Australian visa for Swiss Citizens

Since 2008, an Australian visa for Swiss citizens can be obtained in a speedy and effortless way – by applying online.

The procedure is completed in several clicks. Swiss nationals should just provide the necessary information to fill out the form, then make the online payment (49 Euro-fee), and, finally, check the email address for the approved entry document.

There is no need even to make a hard copy, as it is connected to the applicant's passport. A passport is the only required document and must not expire for a minimum of 6 months from the intended date of arrival in Australia.

An Australian eVisa allows Swiss to reenter the country an unlimited amount of times during the one-year validity period, and stay for up to 90 days (3 months) per each stay.

It's best to apply at least 72 working hours in advance. If you submit an application beforehand, you'll surely get the approval on time and won't experience issues at border control.

How to complete an Australian visa application

Follow these steps to apply for an Australia visa online from the comfort of your home or any place you want – getting a visa couldn't be easier!

  1. Fill out the visa application form. You'll need to enter your name, surname, nationality, date of birth, and some other personal and travel information.
  2. Check the data provided. Ensure the form doesn't contain mistakes and is fully completed.
  3. Cover the visa fee. Use any method on the website.
  4. Check the status of your application. You can do it using the confirmation number.
  5. Get the eVisa. It is sent to the email address stated in the application form.

The Australian ETA is digitally linked to the applicant's passport, so it is not mandatory to make a paper copy.

Fees and processing time of Australian eVisa for Swiss citizens

The online visa cost

The electronic visa to Australia costs 49 Euro for nationals of all countries, so Swiss citizens must pay the same sum.

The payment is made through any option on our websites – such as debit/credit card or PayPal. All of them are adequately secured.

Once you successfully cover the fee, you'll get a confirmation number. You can use it to follow the progress of your application.

Processing time

Using our service, you'll receive an approved Australian online visa within 3 business days. Moreover, you may get it even sooner – within the same day!

The processing time is influenced not only by the number of applications being processed but also by the correctness and completeness of the information in it.

To speed up the processing of your eVisa, make sure that you fill out all the blanks in the application form. Also, check it for mistakes and typos, as any errors may prolong the procedure.

How long are Swiss nationals allowed to stay in Australia with an eVisa?

An Australian eVisa is a multiple-entry permit, so Swiss citizens can reenter Australia as many times as they want to.

For each visit, an Australian visa holder can stay for a maximum of 90 days (3 months).

If there is a need to stay for a more extended period, a person can leave the territory of Australia for 3 days (or more) and return for another 90 days. This is possible only if the visa hasn't expired – an online visa to Australia stays valid for one year (12 months).

What do citizens of Switzerland need to apply for an Australian electronic visa?

Required documents

The only document Swiss citizens need to apply for an Australian ETA is a passport. It must be effective for a minimum period of 6 months (180 days) from the planned date of arrival in Australia.

Note that the eVisa to Australia becomes invalid:

  • if your passport expires
  • if your passport gets lost
  • If the passport data has changed (for example, a person changed their name or surname).

Technical requirements

As the application process goes online, you need a functioning device with a stable internet connection (Wi-Fi, mobile or hardwired) and financial means to pay online.

The approved Australian ETA is sent to the applicant's email address, therefore, it is essential for the account to be active and accessible. Otherwise, you'll experience issues receiving your visa.

Is it safe to get an Australian online visa via Evisa Express services?

With Evisa Express, you will obtain an Australian eVisa in an easy and safe way.

Foremost, be certain that your personal information and payment details are protected and won't get to third parties.

Our website is secured by the SSL certificate, so our customers can be confident that our company's identity has been verified and that encryption will keep their data and transactions safe.

What is more, if your application cannot be processed, reimbursement will be provided by the terms of the service.

Have any questions left? Contact our support team, who are eager to answer and clarify any information. Or, if you are ready, apply online right now and get your eVisa in a speedy and simple way!

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