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How long is my wait? Processing times, explained

Australia may be the land down under, but its eVisa system is anything but backward. In recent years, the Australian government has adopted the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) as its newest, fastest way of welcome tourists to its shores.

We’ve all seen the photos: Australia has some of the most iconic landscapes on Earth

But the digital landscape is almost as impressive. Australia’s eTA system is one of the quickest on earth, with a turnaround of less than 48 hours for most applications. Our average at Evisa Express is even better: only 16 hours for most applications made through our agency. And our success rate for applications made to Australia is 99%.

eTAs for business and for tourism

Australia is committed to make travel easier for travelers, especially citizens of eligible nations coming for purposes of business and tourism. In fact, Australia has one of the most generous and flexible eVisas in the world. While many countries offer single-entry eVisas covering periods of 30 days or less, Australia’s robust eVisa has 365-day validity, multiple entries, and the chance to spend as many back-to-back 90-day periods in Australia as fit into the validity period. Australia offers two types of eTAs:

  • Tourist eTA, for taking part in tourism
  • Business eTA, for taking part in business

Both of these eTAs are good for multiple entries, which means you can leave and enter Australia as many times as you like during the 365-day validity period. You can spend up to 90 consecutive days in Australia each time you enter. Even better, there’s no limit on the number of days you can spend in Australia (up to the ultimate limit of 365 days, of course.) In other words, after spending 90 consecutive days in Australia, you’re welcome to leave and enter again. At that point, another 90-day period will begin.

How can I apply?

The process for obtaining an eTA to Australia is easy and quick when you apply through Evisa Express. If you’ve got a passport, a recent, passport-standard photo, your trip itinerary, and an online payment method on hand – oh yes, and an internet connection – our application process can be completed from your own home. Once you fill out the application, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your application number. We’ll also contact you for any additional information we need, or if there are corrections that need to be made. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive your official eTA by email, issued by the government of Australia.

Your eTA, in 48 hours or less

When you apply with Evisa Express, almost all eVisa applications to Australia are approved in less than 48 hours. But most of those will be approved quicker: Our personal average approval time is 16 hours, with a success rate of 99%.

It’s already been fifteen hours! Help!

Don’t worry, application processing times do sometimes vary. Most likely, nothing is wrong. It’s possible that:

  • The Australian government is taking a bit longer than usual to verify some of the information on your eTA
  • Part of your application was filled out incorrectly
  • Application volumes are simply a bit higher than normal.

Rest assured: if you filed your original application with Evisa Express, we’ll be reaching out with any corrections or updates that need to be made. What’s important in these situations is to stay calm, and do not submit another application. Simply wait for your application results to come through. Australia eTA applications made through Evisa Express have a 99% success rate, after all. Don’t feel like you have to suffer alone, though. If you need to, you can always contact Evisa Express with inquiries about applications made through our agency.

The E.E. average: 16 hours from application to acceptance

That’s right, Evisa Express applications have an average approval time of just 16 hours – which means that a Friday-night brainstorm can turn into a Saturday-morning jaunt across the Pacific! While many travelers won’t need that kind of turnaround, there’s something reassuring about the idea that the experts have your eTA in hand. We’re proud to say that applications for Australia eTAs made through Evisa Express have a 99% acceptance rate. Evisa Express: You take care of your trip; we take care of your visa.

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