Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

The Simple Process for Getting Your eVisa through Evisa Express

Vietnam is a land of beauty and wonder. From stunning mountains and rich forests to deeply traditional villages and vibrant cities, Vietnam enchants visitors with a truly timeless charm. And thanks to the country’s eVisa program, it’s never been easier for US citizens to visit! Evisa Express makes the application process quick and simple.

Are you a US citizen? You’ll need an eVisa to enter Vietnam!

All US citizens are required to have some form of visa in order to enter Vietnam. The easiest method, by far, is to get an eVisa before your trip. Say goodbye to long lines for passport stamps – your eVisa means you’re pre-approved for entry. And with Evisa Express, the approval process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Traveling for business?

We can help you with that! The eVisa you’ll receive through Evisa Express is good for both business and tourism.

Vietnam eVisas for US citizens: What do they do?

You may be asking yourself – what powers does the eVisa hold? Well, with an eVisa to Vietnam, US citizens can:

  • Stay up to 30 days in a row in Vietnam, starting from the date of entry
  • Engage in tourism and family visits
  • Pursue business activities, such as giving presentations or signing contracts

It’s important to note that the Vietnam eVisa for US citizens is a single-use visa. If you leave the country, you’ll need a new visa to get back in.

Requirements for US Citizens

Evisa Express makes the eVisa application process quick and easy. You won’t need much more than your passport and a recent photo!

To apply for an eVisa to Vietnam, you’ll need:

  • A valid US passport for each applicant
  • A scan of the bio-data page from each applicant’s passport
  • An additional passport-style photograph of each applicant

Remember, a separate application is required for each applicant. That means if you’re applying for a family of four, you’ll have to submit four separate applications, one for each applicant.

How long does it take for an application to be approved?

Our average processing time for an eVisa to Vietnam is under 70 hours. Of course, processing time depends upon the application itself – some will take less time, and some will take a bit more.

What happens once your eVisa is approved?

So you’ve applied. Now what?

Once your eVisa is approved:

  1. Check your email! Your eVisa will be sent to the email address you provided on your application.
  2. Print out your eVisa and keep it with you during your journey to Vietnam.
  3. Present your eVisa at your point of entry, along with your passport.

When will you be able to enter Vietnam?

On your application, we’ll ask you for your planned date of entry into Vietnam. Your approved eVisa will be valid for entry for thirty days, starting one day before the date you’ve given on the application. You’ll be able to enter Vietnam at any time during that period, and stay for thirty days after your date of entry.

For example, imagine that you submit an application with a planned entry date of 2 January, and your eVisa is approved. You therefore may enter Vietnam any time between January 1 and 30. You decide to enter Vietnam on 15 January. You’re free to stay in Vietnam for 30 days starting on your date of entry – in this case, until 14 February.


An eVisa to Vietnam is a single-use visa! If you leave before the eVisa has expired, you’ll have to get a new visa before entering again.

Please note that having an eVisa does not guarantee entry. Border control in Vietnam is free to refuse entry to any traveler if they see the need.

Evisa Express has got your back!

When you apply with Evisa Express, you know you’ve got someone to rely on. Our team of eVisa experts is here to help you at all stages of the process. From application to approval, we’re just an email or phone call away.

Contact us for:

  • Application questions
  • Recovery of approved eVisas that been misplaced
  • Any other questions or concerns you may have

You’ve worked hard for your travel time. Don’t spend it waiting in line for a passport stamp! Apply for an eVisa to Vietnam with Evisa Express. You’ll be able to step off the plane and right into your holiday.