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Information about South Africa digital nomad visa

The South African government is still working on a South African digital nomad visa which means that currently, it is not available to obtain it. However, it was announced in April 2022, so it can be accessible soon.

This visa was introduced in order to attract more foreigners to the region as it offers a lot. COVID-19 restrictions still have effects on tourism and fewer visitors decide to travel to another country. A digital nomad visa can help with the economic downtime and losses in the tourism field.

At this moment there are no restrictions when it comes to the nationalities but it can change in the future as the project is still ongoing. We can assume that there will be a minimum salary requirement however the amount is still unknown. Some speculate that it can be $3,000 per month.

Like in any other types of digital nomad visas probably proof of work and insurance will be necessary in order to continue with the visa application processing.

Digital nomad visas will enable you to stay in the country on a temporary residence permit longer as right now it is possible to stay in South Africa for up to 90 days. This visa will be the perfect choice for people who work online and would like to change their surroundings.

It is highly likely that this special visa will be valid for 1 year and could be renewed. Also, it will offer attractive provisions for dependents, as well as many opportunities. We don't know the details yet but soon all information will be revealed.

Who is eligible for the South Africa freelance visa?

The South Africa digital nomad visa will be available for remote workers from all around the world. Right now there are no restrictions when it comes to nationality.

Definitely, your passport must be valid during your stay, as well as your salary need to be at a certain level. We don't know about all the restrictions as the South African visa is not available yet.

How to apply for a digital nomad visa to South Africa?

Due to the fact that the application process hasn't been opened yet, we can only guess or base our knowledge on the proposal. A visa for remote workers could be available online. In this case, you need to:

  • prepare the necessary documents and visit the website
  • find the application form and fill it out
  • check if the provided information is correct
  • send the application form with attached, scanned documents (if necessary)
  • pay the fee
  • wait for the confirmation and receive a visa via email.

Also, there is a chance that this nomad visa would be obtainable via the embassy or consulate. In this option, you need to set an appointment and visit the official place in person.

The requirements for getting a digital nomad visa

We can assume that among the necessary documentation you will need to prepare:

  • a valid passport
  • proof of working as a freelancer, for a foreign company, or owning a business
  • proof of minimum, monthly income
  • proof of paying the fee and accommodation
  • health insurance.

Conditions, including income requirement, are not set yet so we need to wait.

Benefits of being a South African remote worker

Even though the South Africa digital nomad visa is still in progress, we know that some talks are taking place right now on the tax breaks for people who stay longer in South African countries as they become tax residents. Probably you will have to pay taxes but the good news is that they would be limited.

Remote workers can also enjoy their job in different environments which can be an adventure of life. They can meet new people, try delicious food, see beautiful landscapes, and mix jobs with the holiday.

Besides, the expenses of living in South African countries are affordable so you don't have to worry much about them. It is worth visiting South Africa as it offers much for visitors. It has unique food, a diversity of people, and marvelous places.

How to extend your stay in South Africa with a digital nomad visa?

As remote working visas are not available yet in South Africa. We need to wait for more information regarding visa extension, renewal, or re-applying. As for now, we know that it would be possible to extend the visa for another 12 months and that it would be valid for 1 year.

A nomad visa is quite popular right now. Many people decide to visit South Africa and they would like to stay there but at the same time own business, be freelancers, or work remotely for a foreign company. It very convenient option.

Other important things to know about the digital nomad visa for South Africa

It is worth noting that the nomad visa for South Africa is still unavailable as the project is still in progress. This option could be very good not only for remote workers but for the local economy as well. If the government finally introduces this visa, it will be the first mainland African country which decided to do so.

We can expect proof of work, health insurance, and a valid passport among the requirements. Talking about this topic, you may also wonder who is a digital nomad. So it's a person who chooses remote work in a foreign country. It is a very interesting way of living that enables one to broaden horizons and feel the new experience.

As this visa is not here yet, you can pick different options in Africa:

  • Seychelles digital nomad visa which is also known as the Workcation Retreat Program valid for one year and active from April 2021.
  • Cabo Verde digital nomad visa called Remote Working Cabo Verde Program allows one to stay in the place for up to six months and can be renewed.
  • Mauritius digital nomad visa (or Premium Visa) with a validity period of one year and the possibility of renewal.

All in all, South African culture, landscapes, diversity, and possibilities are amazing so it could be a very tempting destination for digital nomads.

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