Bahrain Entry and Travel Requirements

Bahrain Entry Requirements are the set of rules that every foreign traveler must follow in order to enter Bahrain.

Currently, to enter Bahrain, you will simply need a valid passport and a visa. Your passport should remain valid for at least 6 months. Depending on your nationality, you may be eligible for an electronic visa or embassy visa. Moreover, citizens of GCC countries, including nationals of Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, are allowed to enter Bahrain visa-free simply by presenting a valid national ID card. Visa exemption also applies to holders of Indian and Chinese special and diplomatic passports. 

In February 2022, the Ministry of Health of Bahrain decided to lift all restrictions allowing all travelers, regardless of their vaccination status, nationality, or age, to enter Bahrain. International tourists are now welcome on the similar rules as in the pre-pandemic times.

Please note that the Bahrain entry requirements, as well as international travel rules, may change at short notice due to the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some additional travel requirements may be imposed anytime during your visit abroad. Remember also to follow the travel advice of local authorities throughout your entire stay in Bahrain.

Read on for further information on recent entry rules, visa requirements, and other travel documents, and prepare best for your incoming trip to Bahrain.

Who can enter Bahrain?

Bahrain remains fully open for all international visitors. All travelers, no matter vaccinated or not, no longer need to meet covid-related requirements, including testing, vaccination, and quarantine requirements.

Documents check-list for entering Bahrain

Testing, Vaccination, and Quarantine Requirements

Testing requirements

From 20 February 2022, all arrivals, whether vaccinated or not, do not need to provide a PCR test to enter Bahrain.

Important! Since some airlines may have imposed their own boarding rules, you may be required to submit a negative result of the coronavirus test to be allowed on board. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with your airline's regulations.

Vaccination requirements

The Bahraini authorities no longer check the vaccination status of the arriving travelers. Entering Bahrain is now possible for all international visitors, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

Previously, travelers were required to show the vaccination proof upon arrival in Bahrain. The list of Bahrain-recognized Covid-19 vaccination includes the following manufacturers:

  • Pfizer/BioNTech
  • Sputnik V
  • Sputnik Light
  • Covishield
  • Moderna
  • Covelo
  • Covaxin
  • Valneva
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)

Quarantine requirements

There is no quarantine requirement upon arrival in Bahrain. Nevertheless, those travelers who are tested positive for coronavirus during their stay in Bahrain will need to undergo precautionary home or hotel self-isolation for 7 days (if fully vaccinated) or 10 days (if unvaccinated). The quarantine period may be ended earlier by receiving a negative result of a PCR test performed by a private hospital.

According to Bahraini regulations, anyone subjected to quarantine or self-isolation who does not comply with the rules may be fined up to 10,000 BHD or even jailed for up to 3 months.

Traveling from Bahrain

Bahrain introduced a few exit requirements that travelers need to meet to leave Bahrain. First of all, you cannot be involved in any legal proceedings or business disputes, have unpaid debt or be a child subject to a custody dispute. Moreover, you shouldn't overstay your visa. Otherwise, you may be fined or banned from future travel to Bahrain.

Before departing from Bahrain, do not forget to check the recent travel restrictions applicable in the country of your next destination you plan to visit.

Traveling to Bahrain

The Ministry of Health in Bahrain introduced the Green Alert Level in February 2022. Since then, international travelers no longer need to submit PCR tests, vaccination certificates, or undergo quarantine. With the introduction of the Green Alert Level, individuals no longer need to provide a Green Shield vaccine pass to access various places. Moreover, all indoor facilities returned to 100 % capacity.

The majority of foreign travelers still need to obtain a visa to travel to Bahrain. Every traveler should also hold a passport that will remain valid for at least 6 months from the planned date of the trip to Bahrain.

All passengers should check the boarding requirements for their airlines. Depending on the coronavirus situation, some airlines may have reduced service or may require travelers to meet additional requirements, including providing a negative Covid-19 test.

Entry Rules for Children

Children are subject to the same entry requirements as adult travelers. Currently, they only need to hold a valid passport and a visa. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for arranging all these travel documents for their underage travel companions.

Important: If a minor travels with a third party, parents or legal guardians need to prepare the written consent in consultation with the airport authorities and airline representatives. The document must be issued in Arabic or English.

Transit through Bahrain

Transit passengers are permitted to make a tranist stop at the Bahrain International Airport without needing to undergo coronavirus tests.

Bahrain did not introduce additional travel restrictions for passengers in transit. Nevertheless, they must remember to meet the entry requirements of the country of their final destination.

Bahrain Visa Requirements

Bahrain electronic visa

Bahrain introduced the electronic visa system in 2014, facilitating the visa application process for nationals from several dozens of countries. The system allows getting a visa within minutes, while the entire application is to be completed entirely online.

An electronic visa to Bahrain is issued for tourism or business-related purposes. Depending on the applicant's nationality, the visa may be granted either for one or numerous entries. According to the particular visa type, the allowed period of stay in Bahrain ranges from 14 to 90 days.

Travelers who need to visit Bahrain for a longer period of time or for other purposes than business or tourism must apply for a regular embassy visa.

Embassy or consular visa

Foreign nationals who must have a visa to travel to Bahrain, but are not listed among nationalities eligible for an electronic visa, will need to obtain a traditional visa for Bahrain at the nearest embassy or diplomatic post.

Currently, travelers from over 120 different countries must apply for an embassy visa before traveling to Bahrain, regardless of their travel purpose or the duration of their planned stay in the Kingdom.

Application for a Bahrain embassy or consular visa requires visiting an embassy in person. For this reason, applicants need to book an appointment in advance and prepare the required supporting documents. The necessary documents may differ depending on the requested visa, e.g., study visa or work visa.

Visa-exempt Countries

According to the Bahrain visa policy, nationals of the countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are allowed to visit the Kingdom of Bahrain visa-free. They only need to present a valid National ID Card upon entering the country either by air or through the King Fahd Causeway. The countries of the GCC include:

  • Bahrain
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia

Moreover, holders of Indian and Chinese diplomatic and special passports can also enter Bahrain without a visa.

Bahrain Health Declaration Form

Previously, all passengers had to complete the Ministry of Health's Health Declaration Form and download the 'BeAware App' for fast entry into Bahrain. Now, completing the Bahraini Passenger Locator Form is no longer mandatory. However, regardless of immunization status, all travelers still should download the application. It will be essential for self-isolation instructions in case of being tested positive for Covid-19 when in Bahrain. Visitors will also receive covid-related alerts and guidelines on a daily basis.

Travel Insurance

Before traveling to the Kingdom of Bahrain, every traveler is strongly recommended to obtain comprehensive travel insurance covering all overseas medical costs, including Covid-19 potential treatment costs. Make sure that your insurance policy covers all activities you wish to undertake throughout your entire stay in Bahrain.

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