Australian Visa for South Korean Citizens

Electronic Travel Authority to Australia is a solution intended for South Koreans and seven other nations interested in visiting Australia for a short period of time for tourism or business reasons.

To apply for an Australian ETA, no embassy visits are required. The whole application can be filled out and submitted electronically from the comfort of your home.

South Koreans can use an Australian eVisa numerous times throughout a 1-year validity period, while every single visit can last maximally up to 3 months

Don't waste your time looking for the nearest consular post and meeting complicated visa requirements.

Applying for your Electronic Travel Authority visa will take a couple of minutes, while you can spend the rest of your time creating the list of sites that you must visit when in Australia!

The cost of an online ETA application is only 49 Euro

What do you need to apply for ETA from South Korea?

The most important document that every South Korean need to go through the application form is to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the planned date of arrival to the Australian destination.

Please note that your passport will be electronically linked to your online visa. Hence, take the same passport as you provided in the application when going to Australia.

You will also need a valid credit or debit card or access to any other payment method available on our website in order to pay a visa fee.

When your application is positively processed, you will receive your eVisa at your email box.

When filling out the form, make sure you provided an email address that you regularly use so you won't skip the mail with your online travel authorization.

ETA processing time and fees for South Korean citizens


The handling process entirely depends on the decision of the Australian Immigration Service.

It takes a maximum of 3 business days on average to have it in your inbox.

Nevertheless, sometimes it may happen that your visa will arrive within one day - so be watchful and check your mail!


The one-off fee that every South Korean applicant needs to pay is 49 Euro.

How to apply for an Australian ETA from South Korea?

There are only three easy steps to go through to obtain your electronic visa:

  1. Firstly, you will be asked to provide some personal information like, e.g., your planned date of travel, nationality, etc.
  2. The second step regards paying a visa fee.
  3. And the last one is just to check your e-mail. The moment your visa is approved, it will arrive in your inbox.

An Australian ETA application form can be filled out from every place on Earth, excluding Australia. You just need a working device, an Internet connection, and about 15 minutes!

How long can the South Koreans stay in Australia with ETA?

The South Korean citizens who managed to obtain eVisas can visit Australia numerous times since eTA is valid for one year from the date it was issued.

Be careful! Each stay can last maximally 3 months.

Therefore, if you plan to come back to Australia, we recommend you leave the country for at least 3 days. After your return, you are allowed to stay for the next 90 days.

Requirements for an Australian ETA from South Korea

There are some requirements that South Koreans must meet to enter Australia's territory apart from carrying a valid passport linked to an online visa:

  • Regarding medical requirements, every South Korean citizen has to be free of tuberculosis.
  • Moreover, an eTA applicant cannot have a criminal past with a prison sentence longer than 12 months.
  • When traveling with your children, don't forget to apply for an individual visa for each child!

Is it safe to use Evisa Express from South Korea?

Still not convinced to use online services instead of obtaining a traditional travel authority? There's no point in standing in a long queue in a remote Australian embassy anymore.

Don't worry about your personal information being revealed to unauthorized persons. Your data are safe and protected by our sophisticated system upgraded and supported by a team of experts.

Maybe you are afraid that your request will be rejected? The rate of 99% positively processed applications should convince you that there are no reasons to be worried.

Nevertheless, if such a situation occurs, you can be sure that your money will be returned to your account.

Our support team makes every effort to ensure that your application process runs easy and without any complications.

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