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The Australian working visa is a mandatory document for everyone who wishes to work in Australia. There are currently 43 work visa options and the type of required work visa depends mainly on the intended duration of stay in the country as well as the traveler's occupation and skills.

Finding a job may be a challenging part of the entire immigration process to Australia. The country lacks qualified specialists from particular areas, but you need to familiarize yourself with different requirements that must be met to undertake work in Australia.

There are many aspects that may increase your chances of finding work opportunities in Australia, including your knowledge of English and highly demanded professional skills.

australia work visa

If you plan to study in Australia, but at the same time you wish to earn some money, you can, for example, consider applying for one of the temporary work visas such as a Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) or Temporary Work visa (subclass 400). Both these work visas are granted for 2-4 years.

If you are between 18-35 years, you can choose the Working Holiday visa option and spend one year in Australia traveling and working. This visa gives you the opportunity to establish some connections that may result in finding a work sponsorship which then may even lead to your permanent residency in Australia.

Please bear in mind that many types of Australian work visas are issued as temporary work visas. If you wish to stay in Australia permanently, you will need to complete a more extensive immigration process.

Read on to find out more about the working visa options available for you. Let us help you get the one that best matches your traveling and working plans in Australia!

The process of getting a working visa for Australia

The process of getting a working visa for Australia may differ according to the selected visa type and type of work in Australia.

Please note that each Australia work visa has its own eligibility requirements, including the applicant's age, occupation, work experience, educational background, etc.

Do not hesitate to book your online immigration consultation (45 min. for AUD $300.00), get your individual visa eligibility assessment, and complete your visa application with professional assistance.

australia work visa

Types of Australian working visas available

There are around 40 different types of Australian visas issued for work-related purposes. The most popular ones include:

Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)

This visa is dedicated to people between 18 and 30 years of age (or up to 35 years old if coming from Canada, France, or Ireland) who plan to have their first extended holiday time in Australia and take up there a temporary job to help fund their stay.

Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)

The subclass 462 visa is a temporary Australian visa issued on the same terms as the abovementioned subclass 417 visa. The only difference is the list of countries that are eligible to apply for the visa.

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa (Subclass 494)

This type of work visa helps regional Australian employers address identified labor shortages within their area by offering sponsorship to skilled workers. The subclass 494 visa comes in three types, i.e., Employer Sponsored stream visa, Labour Agreement stream visa, and Subsequent entrant visa.

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist)

This temporary visa (subclass 400) allows performing short-term and highly specialized work in Australia. It is a perfect option for specialized and skilled workers doing a profession that is not widely available across Australia.

Training Visa (Subclass 407)

With a training visa, you may take part in vocational training activities in the workplace aiming at improving your skills for your profession, higher education area, expertise field, or a professional training program in Australia. You may need to meet different nomination requirements, which differ according to the training type and purpose.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

This visa type helps an Australian employer address the labor shortage. If no adequately-skilled Australian can be found in the country, a skilled foreign worker can apply for the subclass 482 visa and fill a vacant position in an Australian company.

Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) (Subclass 482 to Subclass 186)

DAMA refers to agreements that are negotiated by certain regional areas with the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. Their aim is to enable businesses in their area to establish certain employer-sponsored visa arrangements.

Under the DAMA labor agreement, employers can be accepted to sponsor migrant employees through the 186 visa stream and the TSS visa 482.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186)

This visa type allows skilled workers to live and work in Australia for a permanent period of time. The subclass 186 visa, however, requires a nomination from an employer.

australia work visa

How to find a job in Australia that meets the requirements for your visa

Finding a job in Australia that will meet the requirements of your visa may be tricky. Start by researching the market to see what type of work and skills are highly demanded in Australia. It will help you to fit better into the Australian job market. Remember that the more highly sought-after skills you have, the bigger your chances of getting a job in Australia are.

Tailor your resume and cover letter to the Australian job market requirements. You may include a short paragraph in your resume describing the company you worked for and the position you held. Also, try to make your resume outstanding and focus on your qualifications since they are the most essential piece of information for your potential Aussie employer.

And last but not least, be ready for a step back - sometimes you may need to start by doing even some voluntary work to gain the required experience and attract your potential employer. Consider the option of a working holiday visa, which may open the door to your real career in Australia. In the course of time, your employer may decide to sponsor you and provide a full work visa.

Benefits of having a working visa in Australia

Every year thousands of people from all over the world decide to go to Australia in pursuit of a better life and career opportunities. As a country ranked at the top when it comes to earnings, living standards, health status, housing, and low unemployment rates, it is no surprise why so many foreigners make this life-changing decision

Depending on the type of working visa you are a holder of, the benefits you can enjoy may slightly differ. Nevertheless, when holding any type of Australian working visa, you can:

  • find working opportunities that will guarantee an invaluable addition to your resume
  • live in the second safest country in the world
  • take up a well-paid work
  • travel across Australia (leave and re-enter the country numerous times depending on particular needs)
  • immerse yourself in Australian culture and language
  • live unforgettable experience or even decide to move to Australia permanently

Any doubts about your immigration process? Book an online consultation, discuss various options for your immigration to Australia, and start planning your new career and life!

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