Australian Visa for Norwegian Citizens

Due to changes introduced by the Australian government in 2008, Norwegian Citizens can now easily obtain an eVisa to Australia by filling out the online form.

Australian eVisa, called eVisitor, is an electronic document that significantly sped up the process of applying for a visa. It is created with the use of the traveler's passport; therefore, it encloses all the necessary information about the applicant. Because of this document, citizens of Norway may enjoy traveling to Australia for tourism, business, or transit purposes.

It is essential for Norwegians to carry a valid eVisa with them while entering Australia. The online application costs 49 EUR for a document of 12 months validity, allowing multiple 3-month-long entries to the country.

What is eVisitor?

eVisitor is an Australian visa for Norwegian citizens which can be obtained online. Thanks to this document of 1-year validity, you can freely enter the country multiple times. Each visit, however, may last no longer than 3 months.

This travel permit may be used for purposes such as tourism and business. The first one refers to visiting family members and friends, enjoying leisure, or exploring the country. Australian visa for business allows, for instance, visiting business partners, participating in conferences, and engaging in professional training.

What does the Australian Visa application process look like?

The online application process is easy; beforehand, you should only prepare your passport in order to fill in the required information. All you need to start is a working electronic device (a computer or a smartphone), a good Internet connection, and your personal e-mail address. Click 'Apply Online', then simply choose your travel purpose as well as your nationality, and begin filling out the visa application. If you complete the form correctly, there will be no need to attach a photo of your passport. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

After submitting the online form, you will need to make the necessary fee payment - 49 EUR. To do so, you may either use your credit or debit card. There is no need to worry about the safety of your money as all available payment methods are secure.

If any problems concerning the application appear, contact our Evisa Express support team via e-mail or phone call.

How long will the processing of my online application take?

When Norwegian citizens apply for an Australian eVisa, they should remember that if they wish to travel to this country, they must finish the online application at least 3 days prior to their departure. That is because processing the form may take up to even 72 hours. However, the whole procedure usually does not last longer than a day.

The Australian eVisa will be sent in PDF format to the e-mail address that you provided in the application form.

What is the eVisa fee?

The eVisa fee is a certain amount of money to be paid while applying for the Australian visa. Norwegian citizens need to pay 49 EUR for the document.

How long can Norwegian citizens stay in Australia?

The Australian eVisitor visa allows numerous entries into the country as long as they do not exceed 3 months. If a Norwegian decides to return, they should leave Australia for a period of 3 days to be allowed another 3-months-long stay. The permit stays effective for 12 months from the issuing date.

Every Norwegian citizen applying for the Australian eVisa should remember that this permit is connected to their passport. At the moment of the passport's expiry, the online visa will become invalid as well.

What are the requirements for the Australian eVisa?

The most important requirement concerning the application for the Australian online visa is to have a valid passport. As the permit is assigned to the passport number, there is no need for the printed version of the Australian eVisa. For now, the digital version of eVisa is widely accepted.

Before the registration process, make sure to check the validity period of your passport. It should remain valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival to Australia.

Is Evisa Express safe to use?

Yes, using Evisa Express to apply for an Australian electronic visa is safe. Our goal is to make this process the most convenient for our customers. Therefore, we made sure it was not overly complicated and that each traveler could obtain their electronic visa easily.

The application process itself is not difficult, but if at any given moment you come across troubling obstacles, the Evisa Express support team will be there to help you. Moreover, a qualified team of experts pays attention to every sent application to make sure the processing runs smoothly. If a failed application process occurs, reimbursement will be provided to the customer according to the conditions set out by our Terms of Service.

With Evisa Express you can be sure your visa registration will be fast, comfortable, and effortless.

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