambodian trip!

Cambodia e-visa processing time and fees for Spanish citizens


The standard time necessary to process your online application takes maximally 72 business hours. Nevertheless, the time necessary to process an e-Visa application is shorter on average, and our customers can enjoy their approved eVisas after only 18 hours! Keep checking your inbox!


The one-off fee that Spanish citizens need to pay for a Cambodia visa is 99 Euro. To pay the fee, you can choose from a wide range of secure methods of online payment.

How long can citizens of Spain stay in Cambodia with e-visa?

The Cambodia visa validity starts on its issuance day and lasts the consecutive 90 days. Throughout this whole period, the e-Visa holder can enter Cambodia only once and stay there for up to 1 month in a row.

When entering the country, even on the last day of the validity period of your e-Visa, your maximum allowed stay will still be 30 days.

The extension of your visa can be made only upon entry to Cambodia!

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Spanish citizens


To submit your request for a Cambodia visa online, all citizens of Spain must attach the following:

  • a bio-data page of a valid Spanish passport
  • a visa applicant's face photo

Important note: An applicant's passport cannot expire for at least half a year from the planned date of their arrival in Cambodia. The expiration or change of any passport data will automatically make a Cambodia visa invalid, and a new application form will be necessary to submit.


Spanish citizens entering Cambodia through one of the crossing points need to show the following documents during the control:

  • a valid Spanish passport
  • a printed copy of a valid Cambodia visa


  • A tourist visa to Cambodia also serves transit purposes. To make a transit stop in Cambodia, a traveler needs to obtain a tourist Cambodia visa.
  • No Cambodian seaport accepts electronic visas. Foreign travelers should choose the crossing point that recognizes the e-visa system.
  • Citizens of Spain can apply for a Cambodia visa on arrival. However, it's a more convenient way to get a visa in advance online since there's no guarantee that you will be granted a visa upon entry to Cambodia.
  • It's obligatory to apply for a separate visa for every underage traveler. Apply for a visa to Cambodia on behalf of your children.

Why should you use Evisa Express to get an e-visa to Cambodia?

  • basic visa requirements
  • a PDF file with e-Visa mailed directly to your inbox
  • a 99% approval rate of applications
  • no embassy appointments
  • travel experts handling the processing of your e-Visa request
  • no extra costs for correction of your online form
  • support team available for you 24/7 via e-mail, phone, or contact form

Apply for a visa online at least 3 business days in advance and see for yourself how trouble-free visa formalities can be when applying with Evisa Express!

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