Bahrain eVisa for Egyptian Citizens

In 2014, the Government of Bahrain implemented the electronic visa system facilitating the visa application for citizens of many countries, including Egyptians.

Bahrain eVisa for Egyptian citizens is an electronic equivalent of a traditional visa. If you are an Egyptian passport holder, you can apply for an eVisa to Bahrain to make a business or leisure trip. Moreover, if you treat Bahrain as a transit stop, you will also need to obtain an eVisa (even if you don't plan to leave a transit zone).

Egyptians can choose from three available eVisa types, of which one is issued as a single-entry visa for a 14-day stay, while the remaining two are multiple-entry visas allowing a 30-day or 90-day stay.

Preparing for your Bahrain trip can be trouble-free and stressless, especially with a simple and quick application for an eVisa. Don't wait too long and obtain yours, preferably applying 5 business days in advance

How to apply for an online visa to Bahrain from Egypt?

The main idea of our services was to create a simple online form for visa applicants from all over the world.That is why you need to go through only a few following steps to submit your request successfully:

  1. Select one Bahrain eVisa type indicating the purpose of your travel and click the 'APPLY ONLINE' button. You will be redirected to the main application form.
  2. Provide your personal data and travel details.
  3. Cover Bahrain eVisa fee using a preferred online method of payment.
  4. Download your eVisa in PDF form from your e-mail inbox.

That's it! Don't forget to print it out and download it on your electronic device too! It's necessary to hold a printed copy of your eVisa along with the electronic version in case of airport control.

Bahrain eVisa processing time and fees for Egyptian nationals


You can receive your eVisa to Bahrain no longer than within 5 business days. However, on average, our customers can enjoy the approved online document even within 46 hours! It's not even 2 business days!


The fee that you need to pay varies according to the selected type of Bahrain eVisa:

  • 69 EUR - single-entry eVisa (a 14-day one stay)
  • 109 EUR - multiple-entry eVisa (1) (each visit up to 30 days)
  • 249 EUR - multiple-entry eVisa (2) (each visit up to 90 days)

How long can the Egyptians stay in Bahrain with eVisa?

There are various rules regarding the maximum stay in Bahrain depending on what eVisa type to Bahrain you decided to apply for:

  • Single-entry eVisa: you can stay in Bahrain maximally 2 weeks in a row entering the country only once;
  • Multiple-entry eVisa (1): the maximum allowed stay is 30 days each time; this visa is issued for 3 months starting from the day when you cross the border of Bahrain;
  • Multiple-entry eVisa (2): the maximum period you can stay in Bahrain is 90 days each time; this visa is valid for 1 year from the day you enter the country.

A holder of any type of the above online visas is required to enter Bahrain within 1 month from the issuance date of the eVisa!

Bahrain eVisa requirements for Egyptian citizens


The most important document that you need to prepare to apply for Bahrain eVisa is your valid passport. You will be asked to submit either a scan or its bio-data page digital photograph.

Please remember: the moment your passport becomes invalid, your eVisa expires as well!


  • a scan of your ticket confirming either your further travel or return to the home country;
  • your Bahrain hotel booking confirmation;
  • a CPR reader's printout copy of your family member (applicable only if you are traveling with your relative).

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an electronic visa to Bahrain?

Are you afraid of the security of your personal data provided on the Internet? Don't be!

Why you should choose us to get your Bahrain eVisa:

  • you will gain professional support during the entire application process; any arising matters can be solved by contacting us via helpdesk or email;
  • you can save your time and avoid stressful embassy visits;
  • we are ready to correct your application (if needed) to maximize the chances of your request approval without extra costs;
  • you can contact us not only in case of problems but also when you don't find answers to all of your questions regarding the eVisa application;
  • your data is protected with an SSL certificate, so no leakage into unauthorized hands is possible.

By choosing the services of Evisa Express, you can be sure that experts in the field will handle your eVisa application process!

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