Cambodia e-Arrival Card

The Cambodia e-Arrival Card is an electronic form launched under a trial scheme for foreign travelers and citizens of Cambodia.

The e-Arrival Card is aimed at replacing the number of paper forms that used to be required on arrival in Cambodia.

The introduction of the e-Arrival Card scheme is expected to facilitate entering the country through international airports and reduce the paperwork.

Now, travelers can complete the immigration formalities and health declarations in just one form.

The Cambodian e-Arrival Card scheme operates as a trial scheme between January 1 and June 30, 2024. During that time, travelers can either submit an electronic form or fill out a paper version of an immigration, customs, and health information form.

Completing the Cambodian electronic arrival card will be mandatory as of July 1, 2024, while the electronic system will completely replace the paper forms.

The application for an e-Arrival Card can be submitted within 7 days before arriving in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Please note that you must submit the electronic arrival card application even if you have already been granted a visa for Cambodia.

Who needs to complete the Cambodian e-Arrival Card

All visitors to Cambodia can now submit the e-Arrival Card before their planned arrival in the country. The form may also be completed online by Cambodian citizens returning to Cambodia

The Cambodian government has not revealed any information regarding travelers exempt from the requirement to fill out the e-Arrival Card

When to submit the Cambodia e-Arrival Card

The electronic arrival card should be completed within 7 days preceding the planned travel date. 

Please do note that you can submit your e-Arrival Card earlier via our website but we will process it closer to the date of your arrival in Cambodia.

Also, make sure to complete the online form no later than 7 days before your traveling plans, as it is the minimum time necessary to process your application on time. 

How to complete the e-Arrival Card for Cambodia

 Prepare a valid copy of your passport and a face photo and go to the online application form. There are only a few intuitive steps you need to follow, including:

  1. Fill out the form: Provide all required details, including your personal data, travel-related information, health details, and customs declaration; upload a copy of your passport and a face photo.
  2. Pay the processing fee: Use one of the available methods of online payment and cover the fee.
  3. Receive an email confirmation: After covering the service fee, go to your email inbox and download the e-Arrival Card confirmation with a unique QR code.

Note: You can display a QR code on your smartphone. A printed copy of your e-Arrival Card is not required. 

Requirements to submit Cambodia e-Arrival Card

To successfully submit a Cambodian e-Arrival Card, travelers to Cambodia should prepare the following:

  • a passport copy (bio-data page of a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of planned travel)
  • a valid method of online payment
  • an active email address
  • a smartphone/tablet/PC/laptop connected to the Internet

Additionally, all travelers will need to provide certain details regarding:

  • duration of planned stay in Cambodia
  • mode of travel
  • address they plan to stay at when in Cambodia
  • departure and travel dates
  • health information
  • customs declaration


What is the e-Arrival Card for Cambodia?

The e-Arrival Card scheme is a new Cambodian system introduced to facilitate immigration formalities upon arrival in the country. The card has replaced the paper Immigration Form, Health Form, and Customs Declarations. Now, all the forms can be submitted via one system.  

Is the Cambodian e-Arrival Card the same as a visa for Cambodia?

No. The e-Arrival Card is not the equivalent of a Cambodian visa. If you already hold a visa for Cambodia, you still need to submit your electronic arrival card form before traveling to Cambodia. 

How to complete the Cambodian e-Arrival Card?

Prepare your electronic device and valid passport and go to the online application form. Provide all necessary details, upload copies of required documents, and cover the processing fee. Once the card is processed, an email with a unique QR code will be sent to you via email. You should save it on your smartphone or/and print it out. 

Who needs to submit the Cambodian electronic arrival card form?

The electronic arrival card form will be mandatory for every traveler coming to Cambodia, including Cambodian passport holders. There is no traveler group exempt from the requirement to complete the form. 

What is the validity of the Cambodian e-Arrival Card?

The Cambodian e-Arrival Card is valid for one single trip. Any time you wish to re-enter Cambodia, a new electronic declaration must be filled out. 

When should I complete the Cambodia e-Arrival Card?

The e-Arrival Card needs to be submitted within 7 days before the intended arrival in the Kingdom of Cambodia. You may submit your application earlier, but it will be processed closer to your travel date. 

What are the requirements to register in the Cambodian e-Arrival system?

In order to register in the Cambodian e-Arrival system, you need to be connected to the Internet, have access to a working electronic device, have a valid means of online payment, and have an active email address. You must also prepare a valid passport, as uploading its digital copy is mandatory. 

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