Cambodia eVisa for New Zealand Citizens

Cambodia eVisa for New Zealand citizens may be used as an alternative to a regular visa. This electronic equivalent travel authorization makes a tourist's life much easier since New Zealand passport holders as one of the Cambodia eVisa eligible nations do not have to participate in long embassy interviews. Instead, they can apply for an eVisa to Cambodia entirely online. The application process is simple and straightforward, and after the approval, an online visa is mailed to an applicant's inbox maximally within 3 business days.

There is only one type of electronic Cambodia visa that a New Zealander can apply for. Such an online visa can be used for both transit and tourist reasons.

Holders of eVisa can travel to Cambodia if they wish to spend holidays, visit family and friends, explore Cambodian land and treat Cambodia as a transit stop on their way to another country.

Forget about wasting your time on numerous embassy visits and long weeks of waiting for your visa. By applying online, you will save not only time but also energy!

How to apply for a Cambodia eVisa from New Zealand?

The online application form can be submitted in a couple of minutes. There are simply 3 stages that New Zealanders have to go through:

  1. Provide your basic personal and travel details, incl. arrival date, the Cambodian crossing point, passport number. Make sure you entered the correct information!
  2. Upload the picture of a bio-data page of your valid New Zealand passport as well as the picture of your face. Use your smartphone or webcam to take all the required photos quickly.
  3. Choose the preferred online payment form and pay for your Cambodia eVisa.

After submitting your request, a confirmation number will be sent to your inbox. It's the moment when the processing of your application starts!

Cambodia eVisa processing time and fees for New Zealand citizens


In general, the processing shouldn't take more time than 72 business hours.

Nevertheless,it may take only 18 hours as it is our average time to process Cambodia eVisa requests. Don't forget to refresh your inbox!


The one-off fee that all applicants need to pay for an electronic visa to Cambodia is 99 Euro. Remember to check if you received the confirmation number after making a payment!

How long can citizens of New Zealand stay in Cambodia with eVisa?

New Zealand eVisa holders can stay in Cambodia for up to one month. An electronic visa to Cambodia is valid for 3 months from the exact date of its issuance.

New Zealanders may enter the country on whatever day within the validity period of the eVisa and stay in Cambodia maximally 30 days.

You can prolong your Cambodian eVisa only upon arrival to the country with the assistance of the services of immigration authorities.

Cambodia eVisa requirements for citizens of New Zealand

There are only two documents that New Zealanders are required to submit:

  • bio-data page of New Zealand valid passport;
  • a photo of an applicant's face (it may be taken with a phone or webcam).


  • the applicants' passport must stay valid for min. 6 months starting from the planned date of the arrival in Cambodia;
  • if you make any change in passport data, your eVisa becomes automatically invalid (the same if your passport expires), and you must then submit a new application for an eVisa;
  • you cannot enter Cambodia with an eVisa by sea as no Cambodian seaports accept online visas; you can find the list of the airports and land border crossings accepting eVisas here;
  • willing to visit Cambodia with your children, you will need to obtain a separate Cambodia tourist visa for every child;
  • when entering Cambodia, it's necessary to carry a printed copy of your approved eVisa.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an eVisa to Cambodia?

Evisa Express operates as an independent company offering professional assistance in receiving a visa online. Applying for Cambodian eVisa through our services, you will get a travel and entry authorization approved by the government of Cambodia. You don't have to worry whether your eVisa will be accepted or not as long as you enter the country through the airport or land crossing point that recognizes eVisas.

If you still have some doubts about whether to apply with us, maybe a few more facts will convince you to apply for your eVisa:

  • 99 % of our applicants enjoy the positive approval of their Cambodian eVisa requests;
  • you will be offered professional support at every step of your application - contact our consultants whenever you encounter some problems;
  • should your request is rejected, we do our best to examine your application and make the necessary corrections without additional costs;
  • your data won't leak into unauthorized hands since we have the best data protection standards confirmed by the SSL certificate.
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