Bahrain eVisa for Pakistani Citizens

Nowadays, Pakistanis are not obliged to obtain an embassy visa to enter Bahrain. All of this thanks to the e-Visa to Bahrain for Pakistani citizens, which functions as an alternative to the traditional visa.

Pakistanis only need to submit an online application and get their visas electronically. This alternative can save a lot of time for all applicants who don't have to bother anymore with booking an appointment in the nearest diplomatic post. Now, getting a travel permit is possible only 5 days before a trip to Bahrain!

There are three types of Bahrain e-Visa that can be used for transit, business, or tourism purposes. Travelers can apply either for a single-entry visa for a 14-day stay, or multiple-entry visas for a 30 or 90-day stay. 

Are you a citizen of Pakistan willing to go to Bahrain soon? Whether you plan to explore the country as a tourist or you're making a business trip, you can apply online for your visa to Bahrain. If Bahrain is just a transit stop on your travel map, you must obtain an online visa too. Get your Bahrain visa online and enter the Kingdom of Bahrain legally!

How to apply for an online visa to Bahrain from Pakistan?

Our expert team has made all efforts to create a simple and quick e-Visa application process. When applying from Pakistan, you just need to go through these 3 steps:

  1. Go to the application form and select one type of e-visa you wish to apply for. Provide the necessary passport details and travel data.
  2. Pay a Bahrain e-visa fee (the cost depends on the e-visa type).
  3. Refresh your mail! Your e-visa will appear in your inbox in maximally up to 72 business hours!

Remember that you cannot be on the territory of Bahrain when applying online for your electronic visa!

Bahrain e-Visa processing time and fees for Pakistani citizens


A citizen of Pakistan can expect a confirmed electronic visa even after 46 hours from applying, while the standard processing time is 5 business days.

Nevertheless, the time of handling your application is at the total discretion of the immigration authorities of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Double-check the data you entered to maximize the chances that your e-visa request will be approved.


The Pakistanis can apply for one of 3 electronic visa types to Bahrain, of which one allows a single entry to the country, while the other two are multiple-entry permits. The cost that a Pakistani needs to bear for an online Bahrain visa differs according to the selected e-visa.

The prices are as follows:

  • 69 EUR - single-entry e-visa
  • 109 EUR - multiple-entry e-visa (1)
  • 249 EUR - multiple-entry e-visa (2)

How long can the Pakistani stay in Bahrain with e-Visa?

Citizens of Pakistan are allowed to stay in Bahrain for various periods of time, depending on the type of Bahrain online visa they decide to apply for.

An applicant can choose one of the following e-visa types:

  • single-entry e-Visa: its holder may stay in Bahrain maximally up to 14 days in a row; after leaving the country, a new e-visa is obligatory to enter Bahrain once again.
  • multiple-entry e-Visa (1): granted for 90 days; its holder can visit Bahrain numerous times staying up to 1 monthevery time.
  • multiple-entry e-Visa (2): valid for 365 days; its holder may cross the Bahrain borders many times, each stay may be a maximum of 3 months.

Bahrain e-Visa requirements for Pakistan citizens


Pakistanis can file a request for a Bahrain visa online if they are holders of the following documents:

  • an electronic valid passport; it can be a scan or a digital photograph of your passport's bio-data page;
  • your return ticket copy or a photo of a ticket confirming your onward travel;
  • a bank statement stamped copy covering the recent 3 months issued at the applicant's surname, confirming a current balance with min. BHD 300 (around $ 800).

Important note: Should you make any passport data changes or your passport expires, you will have to apply for a new online Bahrain visa. Your online visa is automatically matched with your passport. That is why the moment your passport expires, your e-visa becomes invalid too!

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Bahrain e-Visa?

  • 95% of positively processed Bahrain e-Visa requests
  • support 5 days a week at every step of your application
  • service guarantee - money reimbursement in case of e-visa application's rejection (according to our Terms of Service)
  • correction of your application form without any extra costs
  • many years of experience in the field of electronic travel authorization
  • best security standards of data protection - SSL certificate

If you need more information on how to go through the Bahrain visa application online process, don't hesitate to contact us via mail, phone, or contact form. Our support team is ready to help you make your application successful!

Grab your passport and apply with Evisa Express only 5 days in advance and enjoy your trip to Bahrain!

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