Vietnam visa for Indian citizens: Explained

Traveling to Vietnam is increasingly more easy for Indian citizens. Avoid the stamping fee and long queues at the airport. Get your visa online instead of handling a visa on arrival!

Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizens

Vietnam Visa for Indian citizens allows its holders to stay in Vietnam for 30 days. Apply online for a visa to Vietnam to save yourself time, energy, and money by not visiting the Vietnamese embassy. Visa to Vietnam is easily obtainable online for all Indian citizens.

Read on to learn the visa requirements to meet, make a visa application online in a few minutes, and what type of visa you can obtain.

I'm an Indian citizen traveling to Vietnam! How can I get an eVisa?

Getting your eVisa is easy when you apply with Evisa Express! Our application process is effortless, and our application approval rate is at 99%.

All you need to apply are the following:

  • A scan or digital photo of the bio-page of your valid passport
  • A recent photo of you, the applicant (the photo needs to meet the passport standards)
  • Knowledge of the basic details of your trip, especially the date you'll be entering Vietnam
  • An online payment method

If you have these four things, you're ready to apply for your official Vietnam eVisa.

Please note! Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the planned arrival date to be able to travel to Vietnam without any issues.

Vietnam visa application process for Indian citizens

In order to apply, simply gather the four things listed above and start the online application. Then follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter your personal details into the application form (name, address, passport data, date of birth, etc.)
  2. Enter the details of your trip (desired date of entry to Vietnam, whether you are traveling for tourism or business, etc.)
  3. Pay the visa fee (79 Euro) and submit your application. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided
  4. Wait for your application to be approved. Your official, government-issued Vietnam eVisa will be sent to your email.

The processing time may take up to 5 business days (120 hours). Our support team always carefully checks if each application is error-free before submitting it further to the Indian Immigration Department for approval.

Get Vietnam visa onto your email address within 5 days!

Details about the Vietnam eVisa for Indian citizens

Your electronic visa gives you the freedom to travel wherever you want in Vietnam, within a specified period:

  • Validity: You must use your eVisa within 30 days of approval. In other words, if your eVisa is issued on Jan 1, you must use it by Jan 30.
  • Once you enter Vietnam, your eVisa allows you to stay there for up to 30 days. In other words, if you enter Vietnam on Jan 15, you may stay until Feb 14.
  • The eVisa to Vietnam is valid for both tourism and business purposes.

Please remember that your passport must stay valid for at least six months beyond the planned date of arrival in Vietnam.

Required documents on arrival in Vietnam for Indian citizens

One of the frequently asked questions is about what documents should you prepare for control of the customs officials on arrival

All Indian passport holders need to present the following documents upon arrival at Vietnam International Airports:

  • a printed eVisa to Vietnam copy
  • a valid passport

With an eVisa to Vietnam, you're avoiding not only queues of people who need to handle their Vietnam visa on arrival but also the visa stamp fee.

You don't need to pay the stamp fee to get entrance into Vietnam if you have an electronic visa for Vietnam.

The enchantment of Vietnam for Indian citizens

Vietnam is known for its rugged, unspoiled terrain, its sparkling coastline, and life's uniqueness in both its cities and villages. Indian tourists have a vast range of options, from enjoying a taste of the simple life near nature to luxury experiences in Ho Chi Minh city.

Land in the Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhat) International Airport and explore this beautiful city.

The infrastructure for tourism is more developed in Vietnam than in neighboring Cambodia or Thailand, as well, and continues to improve each year.

All Indian passport holders need a visa to visit Vietnam. Apply for a Vietnam tourist visa and receive it within 5 working days at your email address.

Benefits for Indian citizens using our service to get your Vietnam visa

We can guarantee to all Indian citizens using our services the following benefits:

  • no stamping fee costs (if you use an eVisa upon entering Vietnam)
  • the visa application process that is quick, easy, and intuitive
  • support team available via email and phone
  • reimbursement in case your application would fail to be approved
  • a 99% rate of successfully approved applications
  • get visa online using any working device with an internet connection; there is no need to visit the Vietnam embassy

Apply for a visa for a single-entry online! Get your Vietnam visa for Indian citizens and travel from India, New Delhi International Airport, and visit Vietnam for one month!

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