Bahrain eVisa for Turkish Citizens

The majority of the countries in the world need to obtain prior permission to enter Bahrain. Visa upon arrival can be granted only to a few countries, while others need to arrange it in advance. The eligible citizens, a.o. Turkish passport holders can go to Bahrain with an eVisa if their trips have leisure, business, or transit character. Such an online alternative can save plenty of time and help avoid additional stress before your trip.

Bahrain eVisa for Turkish citizens allows them to forget about stressful official visits and long weeks of waiting for the approval of the traditional embassy visa. Obtaining a visa to Bahrain is possible with an electronic device from whatever place.

The approved electronic visa to Bahrain will arrive in your inbox, and you will need to show its printed copy during the airport control in Bahrain. Without a valid visa, you can be denied entry to Bahrain's territory. Don't risk and arrange your Bahrain eVisa in advance!

How to apply for an electronic Bahrain visa from Turkey?

The whole eVisa application process consists only of a few easy stages. To go through it successfully, you need to prepare your passport and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the online form: Choose 1 of the 3 types of online visas to Bahrain and click the 'Apply Online' button.
  2. Fill out an eVisa application form: Enter the required passport data and travel details.
  3. Make an online payment: Our system accepts most credit cards.
  4. Download your eVisa: Now, you just need to refresh your inbox! The accepted eVisa will be emailed directly to your email box, but check the SPAM folder just in case.

Bahrain eVisa processing time and fees for citizens of Turkey


Turkish passport holders can get an eVisa to Bahrain within no more than 72 business hours! It shouldn't take more than 2 business days to process your application.

On average, the time needed to process a Bahrain eVisa request is 46 hours!


The Turkish can choose one from 3 eVisa types to Bahrain. One type is a single-entry eVisa, while the other two function as multiple-entry eVisas. Their prices differ depending on which type you will decide to choose:

  • 69 EUR - single-entry eVisa
  • 109 EUR - multiple-entry eVisa (1)
  • 249 EUR - multiple-entry eVisa (2)

How long can the Turkish stay in Bahrain with eVisa?

All 3 Bahrain eVisa types require you to enter Bahrain within 1 month from their approval date. However, the allowed stay in Bahrain and eVisa period of validity depends on the type of Bahrain eVisa you are a holder of:

  • single-entry Bahrain eVisa: a single stay up to 2 weeks; after leaving Bahrain, you will have to obtain another eVisa to visit the country once again.
  • multiple-entry Bahrain eVisa (1): issued for 3 months; you can enter and exit Bahrain as often as you wish while staying in the country maximally 1 month every time.
  • multiple-entry Bahrain eVisa (2): issued for 1 year; you can enter and leave Bahrain numerous times while staying maximally 90 days every time.

Please note: Bahrain eVisa extension is impossible! When making an eVisa application, a Turkish applicant needs to be outside Bahrain. The eVisa must be approved before you arrive in Bahrain!

Bahrain eVisa requirements for the Turkish


As one of the eligible citizens, Turkish applicants can obtain an online visa to Bahrain if they are holders of these two items:

  • a Turkish passport valid for min. next 6 months; a scan or a digital photograph of passport bio-data page;
  • a scan of your return or onward travel ticket

If your passport expires, you will need to file a new request for an electronic visa to Bahrain. Moreover, at a given moment, you can be a holder of only one Bahrain eVisa!

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Bahrain eVisa?

  • Our well-qualified expert team members analyze all the eVisa application forms and make some corrections if needed before sending them to the Bahrain authorities;
  • In case your application fails, your money will be reimbursed according to our terms laid down in our Terms of Service;
  • Monitoring our services daily, we can provide the best possible protection of your data processing;
  • Should you encounter any problems when submitting your application, our consultants are willing to solve any arising problem. If you want to apply for an online visa effortlessly, our web page is the right place for you!

Apply for a visa to Bahrain electronically and save your time! Online visa application won't take you more than 15 minutes.

Grab your passport and submit your Bahrain electronic visa request! Bahrain is waiting for you!

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