Bahamas Visa Types

Travelers go to the Bahamas for many reasons: sightseeing, business handling, official duties, as employees for cruise ships, etc. Citizens of some countries can enter the Bahamas visa-free if they intend to have a short travel for tourism purposes, but others need to undergo a visa application process.

As people visit the Bahamas for different purposes and under various circumstances, there are a number of Bahamas visa types to choose from.

Some visa types can be obtained online, as the government of the Bahamas implemented this opportunity to facilitate the application process for eligible foreigners. At the same time, for the rest of the visas, an applicant must go to the Bahamas embassy or consulate in person.

In this article, you will learn about tourist, business, official and diplomatic, self-sponsored, seaman's, and health visa types. Get to know about its special features and requirements, and maybe you'll consider one of them for yourself!

Tourist visa

A tourist visa to Bahamas is designed for tourism purposes such as sightseeing, staying on a vacation, visiting any recreation and entertainment facilities, exploring the country, etc.

The application process for a tourist visa demands completing a form in English. You have to submit your valid passport, 2 recent face photographs, attach to your application copies of round trip airline tickets or itinerary, hotel or cruise reservation, copies of previous visas, marriage, birth, and death certificate, etc.

For a sponsored visa, applicants must appear in person at the nearest Bahamas embassy or consulate. It requires some sponsor's information - a passport copy, address, proof of legal status (for non-Bahamians), and phone number.

Business visa

A business visa is used by people willing to visit the Bahamas for business purposes, such as attending meetings, conferences, and training courses.

It allows staying in the country for 90 days. If you want to work for a longer time, apply or a long-term work visa for 1 year.

You'll need a business letter from your company obtaining such information as your name and title, the purpose of the trip, and the nature of duties to be performed. The letter should be written and signed by a company employee or executive, not the applicant themselves.

Copies of onward tickets and itinerary are also required.

Official and Diplomatic visa

Official and diplomatic visas are for diplomats and foreign government officials traveling to the Bahamas to engage in official duties or activities on behalf of their national government. They cannot go to the country on tourist visas or visa-free under the visa waiver program.

An applicant needs an original invitation letter or note verbal from the mission/consulate.

These types of visas are not available for online application and can be obtained from the Bahamian diplomatic missions for diplomatic purposes only.

Self-Sponsored Visa

A self-sponsored visa is issued to individuals traveling to the Bahamas for leisure purposes in a single-entry and multiple-entry categories. It fits individuals that can support themselves financially during the trip to the Bahamas.

The visa for self-sponsored visitors can be easily obtained online without attending an embassy in person.

To apply, one needs to complete an application form and attach the following necessary documents: a valid passport, face photograph, a job letter or a valid business license, a recent police report, bank reference letter, medical certificate, copy of conference/invitation letter (if needed), copies of Bahamas previous visas (for a multiple visa, an applicant needs at least three of them).

In some cases, you may be required to add marriage, birth, and death certificates. Note that they must be translated into English.

Seaman’s Visa

A seaman's visa can be given to crew members of boats temporarily visiting the Bahamas for the purpose of trade. It is also available for employees of cruise ships that are registered vessels of the Bahamas.

The application process involves filling out the form and providing such standard supporting documents as a passport and photo of an applicant's face, police report and medical certificate that are less than 6 months old, copies of former visas to the Bahamas (for a multiple-entry visa), and marriage, birth, and death certificates if applicable.

The seaman's visa application also requests some documents specific to this exact visa type: ship or boat registration, proof of ship or boat ownership, temporary cruising permit issued by Bahamas customs, and dockage fees from the Bahamas port department.

It is possible to apply for a seaman's visa via a simplified online application process.

Transit visa

A transit visa is used by those travelers who need to go to the Bahamas only to get to their next destination.

If you require a transit visa, you should go to the nearest Bahamas embassy or consulate. You'll need such additional documents as flight reservation - onward ticket and a copy of your visa to the next country you're going to - of course, if you need one.

Bahamas Health Visa

The Bahamas health visa is an obligatory document permitting to enter the Bahamas. It was implemented in 2020 by the Bahamas Government to avoid the further spread of COVID-19 in the Bahamas territory. It can be issued for a visit for up to 5 days, or for a stay from 5 to 30 days.

An applicant must complete the online application form providing their personal, travel, and health information. It helps to ensure that every person visiting the Bahamas is safe. It is also necessary to upload the required document and pay the fee. The approved health will then will be delivered to the applicant's email address.  

Since19 June 2022, the Bahamas health visa is temporarily unavailable.

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