Cape Verde Digital Nomad Visa

Cape Verde digital nomad visa basic information

As many people now prefer to work remotely, Cape Verde has become a popular destination for digital nomads in recent years, thanks to its sunny climate and relaxed lifestyle.

Cabo Verde launched its digital nomad visa to let eligible foreigners live and work remotely in the country for up to 6 months with the ability to renew it afterward and stay in Cabo Verde for another 6 months.

Only some countries are eligible for a digital nomad visa. They include the Community of Portuguese-speaking countries, Europe, North America, and the Economic Community of West African States.

The visa is available to applicants who can demonstrate that they have a remote job or business outside Cabo Verde, and who meet certain other criteria.

The Cape Verde digital nomad visa is relatively easy to obtain. You only need to fill out the online application form on the website, submit your documents, and personal information. After you pay the fee, and get a confirmation at your email address, you can travel to Cabo Verde.

The temporary visa for digital nomads is very advantageous. Holders of Cabo Verde digital nomad visa don't get tax residency in the county, and therefore, don't need to pay the income tax.

The Cabo Verde offers a stable internet connection and beautiful beaches. This country is also a great place to meet other digital nomads, as there is a growing community of remote workers in the country.

This way, the Cape Verde digital nomad visa makes it possible for digital nomads to enjoy all that Cape Verde has to offer while working remotely. Go on to get more details!

Who is eligible for the Cape Verde freelance visa?

To apply for Cape Verde remote working program, a person must be a freelancer, self-employed or employed by a company outside Cape Verde and have a sufficient income.

Also, the Cape Verde digital nomad visa has some nationality restrictions. It is mandatory to be a citizen from:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP)
  • Economic Community of West African States (CEDEAO)

Remote workers from other countries must submit a tourist visa. Under this permit, they can stay in Cape Verde for up to 90 days.

How to apply for a digital nomad visa to Cape Verde

The application process for Cabo Verde remote working program can be completed in a speedy and simple way. Even persons with little computer experience can apply without any issues.

First of all, you must take your working device. It may be a phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. As the application takes place entirely online, it is essential that your device is connected to the internet, whether it's Wi-Fi, mobile internet, or hardwired internet.

Follow this application instructions to get your Cabo Verde digital nomad visa in a few steps:

  1. Make sure to collect all the required documents. You can see the list in the next section of this article.
  2. Open the application form on the website and provide your personal and travel data requested in the boxes. Check the form to avoid any errors, typos, or mistakes. Also, note that the form must be fully completed.
  3. Cover the processing fee. You can use any of the methods offered on our website. For example, you can choose your PayPal account, or debit/credit card.
  4. Wait for approval of your remote work programs application.
  5. Go to the Republic of Cabo Verde and pay there the visa fee and the airport fee.
  6. Get your visa stamp. You must do it within 30 days of your arrival in Cabo Verde.

The requirements for getting a digital nomad visa

It's important to not only meet the eligibility requirements but also gather all the necessary documents:

  • a passport – valid for a minimum of 6 months from the planned date of arrival
  • an applicant's photo
  • proof of sufficient funds – for example, salary receipts from the previous 3 months or bank accounts from the previous 6 months; an individual applicant needs €1,500 minimum average bank balance for the previous 6 months, while a family is required to have €2,700 minimum average bank balance
  • a health and travel insurance
  • a criminal certificate record issued in the local police department
  • proof of having accommodation – a rental agreement or hotel booking
  • proof of relationship – if an applicant has dependents; a marriage certificate is needed for spouses, and a birth certificate is required for children.

Benefits of Cape Verde remote worker visa

The Cape Verde digital nomad visa has many benefits to offer remote workers:

  • Tax breaks. Individuals working remotely in Cape Verde are exempted from paying taxes, so they don't need to pay an income tax. Still, they should pay taxes at their regular tax residency.
  • Easy application process. No stressed interviews – just fill out a few-step online form.
  • Time zone. Cape Verde time zone is near target markets, so it may be convenient to organize your schedule and hold business meetings.
  • There is wide internet coverage throughout Cape Verde. You can always find a coworking space or coffee shops with the internet, so you can work not only from home but get inspiration from other places.
  • Cabo Verde is a stable and safe country, therefore, you can feel secure living there.
  • Cabo Verde offers warm weather and sunlight, so you can stay active and enjoy hiking, sunbathing, and diving.
  • There are many digital nomad hubs, so you can meet other digital nomads, communicate and share your knowledge and experience with each other.

How long is your stay in Cape Verde with a digital nomad visa, and can it be extended?

The Cope Verde digital nomad visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance. Remote workers can stay in Cape Verde during the whole duration of the visa's validity period.

Then it is possible to renew the remote working program for another 6 months.

Other important things for digital nomads in Cape Verde to know

  • The processing time for the Cabo Verde digital nomad visa is around 2 weeks.
  • The cost of living in Cape Verde is fairly affordable.
  • The currency of Cabo Verde is the Cape Verdean escudo, but Euro is also used as the second currency.
  • Local people are very friendly, and digital nomads instantly feel welcomed.
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