Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

US citizens need a visa to travel to Vietnam. There is no better way to obtain one than using the electronic visa services. Read on to learn what documents should you prepare and how to complete the application process online.

Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

Prepare your valid passport and a photograph of yourself and apply online for the Vietnam visa for US citizens within a few minutes from home! Make sure to read on to see how to submit a successful visa application and what are the e-Visa to Vietnam characteristics.

All US citizens who wish to visit Vietnam may do so with an electronic visa to Vietnam. You don't have to go to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to apply. Apply online using any working device, spare a few minutes, and complete the process from home or any other place!

Vietnam e-Visa is issued for purposes of tourism, business, and transit for a single entry. Holders of the Vietnam e-Visa can stay in the country for up to 30 days for a cost of 79 Euro. US citizens need a visa to travel from the United States to Vietnam. There is only one type of visa for Vietnam, the tourist visa that serves for different visa usage purposes.

Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens

To obtain the Vietnamese visa quickly and without any issues, make sure that you meet all of the visa requirements. US citizens need to prepare just two documents to ensure successful visa approval.

Before applying online, you must have on hand the following:

  1. a valid US passport that expiry date extends at least 6 months beyond the planned entry to Vietnam date
  2. applicant's photograph that adheres to passport photo guidelines

Scan your valid passport's bio-data page and attach it to the application form. The data on the scan must be appropriately legible to ensure your Vietnam visa will be approved quickly.

How can US citizens apply for the Vietnam visa?

All US citizens need a visa to enter Vietnam; thus, before traveling to Vietnam, make sure to make an online visa application. Apply online at least 5 business days in advance of your travel to ensure you receive your entry permit on time.

Vietnam visas serve as single-entry permits and allow its' holders to stay in Vietnam for as long as 30 days. Make sure that you have a passport that will remain valid for a minimum of 6 months from the planned arrival in Vietnam day and a photograph of yourself.

Once prepared, start the application process by:

  1. Choose the purpose of your stay in Vietnam, either business, tourism, or transit-related. Then, provide the basic data in an online application form (your name, surname, e-mail address, travel details). Put further information in the form and attach your passport's scan and your photograph.
  2. Pay the 79 Euro visa fee using any of the numerous online payment methods used worldwide available on our website.
  3. Receive a visa confirmation number as soon as your payment registers. Then, wait for your visa to get approved and send to you via e-mail in a PDF form.

Should you need any help during the application process, our support team is available via e-mail and phone. Please contact us in case of any issues with applying.

How long does it take for a Vietnam e-Visa for US citizens' application to get approved?

The processing time may take up to 5 business days; United States citizens should apply at least 5 business days in advance of their travel to Vietnam. The final approval time lies within the Vietnam government and might elongate if necessary.

Check if you meet the visa requirements and have all of the required documents ready to apply. Choose the one type of visa available in the form of a tourist visa that can be used for different purposes and follow the previous section's guide.

The average processing time when using our visa services is just 68 hours. Travelers using our services are also granted a 99% rate of successfully approved applications.

US passport holders should always double-check the provided information not to cause any delays or issues with approval. Our team of experts will contact all travelers in case of any mistakes in their application form.

How can US citizens with an approved e-Visa for Vietnam cross the Vietnam border?

First, prepare the essential documents that will be checked by the customs officials on arrival in Vietnam. All US citizens should have the following documents besides a visa upon arrival in Vietnam:

  1. a valid passport
  2. a printed copy of the valid Vietnam visa

US passport holders must use one of the entry points that accept electronic visas to cross the Vietnam border and stay in the country for 30 days. One of the international airports in Vietnam that can be used are the Noi Bai Int Airport (HaNoi), or the Tân Sơn Nhất Airport (Ho Chi Minh City).

Check the full list of entry points to use before applying.

Final Words

All US citizens need to apply for a Vietnam visa to stay in the country for 30 days. Gather the required documents and see if your passport is valid for 6 months.

Get your Vietnam visa for US citizens and apply on our website using any working device with an internet connection. Travel to Vietnam with an e-Visa for tourist, business, or transit purposes.

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