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Thanks to Evisa Express, US citizens never again have to worry about long lines at the airports or visits to the Embassy. Apply online and submit your application within a few minutes using any working device!

Indian Visa for US Citizens

Indian visa for US citizens can be obtained online with only a valid travel document (passport) and applicant's photograph. US citizens need to apply for an e-Visa before they travel to India. Make a visa application following a 3-step process and enter India without any issues!

Thanks to Evisa Express, US citizens never again have to worry about lines, stamps, or extensive background checks at the Indian border. Simply apply for an e-Visa beforehand and enjoy a quick and easy entry!

Read on for more information on how to get an entry permit for your India travel using our services.

India visa types for US citizens to choose from

US passport holders that meet the requirements may apply for three different short-term Indian visa types. The entry permit type you should choose depends on the purpose of your visit. See what options do US citizens have when it comes to making an India visa application.

All US citizens that have a valid passport can choose between:

  1. e-Tourist visa: allowing a total of 90 days (three months) spend in India within a one year validity period. Designed for all travelers who need to stay in India for family visits, go on vacation, or enjoy other tourist purposes of visas usage.
  2. e-Business visa: apply for a business visa to India if you must attend a business meeting, conference, or negotiate the terms of a new contract. Business visa holders may stay in India for a total of 180 days (6 months) within one year of visa validity.
  3. e-Medical visa: allows three visits to India and 60 days total spend in the country. Should you need to undergo health treatment, this visa the right choice for you. This visa type stays effective for 4 months from the date of issue.

e-Tourist visa and e-Business visa are multiple-entry permits, while the medical one allows 3 visits in India. Each applicant must have a valid passport to apply for any of these e-Visa to India types.

How can US citizens prepare before applying for the India e-Visa?

There is no need to visit an Embassy when using our electronic visas. However, to make a successful application, prepare before submitting your application form.

All US citizens should have the following:

  • a passport that will not expire for at least 6 months beyond the planned date of arrival in India (a legible scan of the bio-data page)
  • applicant's photograph taken within the passport photo guidelines

Please note! For business-related travel, an invitation letter or a business card from the company you're going to be working with is necessary to attach as a supporting document.

Moreover, travelers visiting India for health-related trips need to attach an official written document from the hospital where the health treatment is going to be taking place. The document has to provide the basic details on the treatment.

How can prepared US citizens apply for the India visa?

If you have your passport on hand and other supporting documents (if necessary), apply online without the need to visit an Embassy. Using our e-Visa services grants all US citizens a quick and intuitive application process. Get your entry permit to India within hours!

Follow this online application guide to ensure your e-Visa will be approved as quickly as possible:

  1. Select the purpose of your travel to India and provide your data in an online application form. Please make sure that all of the information you have put in is correct to avoid delays. Double-check the form and read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of service use.
  2. Make an online payment by choosing any of the several payment methods available on our website. India's entry permit fee for US citizens is 149 Euro. Use your credit/debit card, PayPal, or any other method of payment.
  3. Check your inbox. e-Visa to India arrives at the applicant's e-mail address within a maximum of 72 hours.

The average processing period when using our visa service is just 51 hours; however, the final processing length depends on India's government and might be longer if necessary.

What happens after I apply?

All you have to do is wait! 96% of our applications are approved, with an average processing time of 51 hours (actual time varies depending on the application.) We'll be in touch as soon as you hit "submit" with an application confirmation and your unique application number, which we will e-mail to the address you provided on your application.

Then, as soon as your application is processed, we'll e-mail you a digital copy of your e-Visa. Print a copy of your e-Visa to show to travel authorities when you cross into India.


  • A separate application is required for each traveler! If you're traveling in a group of four, all four people will need to fill out applications.
  • Entry into India is at the discretion of Indian travel authorities. They decide who may enter ? having an e-Visa is not a guarantee for entry.
  • All foreign passengers need to have a printed e-Visa copy and a passport upon arriving in India.

Should you need any further information on India visas, do not hesitate to contact our support team via e-mail or phone.

US citizens need a visa to enter India, get your tourist, business, or transit entry permit for your India travel. Use any of the international airports that accept electronic visas and enjoy all of India's tourist attractions with an Indian visa for US citizens.

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