Bangladesh visa types

All foreign nationals (except for citizens of visa-exempt countries) must obtain a visa to enter the People's Republic of Bangladesh. There are different types of visa to Bangladesh according to the planned purposes of travel and periods of stay.

Eligible citizens can apply for an electronic visa with the easiest application process, while others have to go to a Bangladesh embassy to get a regular visa.

All applicants must have a valid passport that stays effective for at least 6 months from the arrival date. Other required documents differ for each visa type depending on its special features and purposes.

The article will guide you through different Bangladesh visa types, its required documents, allowed number of entries, days of stay, and validity.


A Bangladesh eVisa has been introduced by the Bangladeshi government to facilitate the application process. Now eligible foreign citizens don't have to attend a Bangladesh embassy in person, as the process takes place entirely online and can be completed from any place.

Bangladesh electronic visa serves tourist purposes and comes as a single-entry, double-entry, and multiple-entry permit. It enables one to stay in the country for one month (30 days) and is effective for 3 months.

To complete an online application form, an applicant must upload only their valid passport and digital face photograph that can be taken by a phone or PC camera.

Tourist visa

A tourist visa is designed for foreigners who want to visit Bangladesh for sightseeing, joining a workshop/symposium, visiting their relatives and friends, or for religious purposes.

This visa category allows its holders to enter Bangladesh once and stay for up to 3 months.

A visa application requires such additional documents as a travel itinerary and hotel reservation or a letter of invitation from a host.

Business visa

A business visa is needed for those traveling to Bangladesh for business handling and deals. There are single, double, and multiple-entry business visas. Each of them is valid for one year and permits one to stay for up to 90 days.

An applicant needs to attach a letter from an employer and an invitation letter from a hosting company in Bangladesh.

Student visa

A student visa is issued to regular students and those who are seeking admission/research in any Bangladesh government-approved educational institution.

Bangladesh visa for students allows its holders to enter the country numerous times during a one-year validity period. The period of stay depends on the study curriculum.

In order to apply, one must have a letter from the educational institution and a bank solvency certificate.

Employment visa

An employment visa can be obtained by individuals employed in local or foreign companies and organizations in Bangladesh. The application must include a letter from the Bangladesh employer and a recommendation letter from BEPZA/BOI.

Employment Bangladesh visa can be single, double, or multiple-entry. It is issued for 3 months with the same duration of stay. The visa can be extended for 3 years in the Department of Immigration and Passport in Bangladesh.

Diplomatic/Official visa

A diplomatic/official visa is given to ambassadors, diplomats, consular officers, and other embassy officials as well as their dependent family members intending to visit Bangladesh for official job/duty purposes.

A Note Verbal or official letter must be attached to the visa application.

Investor visa

An investor visa is used by those willing to go to Bangladesh for investment or business/commercial organization management purposes.

It can allow one, two, or numerous entries and stays effective for a maximum of one year with the ability to be extended to up to 5 years.

Applicants for an investor visa have to obtain a recommendation letter from BOI/BEPZA certifying that they are genuine investors.

Journalist visa

A journalist visa is issued to foreign journalists wishing to travel to Bangladesh for collecting news and information or for official duty. It can be of single/double/multiple entries and is valid for up to one month.

The visa application must include a support letter from the organization describing the purpose of the visit.

NGO visa

An NGO visa is available for individuals appointed in NGOs registered in Bangladesh. This visa is given for 3 months with single, double, or multiple entries lasting for up to 3 months.

For this visa, one needs a permission letter from NGO Affairs Bureau in Bangladesh.

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