Sustainable Trips - How to Travel Green?

Sustainable trips are becoming easier to plan as we become more conscious of notions such as global warming or carbon footprint. Traveling can be amusing and relaxing, but we must remember our responsibility for the environment.

Are you someone who loves to travel but also cares deeply about the environment around you? Then, sustainable traveling is undoubtedly something on your radar.

Sustainable trips are becoming easier to plan as we become more conscious of notions such as global warming or carbon footprint. Traveling can be amusing and relaxing, but we must remember our responsibility for the environment. This way, future generations will be able to enjoy a world of natural beauty just as we do.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to travel green. From choosing public transportation to booking eco-friendly accommodation, there are various ways to make your travel more sustainable.

Choose Sustainable Transportation

While planning your travel, take into consideration a sustainable transportation method. Means of transport vary in terms of emissions and the number of people carried so you can choose one of many options available.

It would be best to use trains. They are an ideal way to travel green as they operate using electricity. What is more, they can carry large numbers of passengers and visit multiple destinations on one route.

The least environmentally-friendly means of transport are cars. Although they provide great travel comfort, experts claim their gas emissions are worse than planes. If you insist on a car during your trip, try carpooling and travel in groups.

During the trip, consider renting a bike or walking short distances. These choices will benefit the environment but also allow you to save money - you are contributing to a cleaner planet and making a positive impact on your health!

Book Eco-Friendly Accommodation

You may not have known that, but you can minimize climate impact by choosing environmentally-friendly accommodations. If a hotel could be considered sustainable, such information will surely be provided on its official website.

Hotels that take various ecological measures pay attention to limiting electric energy and saving water resources. They also guarantee proper procedures for recycling waste. Moreover, they avoid the unnecessary use of plastic in toiletries.

Another way to save essential resources while staying at a hotel is to refuse to have your room cleaned every day. Instead of changing your towels and sheets daily, ask for deep cleaning once every three days.

Respect Animals and Nature

When we travel, we often find ourselves close to the beautiful nature we do not experience daily. It is important to remember that you should not disturb or harm wildlife. To respect wild animals and nature, start by being a responsible tourist. 

Keep a safe distance from wild animals - do not feed or touch them. Stick to designated paths to respect the natural ecosystem. Remember to leave everything as you found it, and never leave any trash behind. It would also be a good idea to pick up rubbish if you see it on your way.

As we venture into the world, we must remember that we are not the only ones who inhabit it. It is our responsibility to treat animals and plants with due respect and consideration. 

Use Reusable Items

To make your travel eco-friendly, it is highly recommended to avoid single-use plastic - especially since reusable alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

Instead of using plastic cups for your drinks, consider a durable water bottle that can be used multiple times. The ones with built-in water filters are a great option to ensure that you stay hydrated all day. You can also find reusable straws, but the best idea would be to resign from using them altogether.

When it comes to essential toiletries, consider picking soap bars over shower gels - they last longer and usually have paper packaging. Instead of the traditional plastic toothbrush, choose the one made with bamboo.

Naturally, if you must purchase something made of plastic rather than natural materials, select high-quality products only. Although they are not made of eco-friendly materials, you will help the environment by using them longer.

Save Natural Resources

However, you do not have to be an expert to incorporate green habits into your life. Sustainability can be represented in small, everyday gestures - despite being on holiday, remember about the environment.

One of the easiest ways to help save the planet is to use as little water as possible. It is actually effortless - take shorter showers instead of long baths and remember to turn off the tap while washing your face. It is also a good idea to check the bathroom for leaky faucets, showers, and toilets.

What is more, you can conserve electric energy by turning off lights when leaving the room, unplugging electronics when not in use, and turning off air conditioning when it is not necessary. If you want to dry your clothes, hang them in the sun.


In conclusion, there are multiple ways to make your trip eco-friendly and sustainable. Select some green accommodation or simply save the natural resources of water and energy. There are numerous ways to make your travel environmentally friendly!

It does not matter if you put all your green ideas into practice or follow just one of the described methods. Even a small gesture will make a difference to nature. And because of that, you will be able to enjoy your travel with no remorse.

Dominika Adamkowska
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